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Is it easy for you to think of rhyming words? If you said yes, then that's all you need to ace this quiz. Care to dare?

When asked to think of a word that rhymes with another word, some people get paralyzed. That's because they don't know where to start. They also make the mistake of thinking the more obvious words. But there's a more systematic way of jogging your memory to remember which words rhyme with each other. Want to know the trick?

Start with the alphabet. It's easier to do this if you focus on the last vowel and consonant tandem of the word. In our case, the word "car" will let you focus on A and R. Now go through the whole alphabet, skip the vowels, and place each letter in front of this vowel-consonant tandem. Since you'll skip A, start with B. Then C, D, F, you get the picture. 

Are there familiar words surfacing in this process? If yes, then you're good to go! You start thinking of shorter words in this process and eliminate them. The next challenge is to get the shorter word and see if you can recall longer words that include them. You get the drift? Great!

For this quiz, we already thought of the rhyming words. See if you can guess them all when we give the clues. Hop in and let's have fun!

When you leave the door open just a bit, it's said to be in which state?

A door is ajar if it's opened a bit, allowing a few inches of opening. That opening is enough to peek inside the room or let the air in (or out, depending on where you're located in relation to the door).


This one means foreign royalty. Guess which!

Sometimes spelled as "tsar," the king or emperor's czar title is of Eastern European origin. When used with a capital C, Czar specifically pertains to the old Russian emperor. The word's origins can point to the Latin term "Caesar" which also referred to someone with an emperor stature.


We can drink alcoholic beverages in which commercial place?

Worldwide, the word "bar" means a place serving alcoholic beverages. In certain regions, they use other terms. Restaurants that also have a bar can now label themselves as a "restobar" which is similar in concept to the "gastropub." But a gastropub offers more high-end food and drink choices.


What do you call this exotic and often expensive delicacy?

That tiny clump of fish eggs is called roe. Caviar comes from specific fish roe, notably the sturgeon species. A popular type of sturgeon fish harvested for caviar is the beluga found in the seas between Asia and Europe.


You need to ride a small boat to reach one of these. What's this destination?

They can be mistaken for small islands or a farther part of the beach, but they're not really like that. Sandbars are long deposits of compact rocks, pebbles and sand that look just like the beach shore, only these sandbars are farther away from the shore depending on how they got formed by nature.


This musical instrument can be carried around and played whenever wherever. Name it!

Experts say that there are nine types of guitars. The widely known ones are the electric guitar, acoustic guitar and the bass guitar. The ukulele, banjo and mandolin are the guitar's cousins.


Another name for a marketplace is this. Know which one?

The word "bazaar" is from the Persian language; the concept of this marketplace came from places where this language was widely spoken. The term referred to street market setups in ancient types. Today, bazaars can be set up in enclosed spaces.


When you're academic, you can also be which kind of person?

An educated person who is currently studying or has completed their studies is a scholar. An academic can also be the same. But a scholar often focuses on a specific area of knowledge which makes them experts in the field.


It's an example of a wild cat. Did you catch its name?

Jaguars are technically wild cats that belong to the genus called Panthera. The jaguar's cousins in this category include the tiger, leopard and the lion. The black panther also belongs in this familial list, and so does the white panther.


Light it up and smoke it! What's this item called?

Nonsmokers might think that cigars and cigarettes are essentially the same, but they're not; cigarettes are usually machine-made while cigars are often handmade. Both products contain tobacco but their wrapping is different; cigarettes use chemically enhanced paper while cigars use tobacco leaves.


A popular person often found in the spotlight is what type of figure?

A superstar is someone who's prominent in their chosen field within their industry. The term often refers to celebrities or public figures. But ordinary folks who excel can also be superstars in their own spheres of influence.


This digital image or persona represents you in cyberspace. What is it?

The term "avatar" refers to a god's incarnation in Hindu mythology. The term has a different meaning today within the digital era, though. It pertains to your physical representation in the online world (like a caricature version of your image).


When you're not near, then you're what?

When traveling, using the word "far" won't give us the exact distance; it's an estimation from one point to another. When discussing life achievements, "far" as a unit of measurement refers to one's collection of accolades and honors.


"Carry moonbeams home in a __" as that song said. What suggested storage is this?

A jar has a wide mouth for its opening which also comes with a screw-on cap for cover. The popular Mason jar is an example, but it's not limited to storage use. Many country-style or hip restaurants use Mason jars with handles for their glassware.


Echolocation works with this method. Do you know this one?

A sonar apparatus is useful for detecting underwater objects. Submarines have this kind of equipment to avoid collisions and to spot incoming enemies. The word is a shortened form of "sound navigation ranging" shortened into so-na-r or sonar.


From coal or wood, out comes this gooey substance. Know what this is?

If you'd like to see Mother Nature's proof of helping us humans, head to a tar pit. They're the "uncured" example of what eventually becomes deposits of crude oil ... which we use for just about everything. The La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles is one such interesting site to see.


People suffering from osteoporosis know this bodily term. What is it?

You can locate your lumbar region at your back; it's the lower portion of the spine. When you're a very active human, you're prone to suffering from lower back pain. That's because this lumbar area bears the brunt of our body weight, so doctors advise taking care of it.


"Radio ranging" is the name of its game. Know what this is?

If you're great at sensing people for their ulterior motives or hidden agenda, then your "radar" works. Technically, radar is short for "radio detecting and ranging."


Conjugate "to be" and you'll get which word that rhymes with car here?

The second person singular form of "to be" is "are," as in "You are so fine." The word also comes in handy when using the first person plural form like "We are not alone." It's also utilized in the third person plural form like in "They are here."


Someone who's outrageous, different or unusual is also what?

If you feel off in using "bizarre" to refer to a strange person or situation, choose different ways of saying it. Depending on your objective, you can use peculiar, odd, eccentric or strange.


Which steel tool do you use to pry something open?

Since a crowbar is often used to pry things open or apart, it's also called "pry bar" in some countries. The British term for it is "jimmy bar" or simply "jimmy" since "to jimmy" means to forcibly open something.


What do you call a smaller kind of conference?

Some people often confuse seminar with training, workshop or conference, but these are all different. A seminar is shorter than any of the other concepts. Plus there's no hands-on practice done here like in workshops; it's only a lecture presentation given to a very small group.


Talking about spanning a certain distance, which word will you use?

When referring to the concept of a significantly huge or monumental distance, use the term "afar." When used in another way, afar might cover a shorter distance, though; an example of this usage is "seeing someone from afar."


The ASCII code for understrike and underscore is also called what?

In computer lingo, "underbar" is another term for underscore. It's another example of how the advent of computers has brought on a tremendous amount of new terminology ... or in this occasion new words for things for which we already had words.


Speaking of extragalactic objects out there, this is one of them. Guess which!

If you're looking through a telescope, you can detect a quasar similar to how you can detect an average star; they both appear similar that way. Scientists theorize, though, that these energy-filled quasars might also contain black holes.


Singers jot down which kinds of songs they can perform in a list known as what?

People who perform for a living often have a ready repertoire with them. This means they have a list of what items they can use for their performances. So if it's a singer or a band, it's the list of songs they know how to perform; they practiced or prepared to play these ones.


Two boxers do which action together?

If you're a fan of boxing, then you've heard of the term "sparring." This refers to boxers who duke it out with each other during training sessions. To spar simply means two fighters lightly boxing with each other.


If someone besmirches your reputation, what did they do?

"To mar" can apply to both living things and nonliving things. For example, a human can mar the reputation of another or can be the recipient of such marring moves. Objects can also be at the receiving end of this action especially when their surface gets scratched or ruined by friction.


Slice or scratch yourself up and you'll end up with this! What's this mark?

Any kind of painful physical encounter can leave the skin traumatized in a minor or major way. When this happens, abrasions can leave scars on the surface. Burns or sores can also leave behind scars when they heal.


Public figures both famous and infamous ones jot down snippets of their lives in which form?

Memoirs fall under the nonfiction category because events written in them are real. Barnes and Noble suggests the following memoirs as essential reading: "A Moveable Feast" by Ernest Hemingway, "Out of Africa" by Isak Dinesen and "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou, to name a few.


Where do you store a large amount of water?

A community usually has its own reservoir in case of water shortage. But the term "reservoir" can also refer to non-water items stored or collected in large amounts. Even small items that hold liquid things use the term "reservoir" like the tube for ink inside a technical pen.


A misbehaving lawyer might receive which penalty?

Bar associations have clear-cut rules and regulations when it comes to misbehaving members. Lawyers found guilty of trespassing these guidelines are subject to disbarment. This means they can't practice their law profession anymore.


This musical instrument is definitely made in India. Know which one?

Unlike a guitar, a sitar is pear-shaped and has more strings. If you're curious as to how it sounds, look up the works of Ravi Shankar; he's the recognized "sitar maestro" who influenced many great musicians worldwide. Some famous groups that used the sitar are The Beatles and The Doors.


You can use this item in Iraq, Jordan or Kuwait. What is it?

Many countries in the Middle Eastern region used the dinar as their currency but their number lessened through time. Today, you can find the dinar used in Tunisia, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya, Serbia and North Macedonia.


Worship places often place these at the center or front of their churches. What is it?

Altars are usually built on an elevated platform inside churches. For Christian or Catholic faiths, the altar's centerpiece is the communion table where the priest stands behind it. But the back area with the crucifix and other religious items is also considered part of the altar.


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