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Whether you have been in a classroom recently or it has been a number of years, we believe that you have remembered enough basic math to get a perfect score on this test. While some of our questions will be a little challenging. you should haven't much of a hard time. In fact, if you are anything like we are, you will have a great time doing it! 

Unless you think you can do all of them in your head, you are more than welcome to grab the nearest calculator and use it to help you out. We would rather see you try to prove your math whiz status by only using your brain power, but that decision is entirely up to you. We are sure that you will remember more from your math classes than you might give yourself credit for remembering. 

Once you read our math problems, double and triple check the answer you come up with the first time. While there are not really any trick questions, each of our questions will keep you on your toes. Will you get a perfect score, or will you have to try again? Put on your thinking cap and give it try! 

What is the bottom number of a fraction called?

The top number of a fraction is called the numerator. The bottom number is called the denominator. Although, it is sometimes referred to as the divisor.


Solve for x: 3x - 3 = 3

x = 2! If we substitute 2 for the x, the equation reads: 3 x 2 - 3 = 3. 3 times 2 equals six. Six minus 3 equals 3.


What is 55% of 100?

When it comes to percentages, be thankful this question was based around 100. If you have 55% of 100 things, you have 55 of them.


Which number is not evenly divisible by 3?

When numbers add up to a multiple of 3, they are divisible by 3. When you add the 1 and 4 in the number 14, it equals five. Five is not equally divisible by 3.


How would you write 14/100 as a decimal?

When expressing 14/100 as a decimal, the correct answer is .14. With the one in the tens place and the 4 in the hundredths place, .14 means the same as 14/100.


1.2657 Which number is in the thousandth's place in this number?

Expressed in words, one point two tenths, 6 hundredths, five thousandths, and 7 ten thousandths makes it clear to see that the five is sitting in the thousandths place. The numbers around it are bigger or smaller.


Which number is not a prime number?

The number 1 is not considered a prime number. In order to be considered a prime number, a number must have two positive integers divisible by one. Because 1 only has 1 divisor, it is not considered prime.


Which is the decimal number for forty-eight thousandths?

Forty-eight thousandths written as a decimal is .048. The 8 in the thousandths place gives away the answer.


Round 3.764 to the nearest tenth.

When you round 3.764 to the nearest tenth, you are using the 6 in the hundredth place to round up the 7 in the tenths place to 8. The correct answer is 3.8.


If something costs $30 but it is on sale for 20% off, how much will you pay?

If a $30 item is on sale for 20% off, you will save $6. The correct response is $24. After a 20% discount, you can subtract $6 from the original total.


How would you write 75% as a fraction in its lowest form?

In its largest form, the fraction for 75% is 75/100. When reduced, the lowest possible fraction is 3/4.


7 times what number equals 49?

According to the multiplication tables, 7 x 7 = 49. It can also be expressed as 7 squared.


What is 1/4 plus 1/4?

When you add 1/4 plus 1/4, you get 2/4. When you reduce 2/4 to its lowest form, you have 1/2.


What is 34 divided by 5?

When you divide 34 by the number 5, 5 goes into 30 six times. Once you add the decimal and divide the rest, you are left with 6.8.


In the equation 6(2n-3) = 6, what does n equal?

If you substitute 2 for the n in the equation, n will equal 2. For instance, 6(2 x 2 - 3) = 6. First you solve the problem in parenthesis which equals 1. 1 times 6 equals 6.


How many inches are in 1.5 feet?

There are 12 inches in one foot which means there are 6 inches in half of a foot. When you add 12 and 6 together, it totals 18 inches.


How many quarts are in a gallon?

With 128 ounces in a gallon and 32 ounces per quart, there are 4 quarts in a gallon. 4 x 32 = 128.


How many feet are in 12 yards?

Each yard has 3 feet. If you multiply 3 feet by 12 yards, the answer is 36 feet.


If there are 14 pieces of bacon on a table and Linda takes 5, how many pieces of bacon does Linda have?

If there are 14 pieces of bacon on the table and Linda has 5 pieces, there are 9 pieces still on the table. No matter what, Linda has 5 of them.


How would you write one hundred forty-six as a number?

When written as a number, one hundred forty-six is 146. Although it can get complicated, 146 is fairly easy to write out in words.


What is 1,346 divided by 2?

Dividing 1,346 by 2 equals 673. Simply divide each number by half, and you have your answer!


Which number is evenly divisible by 9?

In order for a number to be divisible by 9, the digits in a number must add up to 9. 8 + 1 = 9. Therefore, 81 is evenly divisible by 9.


What is 124 x .73?

If you multiply 124 times .73, the answer is 90.52. If you've come up with another number, you might want to check it with your calculator.


What is 3/4 plus 3/4?

Adding 3/4 plus 3/4 equals 6/4. When you reduce the fraction, it equals 1 1/2.


What does 2 x 5 x 14 equal?

When multiplying 2 x 5 x 14, you must first multiply the 2 and the 5 to make 10. Then, you must multiply 10 times 14. 10 x 14 = 140.


What is the square root of 2?

The square root of 2 is 4. If you multiply two 2s, the answer is 4. Therefore, 2 to the second power equals four.


What is 35% of 150?

In order to find out what 35% of 150 might be, you must convert 35% to the decimal .35. Then, you multiply .35 times 150 to get the answer of 52.5.


What is 1,485 x 6 x 5 x 0?

No matter how complicated the problem, anything multiplied by zero equals zero. Knowing this fact can make your math life a lot easier!


If there are 64 cows in a field and 1/4 of them go in the barn, how many have left the field?

If there are 64 cows in a field and you multiply them by .25, you will find out how many of the cows have left. In this case, it is 16 cows. Then, you subtract the 16 wandering cows from the number of cows originally in the field, and you end up with 48 cows.


If Carrie had 14 necklaces, but she lost two and found four extras, how many necklaces does she have now?

If Carrie had 14 necklaces and she lost 2 of them, she would have 12 necklaces. When she finds four more, she now has 16 necklaces.


What is 15 minus 1.5?

If you were to subtract 1.5 from 15, you would end up with 13.5. Written as a math problem, it is 15-1.5 = 13.5.


What is another way to write 24/4?

If you are trying to simplify 24/4, all you need to do is divide the 24 by the denominator of 4. 24 divided by 4 equals 6.


What is 27% of 428?

In order to find out what 27% of 428 is, you must multiply .27 x 428. Once you do, you will get the answer of 115.56.


What does 7 x 7 - 1 equal?

If you multiply 7 times 7, you get 14. When you subtract the one, you are left with 13.


What is the sum of 1/16 + 4/16?

If you were to add 1/16 plus 4/16, you would end up with 5/16. To get this number, you simply add the denominators.


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