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There are a wide variety of common facts that you may or may not know about. Some facts have to do with animals, while other facts relate to logos, food and countries. If you're a fan of random and fun facts, then this is the perfect quiz for you! Even if you don't know many fun facts, we encourage you to see how many answers you can get right. 

Here's a brief warm-up question for you: The city of Melbourne was founded by a man named John Batman. Before the name "Melbourne" took effect, what was this city going to be called? The answer would be ... Batmania! In fact, Batmania was the temporary name of this city before "Melbourne" took over! 

When it comes to fun facts, sometimes it's best to deduce an answer through a question's context clues. You can also use the method of process of elimination to narrow down your answers. And if all else fails, be sure to use the hints that we have provided you for each question. But the real question is, are you a master of common facts? If you're ready for some more fun, then it's time for you to take this quiz right now!

The word "aglets" are associated with which of the following items?

Aglets are located at the very tips of your shoelaces and are used to prevent the ends from becoming frayed. They are also a type of sheath made from either plastic or metal.


How many seeds (on average) are on a McDonald's Big Mac bun?

The average number of sesame seeds on a McDonald's Big Mac bun is 178. The Big Mac is a popular sandwich at McDonald's that consists of lettuce, cheese, pickles, "special sauce," onions, two slices of beef and a slice of bread in the middle.


The equivalent of -40°C is which of the following temperatures?

Believe it or not, -40°C is equivalent to -40°F! This is due to the following temperature conversion formulas: (F - 32)*(5/9) for °C and C*(9/5) + 32 for °F. If you put the number -40 in for either formula, both of their outputs will be exactly the same: -40!


Which of these animals can hear ultrasound?

Cats can actually hear ultrasound. They can detect frequencies between 45 to 65 kilohertz, which is probably why their ears are always perked up! Their excellent hearing is also useful for hunting.


The skin of which of these animals was initially used to create bagpipes?

Before artificial fabric came along, the skin of dead sheep was used to make bagpipes. The ring caps of the bagpipes were also once made out of elephant ivory.


When was Diet Coke invented?

Coca-Cola was first introduced on May 8, 1886. It seems hard to believe that 96 years later, a diet version was finally invented! Originally, the Coca-Cola company had the idea of "Sugar-Free Coke" and "Light Coke" before they finally decided on "Diet Coke."


The longest word in the English language is "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis," but do you know what it means?

The longest word in the English language refers to a type of lung disease, which is caused by breathing in too much sand dust and/or ash. It's also a specific variation of pneumoconiosis.


In Switzerland, you are not allowed to own just ________ guinea pig(s).

In Switzerland, it's actually illegal to own just one guinea pig! This is seen as a form of animal cruelty since the guinea pig may become lonely with no other friends to play with!


What does a "pangram" refer to?

Otherwise known as a holoalphabetic sentence, a pangram is a type of sentence that uses all of the letters of the alphabet. A notable example would be the following sentence: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."


Do you know which date celebrates World Tourism Day?

September 27 is World Tourism Day, but it's not considered to be a public holiday. Rather, it's a United Nations observance day that celebrates the enthusiasm of tourists around the world.


When is Black History Month?

February is Black History Month, which is a month dedicated to important African-American people in history. This month is also about respecting individuals who have shaped a better future for our society.


If you want to make a phone call to Antarctica, which of these country codes do you need to dial first?

The country code of Antarctica is 672, which you dial before the area code. The four city codes of Antarctica are 10, 11, 12 and 13. These city codes refer to Davis Base, Mawson Base, Casey Base and Macquarie Base, respectively.


Which of these creatures cannot jump?

Elephants are pretty massive creatures, but that's not the only reason why they can't jump. The bones in their legs are structured in a way that prevents them for "springing" in an upward direction.


When it comes to a standard deck of playing cards, which of these "kings" does not have a mustache​?

We'll bet you never noticed this small detail: The King of Hearts doesn't have a mustache! This is because the King of Hearts symbolizes purity and doesn't need a mustache to disguise or hide any negative traits about him.


If you're studying Gelotology, you are studying the field of __________.

There is actually a word for the study of laughter, and that is Gelotology! This area of study focuses on the psychological effects that laughter has on the human body and the brain.


If you have a feeling that a duck is watching you from some part of the world, what kind of phobia do you have?

Anatidaephobia refers to a condition whereby someone feels that a duck or goose is watching them from somewhere in the world. The person suffering from this phobia doesn't typically believe that they will be harmed by the duck or goose, but they feel uneasy at the thought of being watched by this animal.


How many acres of pizza are consumed by Americans on a daily basis?

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the United States, so it's not too hard to believe that 100 acres of pizza are consumed each and every day. This also equates to 350 slices of pizza consumed per second!


If you're referring to a group of crows, which of these words should you use?

If you ever want to refer to a group of crows in a conversation, be sure to use the word "murder," as in a "murder of crows." Here are a few other words that refers to groups of animals: a school of fish, a smack of jellyfish and an army of frogs.


Why does Heinz have the number "57" on all of their bottles of ketchup?

According to the official Heinz website, Henry Heinz implemented the phrase "57 Varieties" on all of the Heinz bottles of ketchup after seeing an advertising sign that said "21 styles of shoes." Heinz loved the marketing angle of this, and believed that 57 was a lucky number at the time. Thus, "57 Varieties" was born!


What hidden number can be found on the back of a US $5 bill?

If you have a $5 bill on you, flip it over to the back side and look closely at the Lincoln Memorial. Above the word "Five" at the base of the memorial, you'll see the number 172 hidden in the bushes!


What was the profession of Charlie Brown's father?

Charlie Brown's father was a barber, which was revealed on September 1, 1958. Charles M. Schulz was the famous creator of "Peanuts," which included the iconic character, Charlie Brown!


What was the first commercial product that was scanned with a bar code?

Norman Joseph Woodland invented the bar code, which revolutionized the transactions of grocery items and goods. The first product to ever have a bar code was none other than a simple pack of Wrigley's chewing gum!


If you can read the same word forward and backward, what is this type of word called?

A palindrome is a fancy way of saying that a word can be read the same way forward and backward. Some examples of palindromes include kayak, madam, noon, race car and mom.


What was Walt Disney's first movie?

On December 21, 1937, the Carthay Circle Theatre showed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was Walt Disney's first movie. Pinocchio was the second movie released, followed by Fantasia.


What compelled Dr. Seuss to write "Green Eggs and Ham"?

Dr. Seuss wrote "Green Eggs and Ham" because his friend dared him to. His friend bet that he couldn't write a book using 50 different words, which compelled Dr. Seuss to write one of his most famous books of all time!


What would happen if you lift up a kangaroo's tail from the ground?

Kangaroos are known for their hops, but if you lift their tail off the ground, they can't jump at all! The tail allows the kangaroo to move forward, since it provides both speed and balance.


What was the original name of the planet Uranus?

Uranus was first discovered by William Herschel, but he initially named it "Georgium Sidus" to honor King George III. In fact, Uranus was always thought to be a star, not a planet!


Which of these planets is not a "naked eye planet"?

Neptune is not considered to be a "naked eye planet" due to its lengthy proximity from the sun. In other words, it's so far away, that you're unable to see it with just your eyes. The five brightest planets that we can see are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.


Why do bananas have a curved shape?

Have you ever heard of "negative geotropism"? This is the process that bananas go through, which means they grow upward toward the sun! This results in the unique curved shape structure of this popular fruit.


Which of the following is not classified as a vegetable?

Most people refer to fruits as "sweet" and vegetables as "savory." The truth is, fruits have seeds and vegetables don't. This means that cucumbers, tomatoes and even spicy peppers are all considered to be fruits.


What is the correct name for "baby spiders"?

The correct name for "baby spiders" is spiderlings. Adult spiders are known to lay up to 1,000 eggs, which they protect by wrapping the eggs in silk, known as a "silk blanket."


What color is the blood of an octopus?

The blood of an octopus is blue due to a pigment called "hemocyanin." This pigment is also crucial to the survival of an octopus, as it provides oxygen to its three hearts.


How many hearts does a hagfish have?

A hagfish is a type of sea creature that has four hearts. These creatures are also called "slime eels" because of how much slime they produce. Hagfish also have a unique way of consuming invertebrates, as they tend to burrow their way inside of their prey to eat them from the inside.


The famous McDonald's McRib sandwich contains how many ingredients?

There are 70 ingredients in a McDonald's McRib sandwich! Some of these ingredients include pickles, onions, tangy McRib sauce, the McRib pork patty and a homestyle bread roll.


What is the hidden number in the famous Baskin-Robbins logo?

Next time you're at a Basin-Robbins ice cream shop, take a closer look at their logo. You'll find the number "31" hidden in the "BR" part of the logo. This number represents the 31 flavors of ice cream that the chain offers.


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