Quiz: Can You Get More Than 11 Right on This Vocabulary Quiz?
Can You Get More Than 11 Right on This Vocabulary Quiz?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

No matter how large our vocabularies are, there are always more words to learn! During this quiz, we have chosen some of the toughest words out there to test your skills. If you can get more than 11 of them right, you can pat yourself on the back and share your results for bragging rights. 

As we test your vocabulary knowledge, you will be presented with a series of 35 questions designed to assess your level of wordiness. We don't expect you to get all of them right, but the more you get right, the more impressive your score will be. On average, only a few who have taken this quiz were able to get more than 11 right. Do you think you can take them to school? 

In order to prove your skill, you will have to fill in a few blanks, find a few synonyms, and remember what the word antonym means. Before you begin, make sure to clear your mind. When you see the question we present, make sure to trust your instincts. We haven't tried to be tricky on purpose, but a language is a tricky thing all on its own! How well will you do? 

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Fill in the blank: Harvey was a boisterous and _____ young man.
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Which word would you use to describe dill pickle juice?
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If something is not increasing, what is it doing?
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How was the babysitter feeling after a day with six unruly children?
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Some parrots barely talk, what do others do?
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Barb is trying to muster the energy to edit - what is she trying to do?
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Scotts's razor supply was larger than most - which word describes it best?
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David really did not like people - what word does not describe David?
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If something is not potent, what is it?
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Marsha had a lot of zeal for her new career. Which word also means zeal?
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If you have some pertinent information, what kind of information do you have?
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Public relations professionals are masters at quelling rumors. What does quelling mean?
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Leslie did not like the speaker's repugnant ideas. What kind of ideas did the speaker have?
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Which word would you use to define the mind of a young child?
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Maria was trying to be furtive about the surprise party. What does furtive mean?
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Fill in the blank: Louis decided to _____ the cooking process by turning up the oven.
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If something is not copacetic, what is it?
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Complete this sentence with the correct word: Barney was always borrowing things, so his friends called him a _______.
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Which of the following words is a synonym for rancid?
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Can you choose the word that means the opposite of vibrant?
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Jason's poetry was very obscure - what kind of poetry is it?
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Due to the scarcity of diamonds, the prices increased. What does scarcity mean?
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Fill in the blank: Grandpa's ideas were quite old-fashioned and _______.
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Before a thunderstorm, how does the sky look?
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Lydia's response was quite terse. What does terse mean?
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If something is not fixed or rigid, what is it?
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Which word would you also use to describe someone who is arrogant?
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Angie's work was considered the most meticulous in the office. Which word also describes her work?
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When you are working with others, what are you doing?
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What is the word that means an enemy you cannot overcome?
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Fill in the blank: Marcus had a noble and _____ attitude.
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If someone is well-spoken, what else are they?
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Undercover work is a clandestine activity. Which word does not mean clandestine?
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Iggy Pop seemed to have an innate musical talent - what does innate mean?
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Carrie sometimes came off as ostentatious - what does ostentatious mean?
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