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For you, a rubber ducky may hold nostalgic value. There was nothing like playing with these little floaters in your bath, well after the bubbles disappeared. While you may be used to the simple yellow duckies with orange beaks, there are so many more out there that have flooded the market. As a matter of fact, rubber duckies are so popular they even have their own day. That's right, on Jan. 18, we celebrate national rubber ducky day. 

What better way to celebrate the little guys than to highlight some of the best careers they've had over the years? Yes, we understand that rubber duckies have really just one job: float, but these amazing creatures don't just squeak by on their good looks. There are construction quackers, football players, fireduckies and even nurses. Each rubber ducky seems to come with its own personality and shows us that even these little plastic/rubber toys can be collectibles. 

If you have a strong love for rubber duckies, you probably have a small (or large) collection of your own, but do you know what each of them does? Take this quiz to see if you can quack the ducky code and figure out what these ducks do for a living.

Can you tell us what title this rubber ducky holds?

That's right, there is a Trump rubber ducky. While the pigment is only slightly off, designers of this ducker were spot on with the hand gestures. He even has a little American flag lapel pin. Talk about detailed!


What does this buff duck do?

The weight lifter rubber duck may be the largest of them all ... after all, he does work out. It takes a lot of hard work to get so buff, especially if you're made out of rubber. He lives off a steady diet of quacker meal and protein.


Do you know which sport this duck plays for a living?

Athletic rubber duckies aren't difficult to find. Most of them carry around their athletic equipment with them. This guy, of course has everything he needs, including a baseball bat, glove, ball and hat.


This ducky is ready to jump in. Do you know what it does for a living?

The world needs strong surgeons to take care of the most critical patients out there. Sometimes, only a duck can do a man's job. This guy is probably doing everything he can to avoid mallard-practice lawsuits.


What does this little quacker do for a living?

While you may think duckies only belong in your bathtub, some of them want to shoot for the stars. This little guy has gone through all of the training (even that terrible anti-gravity room), and is ready to lift off.


He has a painted face. Do you think you can guess this guy's job?

There is a long line of clown rubber duckies. Perhaps designers thought that mixing something terrifying with something adorable would even things out. This little guy is ready to make all of your birthday party dreams (and nightmares) come true.


Can you guess his very important career?

It's not unheard of to see rubber ducks take on the roles of first responders. After all, first responders hold the most important careers in the world. Additionally, children love to see them in various toys and learn about how the jobs work.


Do you know what she does for a living ... in front of audiences?

If the microphone didn't give this one away, maybe her diva look did. We hope you didn't think that ducks are only capable of quacking, because this one can belt out some tunes ... and squeak with the best of 'em.


Which sport does this duck play for a living?

Without arms and legs, it could be difficult being a star volleyball player, but ultimately, this duck seems to make it work. He carries a ball with him and even has a headband for his sweat.


This duck chose a life of crime. What does he do for a living?

Not every duck has a legit job, but every duck is adorable in whatever outfit they're wearing. Some ducks are clearly cat burglars and pirates. That's why it's so important to have police ducks out there keeping the duck population safe.


Headphones and more headphones. Do you know what this duck does for a living?

He's ready to drop some sick beats on you, and if you pay attention, you may just hear the tables turning. DJ Rubber Duck is an intricately designed duck that looks like pretty much every DJ out there.


Can you name this duck's athletic career?

Although there aren't many of them, professional golfers do exist. They don't have the most interesting sport in the world, but they do have a rubber ducky on their team, should they need one.


What do you think this stealth duck does for a living?

Despite their name, ninja ducks are pretty easy to spot (it's their clothes). The ironic part about it is that their apparel is meant to give them a better camouflage. That doesn't matter, though, because these little guys are adorable.


He has glasses and a tablet. Can you tell us what he does for a living?

He's ready to communicate with ducks around the world. There is no stopping this go-getter duck who wants nothing more than to sell, sell, sell. He's clearly a businessduck, because he has a tie.


She's ready to start her day. What will she be doing?

While the teacher duck may be a little stereotypical, there is no denying that that is what she does for a living. And it looks like she must be good at what she does, since she's giving a student an A+!


What is this highly regarded duck's title?

Being a boat captain is no small task. Not only do you need to understand your ship inside and out, you also need to keep your crew, staff and guests happy as long as you're on the water.


Do you know what this ducky does for a living?

It might seem weird to see a rubber ducky who is supposed to dive under water, because they are specifically designed to float. However, if you fill this one with water, they may just be able to do their job.


If this duck were a professional athlete, which sport would they play for a living?

Football player ducks are pretty great. They come in nearly every team's colors and they're ready to be your good luck charm for when the game is getting really intense. Don't forget to squeak him for good luck.


While this ducky's palletye might give them away, what do you think they do for a living?

The painter ducky is one of the most detailed duckies out there. They have overalls, a pallette, a paintbrush and even a beret to show what they do for a living. While duckies can be a little stereotypical, they do communicate without words very well.


He might be ready for the beach. What is his job?

What better job for a rubber ducky than a surfer? They float, so they can ride the wave staying above water, even in the roughest conditions. However, their rubber might become pretty soft in the sun.


This ducky defends his country proudly. What is he?

Sailor duckies have the signature look of a sailor. The white sailor hat shows that this duck is proud of his duty to protect his ship and maintain peace throughout the world, and who wouldn't swoon over that ascot?


Without feet, this duck's career is extra difficult. What does she do?

Soccer is a very foot-intensive game. It requires quite a bit of running and foot-eye coordination. Although ducks tend to waddle more than they run, this soccer player duck is ready for the next match, without a doubt.


She might be cookin' up something great. What does she do for a living?

Chefs come in all shapes and sizes, so why can't one of those shapes be a duck? Don't worry, you won't find foie gras on this chef's menu ... she would never do that to her people.


What important job does this duck take on daily?

Although there are a lot of important hospital jobs and careers out there, nursing has to be one of the most difficult available. Nurses are the most important members of a hospital staff with all of the duties they take on.


You'd go to this duck for primary care. What does it do for a living?

If you're feeling under the weather, Dr. Duck can help you in a lot of different ways. After diagnosing your ailment, Dr. Duck can prescribe the right remedies to get you back on your feet in no time.


Writing and reading, what does this duck do for a living?

This duck is clearly Shakespeare, so it's clear that his career is that of a playwright. We wonder if he knows how to write in iamquack pentameter ... or if he just sticks to what he knows.


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