Quiz: Can You Get More Than 11 Right on This Tasty Pastry ID Quiz?
Can You Get More Than 11 Right on This Tasty Pastry ID Quiz?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Jordan Lye / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

True-blue foodies would know the different kinds of pastries, and how they could differentiate such pastries from mere baked goodies. Are you this type of foodie?

Pastries have existed for centuries now, and they're not merely a modern culinary invention. A pastry should have some form of dough in it, which is typically made up of flour and some kind of shortening ingredient. But a pastry also needs to be flavorful, hence it should have some kind of sweet taste or savory filling inside of it.

Different cultures of the world prepare pastries differently. But they share some common basics in terms of how the dough is prepared. There's the shortcrust pastry which is like the base for making many kinds of tarts. And we all know the flaky pastry or the puff pastry kinds, which we always see in bakeries. The choux pastry is the light ones usually filed with cream of some sort, and most are categorized as desserts. Its cousin is called the filo or the phyllo, and then there's the hot water crust pastry that's utilized in making various kinds of pies.

With so many types of pastries around, we're sure you can name many of these delicious treats. Try them out now!

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This is perhaps the most American pastry ever. What is it?
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This twisted bread is usually called what?
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This fun pastry is popularly sold in fairs. What is it?
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This flaky pastry is a breakfast fave. What is it?
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This pastry is made of fruit that you peel. What is it?
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This very sweet and crumbly pastry is known as what?
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You could say this came from Denmark. What is it?
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This popular pastry could have a hole or not. What is it?
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This pastry is usually eaten with a meal. What is it?
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This pastry involves having some viscous element inside of it. What is it?
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This pastry has interesting fillings within it. What's it called?
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The Italians love this one! What is it?
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This blue-shaded pastry is known as what?
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The French like this one a lot. What is it?
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It's a smaller version of what they serve during birthdays. What is it?
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Can you name this U.S. state specialty pastry?
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These usually squarish chewy goodies are known as what?
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This sweet-filled long pastry is called what?
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This Italian-sounding pastry is known as what?
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This pastry can be filled with so many different things! What is it?
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This Austrian-sounding pastry is popular the world over. What is it?
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What do you call these small colorful cuties?
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A slice of this pastry is chewy and a bit heavy. What is it?
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Sometimes it's a bun, sometimes it's a roll. What is this pastry?
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This very graphically textured pastry is known as what?
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This Indian-sounding pastry usually has veggie fillings. What is it?
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This mini-pie pastry is known as what?
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This heavenly body-sounding pastry is known as what?
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Australians know this pastry! What is it?
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This very New York chic pastry hybrid is known as what?
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Hunters might love eating this pastry. What is it?
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Fans of Creole cuisine know what this pastry is! Do you?
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Can you guess what this Mediterranean pastry is?
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This exquisite-sounding pastry is known as what, s'il vous plaît?
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Can you name this hyper-sounding pastry?
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This rather British-sounding pastry is known as what?
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This popular sweet paste-filled pastry is known as what?
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This single fruit-based pastry is called what?
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This nut-focused pastry is popular in the southern U.S. What is it?
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This flower-sounding pastry is known as what?
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