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You're bound to get tongue tied with this quiz! You've heard about the seashells and you've heard about the ice cream, but there are so many more where that came from. One trick to getting them right is to take it slow, then gradually speed up while saying them. You know what they say, practice makes perfect! You'll have to prove that you can handle the trickiness of these tongue twisters in this quiz.

Tongue twisters have been used to help pronunciation and articulation. While they're often used as just fun rhymes that can challenge you, a lot can be learned from them as well. There's probably many that you have heard, but we're willing to bet there are some that you haven't! This quiz is really going to test your memory as well. You might not have heard some of these in a long time, if ever.

Do you think you can remember these famous tongue twisters? If you can prove it, just think of all the bragging rights you will have with your friends! So, if you think you're an expert at the articulation of your words and you're up for a challenge, take the quiz to see your score!

What might a dog leave you wondering in this tongue twister? "If a dog chews shoes, whose shoes __________?"

Hopefully, if a dog chews your shoes, they are an old pair. The dog in this tongue twister has quite a big choice ahead. Should it chew the running shoes or the sandals? It's such a big decision!


What is the ending to this crazy tongue twister? "I wish to wash my Irish ____________."

Be careful if you're going to wash your own Irish wristwatch. Water damage can be hard to repair. How many times fast can you say this difficult tongue twister?


What is the ending to this repetitive one? "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could ___________?"

This tongue twister is probably one that you've heard a thousand times. Despite it being said so often, we never seem to have found the correct answer. Unless you ask Siri, of course!


What is the ending to this tongue twister that might make you hungry? "I scream, you scream, we all scream for __________."

We all scream for ice cream. Who wouldn't want to indulge in some delicious ice cream now and then? This is one that you might hear some kids chanting after a great soccer game or baseball practice!


Do you know where Susie is at the end of this one? "I saw Susie sitting in a __________."

Susie was, of course, sitting in a shoeshine shop. Saying this one ten times fast can really tie up your tongue! There is so much alliteration throughout this twister.


What is the answer to the end of this confusing tongue twister? "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. How many pickled peppers did Peter Piper ______?"

This is another tongue twister that can leave you with so many questions. Have you ever wondered who Peter Piper is? There are many different Peter Pipers, including a character and a pizza place!


What is the silly sheep doing at the end of this one? "Silly sheep weep and _______."

Just like in real life, sheep need their beauty sleep, but that doesn't make them silly! It could take a few times to try and get this tongue twister right.


What is the ending to this classic tongue twister? "She sells seashells by the __________."

The correct ending is "seashore." While many tongue twisters might not make much sense, this one sure does. There aren't many other places that you might find seashells being sold. The seashore is the perfect place!


Where does this person wish there was a fish? "I wish you were a fish in my ________."

This tongue twister might seem easier than most other ones, but try to say it a few times. It might get more difficult as time goes on. If it does, just imagine that you are sitting down to a dish of your favorite food as a reward!


Do you know this tough tongue twister? "Which witch is _______?"

This tongue twister can leave you with so many questions. How many witches are there? How can you tell them apart? We need the answers to these important questions!


Do you know what the friends argued about in this one? "Four furious friends fought for ________."

This tongue twister is filled with tricky alliteration. Maybe you've found yourself in the same situation as these friends. Next time, ask your own friends to recite this tongue twister as a distraction!


What was thrown in this tongue twister? "He threw ___________."

Any of these options could be quite difficult to say, but "He threw three balls" is the correct answer. The "th" tongue twisters might just be some of the hardest out there!


What is the ending to this tricky tongue twister? "Eddie edited _______."

The correct tongue twister is "Eddie edited it." Imagine if the last word also started with "Ed." That would make it even more difficult than it already is!


How do you finish this weird tongue twister? "Two tiny tigers take two _________."

Everyone knows tigers can't drive – that's why they needed the taxis! What they were going to town for, we can't say. Maybe it was to stock up on food and water for back in the jungle.


This classic ends by saying what? "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, _______________?"

Fuzzy Wuzzy might not have lived up to his name, but we're willing to bet he was still pretty adorable. This tongue twister almost doubles as a riddle. Do we really know if Fuzzy Wuzzy was fuzzy or not?


What's missing from this tongue twister that isn't for the faint of heart? "Good blood, _________."

Some of us have good blood and some of us have bad blood. We might also have good blood with others, or bad blood with certain people. This one can have so many different meanings!


How does the ending to this tongue twister go? "Truly ______."

The word "rural" might just be a tongue twister all by itself for some. This tongue twister does all it can just to make the word a little harder to say. It would be so much easier if it was just "truly urban"!


This confusing one ends with what? "I thought, I thought of thinking of ___________."

This tongue twister might be one that a forgetful person could relate to. But if thanking someone is in order, don't forget to do it! That's one important and respectful thing to do.


What does the canner do at the end of this tongue twister? "Can you can a can as a canner can _________?"

There are so many "cans" in this tongue twister that it not only leaves you tongue-tied, but it also may make your head spin! This might be one tongue twister that is difficult to get the hang of.


What is so bitter in this one? "Bake big batches of bitter _________."

If you ever bake brown bread, you could pass the time by saying this tongue twister. Just make sure you don't make it too bitter like this baker did. You want your bread to be perfect!


What do the frogs have to escape here? "Five frantic frogs fled from fifty __________."

The frogs better hop out of the water if they want to escape the danger of the fish in this tongue twister. Following the form of many tongue twisters, alliteration is used heavily in this one.


How is this mixed-up tongue twister finished? "No need to light a nightlight on a light night like _________."

If you were trying to fit the word "light" into a sentence as many times as you could, this might just be what it would sound like. No matter how many times it pops up in this tongue twister, it's bound to leave you tongue-tied.


How does this festive one end? "Santa's short suit _______."

This festive tongue twister is perfect for challenging yourself or others during the holiday season. Santa has to be well prepared for his trip through the cold. Maybe he put his suit in the dryer for too long!


Where do they have to sit in this tongue twister? "Shut up the shutters and sit in the _______."

This business and tongue twister have both closed for the day. Try it with some co-workers and see if they can master its tricky alliteration. Or if you're the boss, you can use it to tell employees that it's quitting time for the day!


This tongue twister ends with what item? "A proper copper ________."

A copper coffee pot might seem unusual to some, but it would be beautiful. Copper is usually only used on the outside of cooking vessels because copper can be toxic.


What impression might people get from the city in this tongue twister? "I like New York, unique New York, I like __________."

New York surely is unique, like this tongue twister states. For example, New York is the only place that you can get a glimpse of the world-famous Statue of Liberty or Central Park.


What might happen if you meet the inchworms in this tongue twister? "Inchworms ________."

Did you know that inchworms are actually moth larvae? Next time you see one, help it over to a leaf. Maybe it will come back to thank you as a moth!


This spooky one ends with what scary thing? "Six sticky ________."

Six skeletons could be a scary sight to see, especially if you see them on Halloween! Did you know that we adult humans have just over 200 bones in our bodies? They're essential to our survival.


What comes at the end of this tongue twister? "Greek _______."

There is a Greek god of wine who also represents grapes, known as Dionysus. The grapes you choose for your wine can make or break it for you. Choose wisely!


This familiar one ends with what? "Quizzical _______."

We hope this quiz is quizzical enough for you! If you need an extra challenge after acing it, then try saying this tongue twister five times fast without getting tongue-tied.


How does this colorful tongue twister finish off? "Red leather, __________."

This one starts off pretty easy, but "yellow leather" might just be the hard part of it. Did you know that at one time you could find leather on a wall? It was used as a wall covering in the past.


Which word finishes off this tongue twister, even though you might not think so? "Stupid _________."

"Stupid superstition" is what the tongue twister says, but we can all form our own opinions on that. After all, tongue twisters are here for not just learning or a challenge, but also for your world-famousenjoyment!


What tasty word goes at the end of this one? "She sees ________."

This tongue twister seems short and simple, but after you've said it a few times you'll see how tricky it really is. Although these tongue twisters can be hard to world-famous, they can actually improve your speech in the long run!


How is this tongue twister finished off? "Double bubble gum, bubbles ________."

If you've ever had Double Bubble, you can confirm this tongue twister's claims! Try to say this one while chewing on a piece of Double Bubble. It just may be harder than you think.


What kind of shop might you visit in this tongue twister? "Mrs. Smith's Fish ________."

Mrs. Smith's business might be booming, due to the challenge of saying its name! Fish sauce has actually been around for quite a long time. Thousands of years ago, it was used in China.


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