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Dogs are some of the most popular pets in the world, and for a good reason! They make great companions and they're helpful, too. Dogs have walked alongside humans for thousands of years, even in ancient times. What would our life be like today without our pooches by our side? So, if you think you know all about dogs, then this is the quiz for you!

Do you know how many breeds of dogs are recognized officially in the world? What about the different functions of a dog's body parts? Do you know what sense a puppy develops first? If you said yes to any of these, then you're probably an expert on the world of dogs!

What do you know about the different dog breeds? What about some of the most famous dogs in pop culture? Can you name some unique traits of certain breeds? With so many different breeds, there are a lot of differences and unique traits that each of them has. That's what makes choosing your pup so much fun!

So, if you think you're an expert on dogs then this is your chance to show what you know. Take the quiz to see how much you truly know about the world of dogs!

How can a dog detect your mood?

It might seem weird, but a dog can tell how you're feeling through your smell. When they sense how you're feeling, it can also affect how they feel as well. Keep this in mind if you have a furry friend of your own!


Which dog has a uniquely colored tongue?

A Chow Chow is a dog breed known for having a unique black tongue. However, this is something they get as they age. A few other breeds also have this trait.


What do dogs have three of?

Dogs get three eyelids for their protection. The purpose of the third eyelid is to keep their eyes clean and protected. They're typically called a nictitating membrane.


What is the highest amount of hertz that a dog can hear?

50,000 hertz is the highest frequency that dogs can hear. For perspective, we can only hear up to 20,000 hertz. That explains why we are unable to hear a dog whistle!


Is it true or false that dogs can dream?

This is true. You may wonder what dogs dream about. It's thought that they dream of daily activities similar to what humans dream about. When you see your dog having a good nap, you can assume she's running along by your side in her dream!


From what country did Leonbergers originate?

Leonbergers are from Germany and they were made to look like lions. The dogs are quite big, but they still make great pets and always love to be by their owner's side.


What is the purpose of a dog's wet nose?

The purpose of a wet nose is so that a dog can smell better. The moisture picks up more scents and allows the dog to detect more smells. Wet noses are good for other things as well, such as cooling dogs down.


What sense is the first that a puppy develops?

A puppy develops it's sense of touch first, with the rest coming later. Puppies are unable to hear or see anything until they are about 2 weeks ​old. It only gets better from there!


What is the most popular breed of dog in the United States?

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States. They are a great pet to have and make awesome family dogs.


Which dog breed doesn't get its markings until it grows up?

Dalmatians are born without their trademark spots. Their markings only start to show up when they are about a month old. It might be hard to tell Dalmatian puppies apart!


Is it true or false that Australian Shepherds are from Australia?

This is false. Australian Shepherds are actually from the United States, but have roots in Europe. Did you know that they can weigh up to 60 pounds?


What is the official state dog of Virginia?

The American Foxhound is another dog that was used for hunting. Just like its name suggests, it was used specifically to track down foxes. Unfortunately, they're not usually kept as pets.


How many different classes of dogs are there?

There are seven classes of dog breeds. They are herding, sporting, non-sporting, working, hound, terrier and toy groups. The groups are especially important in dog shows and other events.


Which dog breed is French for "butterfly"?

These furry little pups are part of the toy breed and were popular in Europe. Marie Antoinette was known to have one as a pet. They may be small, but they have a big personality!


Where are a dog's sweat glands?

A dog sweats from its paws. It is one​ of the only places that has sweat glands capable of doing so. Just like ours, these glands are used to cool down a dog.


For what does a dog use whiskers?

Whiskers send information through means of touch. For example, if a dog wants to find out if it can make it through a space, it can use its whiskers to do so.


Which dog breed can't bark?

The Basenji is the only dog that can't bark, but instead it yodels! Did you know that the Basenji originated in Africa? They were often used as hunting dogs in the past.


Is it true or false that dogs can see in the dark?

This is true. They can see much better than we do when it's dark due to their large pupils. They won't ever have to worry about bumping into a wall or door when walking around at night like we do!


How many dog breeds are recognized by the FCI?

The FCI recognizes 339 dog breeds. It is an organization dedicated to dogs and dog owners around the world. You may know it better as the World Canine Organization.


Is it true or false that Puli​s are known for their unique fur?

This is true. You'll know a Puli by its unique fur that is like no other breed. That's not the only great thing about a Puli! They're also great family pets that will remain loyal until the end.


How many teeth does a dog have?

A dog has 42 teeth when it is fully grown, which is ten more than we humans have. Dogs also lose teeth when they're puppies and grow them back just like we do.


Why do dogs roll in smelly things?

Dogs like to roll in smelly things to carry a different scent on themselves. It helps to mask their natural scent as well. While you may not like the smell, they love it!


What dog breed did Andy Warhol have?

Andy Warhol had a dachshund named Archie and then got another one named Amos. He was a big fan of the breed which originated in Germany. Did you know that dachshunds were also used to hunt small animals?


Is it true or false that Poodles were once hunting dogs?

This is true. Poodles were used for hunting mostly birds. Poodles have a very long lineage. You could even see them with the Ancient Romans.


What dog breed did Helen Keller bring to the United States?

Helen Keller brought the Akita from Japan to America. Today, there are two types of the breed, Japanese Akitas and American Akitas. Can you tell the difference between them? Japanese Akitas are typically smaller while American Akitas are usually bigger-boned.


How many times a minute does a large dog's heart beat?

Sixty to 100 beats per minute is the average for big dogs while it is much higher for smaller dogs. Do you know how to check the pulse of a dog? Put your hand on the inside of its back leg.


Is it true or false that Whippets get their names from the snack?

This is false. The name of the breed is thought to have come from a couple of different places. One thought is that the name comes from the sound of a horse whip snapping.


Which of the following breeds is part of the herding group?

The German Shepherd is a herding group dog, which means that it is highly effective in herding other animals. For example, dog breeds in this category can be used effectively in farming.


What breed of dog is Scooby-Doo?

Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane. Great Danes in real life are large dogs, but they have a very sweet nature as well. They even make great family pets despite their size. Scooby-Doo gives them quite a good name!


Is it true or false that Pomeranians are also called "Pom Poms"?

This is true. This nickname refers to their fluffy fur that resembles a pom pom. Did you know that these lovable pups used to be much bigger in the past? They've only become smaller within the last two centuries.


Is it true or false that Beethoven was a St. Bernard?

This is true. Beethoven was a lovable St. Bernard that showed the world how great the breed really is. St. Bernard's are very talented and useful in rescues of people in danger.


Which of these dog breeds can have patches with no hair?

Chinese Crested Dogs are often thought of as being hairless, but they can have patches with hair. There are two types of the breed, the Hairless dogs and the Powderpuff dogs.


Which breed of dog can reach 45 mph when running?

Greyhounds are unusually fast, reaching a top speed of 45 mph when running. They're quite tall and nimble, which allows them to pick up speed very fast.


Which breed was commonly used for hunting in the past?

Bloodhounds are famous for being great hunting dogs. They are talented at picking up scents and tracking game or people. They're also known for their signature droopy skin. It's what makes them so charming!


Is it true or false that Samoyeds are good family pets?

This is true. Samoyeds are one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world. They have lineage in Serbia where they were used for many things, such as hunting. If you have one, you can probably notice some of these instincts in your pup!


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