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The SAT is comprised of various sections, including math, reading, writing and an essay portion. For the writing and language section, you'll come face to face with a variety of difficult vocabulary words that you'll have to guess the definition of. To help prepare you for the SAT, we've come up with 35 questions to put your English language knowledge to the test!

Some questions in this quiz will ask you to name the synonym of the word. For example, what do you think the word "idyllic" is synonymous with? Is it happy, sad, stubborn or angry? The answer is happy, since "idyllic" means to feel wonderful or joyous in a particular situation. Another example would be "histrionic." While the word looks like it may pertain to history, it actually means that someone is being overly dramatic in nature. For example, "My sister is always so histrionic in personality."

Let's take a look at one more example. If I say "That new kid is pretty genial," what do you think that means? Is it friendly, depressed, stubborn or lazy? The answer is friendly, since "genial" means to have a warm and kind personality.

Now that you've seen what kind of questions are on this quiz, it's time to put your wits to the test by scoring at least 11 right now!

"Impoverished" is synonymous with which of these SAT words?

The word "destitute" is a fancy way of saying impoverished or poor. It also comes from the Latin word, "destitutus."


If you have "induced" somebody, you have...?

To "induce" somebody means to persuade or convince them to do a particular action. For example, "I induced Matt to study harder for his exams."


If somebody has "inherent" musical talent, what does that mean?

When somebody has "inherent" talent or abilities, it means that it came naturally to them (also known as ingrained talent). For example, "Kevin always had inherent talent with drawing."


Somebody who is against violence is called a ...?

A pacifist is somebody who is completely against violence (including war). Pacifists also believe that war and violence won't bring any good (or peace) to people.


Which of the following is the correct definition of "painstaking?"

To be "painstaking" with something means to be thorough with it, or give it meticulous attention. For example, "Painstaking attention is required for the drawing of blueprints."


What is the meaning of "ostensible?"

When something is not what it appears to be, this is known as "ostensible." It's also synonymous with "alleged."


To "prattle" is to ...?

When somebody prattles or babbles about something, it means that they are endlessly talking about a particular subject. For example, "My aunt wouldn't stop prattling about her new purse."


"Prodigious" is a fancy way of saying ...?

When something is really big or "giant" in size, it is called "prodigious." For example, "Dinosaurs used to be quite prodigious in size."


To "abate" something is to...?

When something is "abated," that means that it's decreased or declined in nature. For example, "Her grades have started to abate ever since she got a new boyfriend."


To talk to someone in a bold manner is to ________ them.

To "accost" someone is to boldly talk to them, or confront them. For example, "Jeff accosted Tim today about his bullying behavior."


If a grocery store has a "surfeit" of produce, what does that mean?

When there is an excess, or too much, of something, this is referred to as "surfeit." For example, "I have a surfeit of socks in my drawer."


To overly flatter somebody is to ...?

To "toady" someone is to overly flatter them or "suck up" to them. For example, "This car salesman is being a real toady to us today."


If I say "This history class is so vapid," what does that mean?

When something is bland or boring, it is called "vapid." For example, "I broke up with my boyfriend because his personality is so vapid."


If someone is clumsy, what would you call them?

When somebody is clumsy in nature, they are often called "ungainly." For example, "Sandra Bullock's character in 'Miss Congeniality' was very ungainly."


"Toxic" is another word for...?

If something is "virulent," it means that it's toxic or poisonous. For example, "Lily of the Valley is quite virulent to humans."


If I'm giving my art project "scrupulous" attention, what does that mean?

To give meticulous attention to something is to be "scrupulous." For example, "The Mona Lisa was painted with scrupulous detail."


If someone is "shrewd," what does that mean?

When someone is intelligent or clever, they are called "shrewd." For instance, "That new kid in school is pretty shrewd."


To "repudiate" someone is to...?

To "repudiate" someone is to reject them, or abandon them (depending on the context). For instance, "I repudiated that guy who asked me out today."


If you were "relegated" at your job, you were...?

If someone was "relegated" at their job, it means they were demoted in rank. Another example would be, "I just found out I was relegated to a secretary position."


What does the word "recluse" mean?

If somebody lives like a hermit, or like a recluse, it means they enjoy living alone and without social interaction. For example, "I've become more of a recluse as I've gotten older."


If you're going to "raze" something, like a building, you are going to ...?

To demolish something, like a building, is to "raze" it. For instance, "This building is going to be razed so we can build a school instead."


If I say, "You have quixotic expectations as an aspiring actor," what does that mean?

When someone is starry-eyed or unrealistic about something, it means that they are being "quixotic." For example, "He has quixotic expectations about going to Princeton."


What does "prosaic" mean?

If something is "prosaic," it means that it's common, ordinary and uninteresting. For example, "That new girl has such a prosaic personality."


Someone who lies a lot is a ...?

A "prevaricator" is someone who lies on a frequent basis. For instance, "I don't trust my sister anymore, she's such a prevaricator."


To be "judicious" is to be ...?

To be "judicious" is to be wise or intelligent in nature. For example, "My grandma is the most judicious person I know."


If I want to stay in bed all day and do nothing, I am being ...?

If someone is lazy or lethargic, they are being "indolent." For example, "My cousin is always so indolent; he never wants to do anything."


If someone is being "cheap" with their money, they are being...?

If someone likes to "penny pinch" with regard to their money, they are being "miserly." For instance, "Ever since I lost my job, I've had to become more miserly with my money."


If I say "This turkey is succulent," what does that mean?

Tasty is synonymous with the word "succulent." Another example would be, "These mashed potatoes are succulent."


If something is "tenuous," it is ...?

"Tenuous" simply means "weak" or "flimsy" in quality. For example, "Our alliance with the other team was tenuous, and we expected they would break it."


If someone is stubborn, they are being ...?

A headstrong or stubborn person is a wayward person. For example, "My mom is so wayward, she thinks she's always right."


Something that is strange is ...?

Supernatural concepts that are bizarre, such as aliens or ghosts, are considered to be "uncanny." Another example would be, "This house has an uncanny feel to it."


If I say "There were scant drinks at the party," what does that mean?

If there is a small number, or very few, of something, than it is referred to as "scant." For example, "I got scant presents for Christmas."


To "rectify" something is to ...?

To rectify something is to fix it or amend it. For example, "I want to rectify my broken relationship with my friend."


Someone who keeps their cool easily is ...?

If someone is placid in nature, it means that they are calm and can keep their cool easily. For example, "My dad is the most placid person I know."


If I say "My sister is so imperious," what does that mean?

If someone is being imperious, it means that they are being bossy or arrogant. Another example would be, "The CEO of my company is the most imperious person in the corporate ladder."


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