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"Death Note" is one of the most beloved manga (and now anime) series of all time. Did you watch the main characters face off in a battle of wit and wills unlike any other? Test your knowledge of the series now!

Who is the series' main character?

You can decide for yourself if Light is the protagonist or the antagonist. Regardless, the series is primarily shown from his point of view, making him the main character.

What is a Death Note?

The Death Note isn't just any notebook: humans can use the death note to kill anyone in the world with the right set of information.

What is a Shinigami?

The deaths written in the Death Note are carried out by a Shinigami, the Japanese equivalent of the grim reaper. Usually the Shinigami try to prevent their Death Note from falling into human hands.

What must you know about a person to use the Death Note?

Someone using the Death Note must have the face of the victim in mind while writing down that person's name. This is to prevent accidentally killing someone who shares a name with that person.

What does L do for a living?

L is considered the greatest detective in the world. He takes on the hardest cases and cracks them with his incredible logic and creative thinking.

Near the show's beginning, when Light realizes he is under surveillance, he utters the famous line, "I'll take a ______ ... and eat it!"

"I'll take a potato chip... and eat it!" Light successfully hid a video feed and a page from the Death Note inside his potato chip bag. He then proceeded to kill criminals with his left hand while doing math homework with his right.

Light's father works as what?

Light's father, Soichiro Yagami, eventually accepts a position working on the Kira case, but is discouraged by how many of his men quit their jobs and leave the case, out of fear of Kira.

What is the name of the Shinigami who steals a Death Note and amuses himself by watching Light use it?

Ryuk is a rebellious Shinigami who lifted a Death Note off another Shinigami and "accidentally" dropped it in the human world. When he sees what Light plans to do with the book, he is quite amused.

What motivates Light to start using the Death Note?

Light dreams of a better world: one in which criminals are punished for their wrongdoing and where people decide it's simply not worth it to commit crimes. He's tempted by the power of the Death Note and the hubristic idea that he could be the one to create a peaceful world.

What is the name of the girl who idolizes Light and helps him complete his missions?

Misa is obsessed with discovering Light's true identity; when she does, she happily uses the Death Note to help him and throw investigators off his trail.

What happens to the twelve FBI agents who investigate Kira?

He blackmails Agent Penber into collecting the names and pictures of all the agents working on his case, then systematically kills them all.

What does a Shinigami gain by using its Death Note?

The Shinigami sustain their own lives by taking life from humans. When they want to add to their own lifespan, they write in the name of a human and gain all the years that human would have had left.

What do Shinigami eyes allow you to see?

With Shinigami eyes, a human can see the name and remaining lifespan of any other human (except fellow Death Note users). This makes it considerably easier to invoke the Death Note's power.

Who makes the bargain to gain Shinigami eyes?

Misa makes a bargain with Rem to gain Shinigami eyes so that she can use the Death Note more effectively and attempt to uncover L's true identity.

What pseudonym does Light use when he makes public announcements?

Light only introduces himself as Kira to the public. Later, when he is joined by a friend, that person also pretends to be Kira. This helps throw L's investigation off the trail.

What is Misa Amane's profession?

Misa is a hot, in-demand model who is popular both because of her good looks and because of her energetic personality. Her social status allows her to access people and places that Light would never have been able to touch.

How does Misa get a Death Note?

The Shinigami Gelus fell in love with Misa while observing her from the Shinigami Realm. When he kills a criminal who attacked Misa, Gelus dies and she receives his remaining lifespan - and his notebook.

What is the default method of death inflicted by the Death Note?

The Death Note will kill via a heart attack forty seconds after a person's name is written, unless an alternate death and/or time are specified.

What initially fuels Misa's desire to help Kira?

Shortly before "Death Note" begins, a robber murdered both of Misa's parents in front of her eyes. Kira "brought him to justice" using the Death Note, and Misa was forever grateful.

Who is the third Kira who starts using a Death Note?

During a plot of Light's to throw suspicion off himself and Misa, Rem gives Misa's Death Note to Kyosuke Higuchi, who immediately uses it to gain power and status (just as Light requested).

What is Ryuk's favorite food?

Ryuk particularly delights in the juicy, crunchy apples of the human world. They're far superior to the sawdust-like imitations found in the Shinigami Realm.

Both L and Light separately claim to be what?

L is determined to be justice incarnate in tracking down and convicting Kira. Light is determined to be "justice" by bringing criminals to their, in his opinion, well-deserved end.

What does Light do when Raye Penber's fiancee, ex-agent Naomi Misora, comes seeking L?

Light uses his knowledge of the situation to coax Naomi into trusting him. Once he's seen her ID, he uses the Death Note to make her commit suicide in such a way that her body will not be found.

How do Kira and Misa escape after the fingerprints on a Kira tape are traced to Misa?

Light concocts a brilliant plan to prove their innocence: temporarily surrendering their Death Notes so that their memories are erased. Meanwhile, a Death Note is given to a third person to continue the killings.

As the series comes to a head, who kills L?

After Rem becomes more and more protective of and attached to Misa, Light is able to convince Rem that L poses a grave danger to Misa. Rem kills L just as L realizes that Light is the mass murderer he's been searching for.

Who takes over the Task Force after L is killed?

Light savors his victory and proceeds to run the Task Force as if he were earnestly searching for Kira, thereby preventing them from actually finding Kira.

Who does Light sacrifice to achieve his goals?

Light is responsible for all three deaths, although Mikami's death was technically a suicide, after Light denies knowing him.

Who is L's successor?

Near and Mello are two children raised in the same orphanage as L. After L's death, Near assumes L's role on the case by working through legal channels, while Mello rejects that option and uses the mafia for help.

To which government does Near go with four years' of data?

Near travels to the U.S. and begins working with the American government, showing the president and his agents four years' worth of meticulously collected evidence.

Who finally solves the Kira case (and lives to tell about it)?

Near attributes his success to the idea that he and Mello were working together without realizing it. Each solved a piece of the puzzle, but only Near lived to tell the tale.

How does L initially narrow down the area of investigation?

L stages a TV broadcast to tempt Kira into killing the person shown. Since the broadcast was shown only in the Kanto region, L knows that Kira must be in the Kanto region of Japan.

Is Misa's love for Light ever requited?

Misa was Light's devoted follower from day 1, and she offers herself to him in any capacity. The two eventually strike up a relationship and get engaged.

In the end, who kills Light?

Ryuk kept his promise: at the end of the series. He writes Light's name in the Death Note, taking from him the last of his lifespan.

What happens to Misa at the end of the anime?

The ending leaves Misa's fate up to interpretation. However, she is last seen grieving for Light on top of a tall building, leading many fans to think she commits suicide.

Who uses Ryuk's notebook?

Ryuk kept his notebook close to the chest, as it were, not trusting any human with it. The notebook he gave to Light was stolen from another Shinigami.

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