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It's pretty obvious whether you can consume most potential food items. Turkey sandwich? Yes. Raw tiger brain? We'll pass, thanks. Take a stab at the dishes in this quiz. Could you eat them and live to tell the tale?

Seal eyeball?

Yep, raw seal eyeballs are quite a delicacy among the Inuit, so go ahead and dig in if you're ever served one.



You can eat pufferfish (or "fugu" in Japanese), but if it's not prepared correctly, watch out. And definitely don't eat the liver -- that's the most poisonous part.



The Chinese fry 'em up and serve 'em on sticks -- and they claim that eating a scorpion will make you feel warmer when it's cold out.


Apple seeds?

Apple seeds do contain a cyanide compound, so they are technically poisonous -- but it would take a seriously huge number of apple seeds to harm you.



That's a very qualified "maybe," of course, but there is a guy in France named Michel Lotito who -- according to the Guinness Book of World Records -- eats 2 pounds of metal a day. Not that we're advocating this diet or anything, but it seems to work for him, so ...



The fact that this plant's nickname is "deadly nightshade" might give you a clue. Its leaves and berries contain tropane alkaloid, which can be fatal to an adult who eats as few as 10 of them.


Box jellyfish?

Most jellyfish have some degree of toxicity to humans, but box jellyfish have the most deadly venom in the world. We suppose you could technically eat one if it was very carefully handled and cooked, but really, why would you take the chance?


Holly berries?

If a child eats more than three holly berries, it could cause pretty severe gastrointestinal distress. They're probably not going to kill an adult or anything, but just to be safe, stay away.


Cobra heart?

Yes, you can eat this -- and while it's still beating. AND wash it down with some cobra blood. Head to Vietnam if you're interested.


Bull testicles?

Or, in other words, Rocky Mountain Oysters. How many poor, unsuspecting diners have been fooled by this name?


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