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Animals are very important to our world. Not only are they beautiful to look at and make our world more interesting, they also keep the ecosystem running as it should. Each of these animals have a scientific name that is often lesser-known than the common name that we all use for them. One example of this is the horse. While we know exactly what animal that is by the use of that name, if someone said the scientific name, "Equus caballus," we might ask them what animal they're referring to.

Often, the common names of animals share the same sounds and letters. On this quiz, you'll have to try and figure out which animal it is by the leftover letters. The letters "AT" might be left over from the animal name "cat," but they could also be from the animal name "bat." You'll have to use the clues to help you ace this one!

So, were you an expert at identifying animals as a kid, or are you incredible at spelling? Chances are that you're a little bit of both. In that case, you've stumbled on the right quiz. Take it to prove just how well you can identify animals from their leftover letters!

These little guys come in flocks. Which animal has "qua" in the name?

While many other birds are able to make long distance trips while flying, a quail can't. Instead, they fly in short bursts. They also build their nests on the ground instead of a tree, which can give predators more access to the eggs.


Swinging from trees is where you might find this critter. The letters "lmur" are in which name?

Lemur is a blanket term for the overall many species of lemurs. One unique thing about them is that they have fingernails that are just like ours. It is thought that a lemur-like animal is an ancestor to us.


They're pretty slow. Which name are the letters "totie" from?

If you have ever wondered where tortoises are from, there is one general way to tell. The warmer the area, the lighter their shells will be. In fact, tortoises can even feel things through their shells.


Often found in swamps, which animal has the letters "oa" left over in its name?

It might be hard to tell the difference between a toad and a frog, but here's one way to do it. A toad has smaller legs than a frog, but if that doesn't help then you can check its skin. It is typically pretty bumpy compared to that of a frog.


Don't mess with this animal. Can you guess what name the letters "pocup" is part of?

Many people fear porcupines as they have quills that stick out of their backs. It is often believed that they can shoot these quills, when that is in fact untrue. The quills must be touched in order to poke into a person or animal.


Can you tell which animal name "kodo ron" is from?

Komodo dragons are lizards that you can find in Indonesia. They're also very good at many things which include running or swimming. This is important, since their main territory is on the islands of Indonesia.


This larger than life animal is extremely intelligent. Which gentle giant is "elhat"?

Elephants are extremely intelligent animals that can be different types such as African or Asian elephants. One myth is that the elephant is terrified of mice, which is simply untrue.


It's hard to miss this animal because of its large antlers. What mighty animal is it, from the letters "ek"?

Being part of the deer family, male elk are called bulls while females are known as cows. They share these names with moose. However, unlike moose, elk are found in large groups of often hundreds.


You'll know them by their ability to rotate their head, but can you tell which animal name the letters "wl" is from?

If you've ever wondered what a group of owls is called, it's a parliament. This term might have come from the fact that owls are often associated with being wise. They also have incredible senses that help them catch their prey.


Known for their stripes, which animal from the Savannah is "ebr" from?

If you've ever seen "Racing Stripes", then you probably know a thing or two about zebras. Since they're so much like horses and donkeys, they are also known to sleep standing up just like a horse.


This small cat is probably not one that you would like to have in your home. Can you guess the animal with the letters "oclt" in its name?

While ocelots are on the smaller side of the wild cats, it would be hard to mistake them for a regular house cat. Female ocelots have a very small litter which can include up to three babies which are born blind like house cats are.


"The Lion King" might be what you think of when you hear the name of this animal. The letters "hyn" are from which of the following?

Often in the animal kingdom, males in a species are larger the the females. In the case of hyenas, the opposite is true. One other unique thing is that they can have a considerably longer life span when in captivity.


Found in the water, can you tell which animal the letters "almo" are from?

There are many different types of salmon such as Atlantic and pink salmon. When salmon travel back and forth in migration, along the way grizzly bears and many other predators will try to catch them for food.


These large animals have been used by humans since the beginning of time. What large creature are the letters "ose" from?

Horses have not only been incredible companions but also great help to humans over the years. From working to therapy, they have been used for everything under the sun. They're usually quite happy to help!


This beautiful animal usually roams in packs. The letters "wol" are from which animal?

Wolves are pack animals that work together throughout their lives in catching prey and surviving in general. In fact, each pack has its own hierarchy with an alpha male who serves as head of the pack.


Known for living deep into the Canadian wilderness, which solitary animal name are the letters "ooe" from?

The moose is a magnificent animal that is most commonly associated with Canada, but did you know that they are found in many other places around the world? They can also be found further south into America, as well as in the forests of Europe.


You might have one at home with you, but do you know which animal name "og" is from?

A human's best friend, the dog, is the correct answer here. One unique thing that a dog does is that when they sweat, it is done through their feet. You could say that they really do just walk it off!


Flying high above the land, looking for food, which animal includes "vlur" in the name?

These birds are well-known to scavenge for food, and there are many different types of them, as well. For example, a turkey vulture usually circles in the air when looking around for its next meal. Often, they feed on carcasses.


If there's no one around to speak to, this animal will keep you company. Can you guess which it is by the letters "prro"?

You may know them by their colors or maybe by the fact that they are able to talk. At least this is true for some parrots. These intelligent animals can learn and speak up to 1,000 words if they are taught them. They don't necessarily learn the meanings of the words, but it can seem like it!


Beauty is what shines through when you look at this magnificent animal. Can you guess this one from the letters "pecoc"?

Known for their colorful tails, peacocks actually shed these every year. One other little-known fact is that "peacock" is a term used for only the males, while "peafowl" is a collective term for all genders and ages and peahen" is used for the females.


You might think of a weasel when you see this little animal. What animal has "mrtn" in its name?

These cute little animals love to stay up all night long, making them nocturnal. One other really unique thing about them is that depending on where they are in the world, their fur is a different color. You might find a brown marten in one place and a yellow one in another.


A symbol of the nation and majestic animal, which of the following has the letters "eagl" in its name?

The symbol of the United States is the majestic eagle. If you're ever looking for one, it's best to look high into the trees. As with most other birds, eagles are not afraid of heights and can even be found as high up as in the mountains.


Cheese is known to be this animal's favorite treat. The letters "mous" are found in which animal's name?

Mice are known for multiplying quite quickly, but they are also known to have a pretty short life span. It can be as short as 6 months, but some mice can live to be a couple of years old.


This animal has an entire week dedicated to it. The letters "sark" are in which animal name?

While most fish look pretty smooth, a shark is a much different story. Although they, too, appear to have this skin texture, if you walked up and touched one it would be pretty rough on your hands.


Though very solitary, these animals can be incredibly dangerous. Which predator has the letters "wlveri" in its name?

Wolverines may look cute, but they are not an animal that you want to get close to. They are known for being quite dangerous, but they also like to stay in solitude when they're not hunting. You're lucky if you've ever had a glimpse of one!


This pup is found in Australia. Can you name the creature of the outback that the letters "dino" are from?

Found in Australia, the dingo is part of the dog family. If you've ever heard of the dog breed the Basenji, then you may know that it doesn't bark. That is one thing that the dingo has in common with it, as you'll only ever hear them howl.


They say they're quick, but which animal are the letters "re ox" from?

These adorable animals are very talented hunters. Unlike most other animals, they conduct their hunts using a different sense than most. They're able to see a magnetic field that allows them to catch their prey more easily.


Another type of canine, which of the following uses the letters "ckal" in its name?

A small member of the canine family, these animals are predators who prowl around at night. There are also a few different types of the jackal, including the silver-back and side-striped.


You have probably seen these little animals become pretty nosy. Which animal has the letters "accon" in its name?

While you might have thought that raccoons were herbivores, they are in fact omnivores. Most often, they resort to eating bird eggs when they are hungry. Just like many other species, raccoons spend a large chunk of their lives looking for food.


The Outback is home to this cute animal. The letters "ngaro" are part of what name?

It is a sight to see kangaroos hopping away quickly. Though they look harmless, their legs can pack quite a punch. They need lots of leg strength to outrun all the predators in the Australian outback!


Often up in trees, which animal name are the letters "quire" in?

These backyard critters can be very entertaining to watch in action. However, they can also be a little pesky when they try to get into your bird feeder. They're also very smart when it comes to hiding their food and will often fake it.


They can be brown, white or black and can always find their way to a campsite. Which of the following are the letters "bea" from?

There are many different types of bears found around the world. You probably know of the grizzly, polar, black and brown bears, but do you know that there is also a sloth bear? They can be found in India.


The cold can be harsh on animals, but these critters thrive in it. The letters "penun" are from which name?

It's hard to get a glimpse of these animals, as you would have to brave the cold. That is unless you're looking for the Galapagos penguin. This penguin looks quite similar but lives in a bit of a warmer climate.


Tiny but cute, this animal is a common pet. What name is "lzard" from?

When you think of lizards, you probably think of the tiny little reptiles. The Komodo dragon, however, is also considered to be a lizard. In fact it's the largest of the species.


You may think of something pink when you think of this animal. Which animal name are the letters "pnhe" part of?

While the Pink Panther never really existed, the animal that he was based on is very real. These majestic creatures are beautiful to look at, but they can be quite dangerous as well.


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