Quiz: Can you guess more than 11 of these professional golfers?
Can you guess more than 11 of these professional golfers?
By: Gene' Hunter
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

Before Tiger Woods became a household name, there was Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus but a real golf fan would know that. This quiz is all about the pro players that achieved fame for their magnificent golf swings. But it's not limited to the US, we've got notable players from Canada and South Africa so make sure your knowledge extends beyond America. 

Golf really began to rise in popularity in the '80s just as people were starting to watch TV broadcasts of the game. Golfers like Arnold Palmer became famous partly because of their booming careers and avid TV watchers who were devoted to tuning into the games. Let's also not forget the rise of female golf players who've proven their skills in a sport dominated by men for many years. Today's pro players like Tiger and Annika Sorenstam continue to keep people's attention on one of the most popular sports of the last century. 

Do you know the famous nicknames of some of the players? Do you know who has won the most championships? Do you know Tiger Woods' birth name?  You'll discover the answers to these questions and after you take this quiz! 

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