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About This Quiz

No matter how large our vocabularies are, there are always more words to learn! During this quiz, we have chosen some of the toughest words out there to test your skills. If you can get more than 11 of them right, you can pat yourself on the back and share your results for bragging rights. 

As we test your vocabulary knowledge, you will be presented with a series of 35 questions designed to assess your level of wordiness. We don't expect you to get all of them right, but the more you get right, the more impressive your score will be. On average, only a few who have taken this quiz were able to get more than 11 right. Do you think you can take them to school? 

In order to prove your skill, you will have to fill in a few blanks, find a few synonyms, and remember what the word antonym means. Before you begin, make sure to clear your mind. When you see the question we present, make sure to trust your instincts. We haven't tried to be tricky on purpose, but a language is a tricky thing all on its own! How well will you do? 

Fill in the blank: Harvey was a boisterous and _____ young man.

Harvey was not a subdued young man. Instead, he was full of life, boisterous, and rambunctious. Both boisterous and rambunctious mean energetic and loud.


Which word would you use to describe dill pickle juice?

The brine that cucumbers are pickled in is always salty and brackish. Brackish is another way to describe something that is salty in flavor.


If something is not increasing, what is it doing?

If something is not increasing or maintaining its size, it is diminishing. For instance, the clouds after a rainstorm slowly diminish to reveal a blue sky.


How was the babysitter feeling after a day with six unruly children?

After spending the day with six tireless and unruly children, the babysitter was feeling exasperated and ready for the day to be over. They are feeling annoyed and out of options.


Some parrots barely talk, what do others do?

It's adorable when parrots speak, but some parrots simply cannot be quiet. Instead, they jabber on endlessly repeating the only words they know how to say.


Barb is trying to muster the energy to edit - what is she trying to do?

Although Barb loves her job, she sometimes has to gather the energy to open the computer. When she does muster up the willpower, she always get the job done.


Scotts's razor supply was larger than most - which word describes it best?

You couldn't tell by looking at Scott's beard, but he is an avid razor collector with a large variety of brands. Compared to other men with full beards, his supply of razors is plenteous.


David really did not like people - what word does not describe David?

David was the type of guy who prefers his own company. Instead of being sociable with other humans on the weekends, David liked to stay at home with his pets and a good film.


If something is not potent, what is it?

Things that are potent are considered powerful and dynamic. If a solution is mixed incorrectly, it will be weak. Instead, you should follow the directions for a stronger mixture.


Marsha had a lot of zeal for her new career. Which word also means zeal?

Marsha had worked really hard to get the job she wanted. She was full of enthusiasm and zeal to begin her new position. She had no doubts or trepidation about the future.


If you have some pertinent information, what kind of information do you have?

When your boss asked you to figure out the facts and you came up with some pertinent information, you found information that is both relevant and important. Your boss knew that your coworkers would come up with something less related.


Public relations professionals are masters at quelling rumors. What does quelling mean?

In the public relations world, much of the game is damage control. Public relations professionals are great at quelling and suppressing rumors or information that they really do not want getting out.


Leslie did not like the speaker's repugnant ideas. What kind of ideas did the speaker have?

Leslie found the speaker's ideas so offensive and repugnant to her own ideas that she got up and left the room. If something is repugnant, it is considered offensive to the mind.


Which word would you use to define the mind of a young child?

Young children are very open-minded. They are easily influenced and they are malleable. Although it might be difficult to negotiate with a tantrum, your actions can make an impression on a young, malleable mind.


Maria was trying to be furtive about the surprise party. What does furtive mean?

Although it was difficult, Maria was trying to keep the surprise party for her boss a secret around the office. However, her furtive efforts were thwarted by the office gossip.


Fill in the blank: Louis decided to _____ the cooking process by turning up the oven.

Louis did not have time to wait for the turkey to cook. To hasten the process, he turned up the oven. By the time dinner was ready, Louis decided to order takeout rather than serve a half-frozen bird.


If something is not copacetic, what is it?

When something is copacetic, it is calm, nice, and agreeable. If you find yourself in a disagreeable situation, you would not use the word copacetic to describe it.


Complete this sentence with the correct word: Barney was always borrowing things, so his friends called him a _______.

Because Barney was always borrowing things and never returning them, his friends started calling him a mendicant. A mendicant is someone who is always begging or asking for something.


Which of the following words is a synonym for rancid?

If you've ever cleaned out your refrigerator, you are sure to have encountered some rancid and putrid things. If something is rancid, it is spoiled, vile, and generally unpleasant.


Can you choose the word that means the opposite of vibrant?

Things that are vibrant are far from dull. Whether we are talking about paint colors or personalities, anyone who is vibrant or bright is far from being considered a dullard.


Jason's poetry was very obscure - what kind of poetry is it?

Instead of writing poetry that even a fifth grader could understand, Jason always chose the obscure route. He is quite a mystery wrapped in an enigmatic shell, and his poetry reflects it.


Due to the scarcity of diamonds, the prices increased. What does scarcity mean?

Diamonds might be plentiful now, but if a shortage occurred and they were to become rare, the price would skyrocket. Could you imagine how much they would cost if they were to become a scarcity?


Fill in the blank: Grandpa's ideas were quite old-fashioned and _______.

We all know that Grandpas are often wise even if their ideas can be quite old-fashioned an antiquated. Don't be so harsh! Your grandkids might feel the same way about you some day.


Before a thunderstorm, how does the sky look?

When a thunderstorm is rolling in, the sky can look quite somber and ominous. Something that is somber is dark and depressing in nature.


Lydia's response was quite terse. What does terse mean?

Lydia really did not care to expand on her answer. Instead, her response was short, sweet, and to the point. Some accused her of being terse, but she was simply telling it like it is.


If something is not fixed or rigid, what is it?

If something is versatile, it is easily useable and might be used for many different things. If something is fixed and unmovable, it is not considered to be of a versatile nature.


Which word would you also use to describe someone who is arrogant?

We all have that one person in our lives that we would consider imperious. No matter what you say or what you do, they are closed to other ideas and come across as being arrogant.


Angie's work was considered the most meticulous in the office. Which word also describes her work?

When Angie produced reports, they were highly accurate, detailed, and meticulous. Angie was never the type to turn in work that is anything less than perfect.


When you are working with others, what are you doing?

When you are working with others and exchanging ideas to achieve a goal together, you are collaborating. You might become friends with the people you are collaborating with, but it's important to use your mutual skills to accomplish the job first!


What is the word that means an enemy you cannot overcome?

If you have an adversary you cannot overcome or defeat, you have a nemesis. A nemesis is someone you consider such a powerful rival that you will never be able to outdo them.


Fill in the blank: Marcus had a noble and _____ attitude.

Under pressure, Marcus has been known to exhibit a noble and magnanimous disposition. Marcus was always forgiving of the shortcomings of others, and he always tried to help.


If someone is well-spoken, what else are they?

When someone is able to express themselves with the appropriate words, they are said to be articulate. If you can articulate yourself well, you can get anyone on your side.


Undercover work is a clandestine activity. Which word does not mean clandestine?

If an undercover agent were to behave in an obvious manner, it would give them away. Instead, most of their activities are kept secret and clandestine.


Iggy Pop seemed to have an innate musical talent - what does innate mean?

We often use the word innate to describe things that seem native or inherent to someone. In this case, Iggy Pop seems to have an inborn sense for music and songwriting.


Carrie sometimes came off as ostentatious - what does ostentatious mean?

Although Carrie always meant well, she could often come off a little pretentious and ostentatious. Her ideas were often seen as over-exaggerated by her peers.


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