Quiz: Can You Guess the Baseball Player From the Actor Who Played Him?
Can You Guess the Baseball Player From the Actor Who Played Him?
By: Robin Tyler
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About This Quiz

Baseball movies are a lot of fun, aren't they?

And Hollywood doesn't steer clear of a good baseball movie, especially in the 1980's and '90s, when it seemed that every second movie was about America's favorite pastime.

Movies like "Bull Durham," "A League of Their Own," "Field of Dreams," "Major League" (I and II), "Out Men Out" and "The Rookie" were all about baseball, yet they were very different. 

While some movies, especially fictional ones, focus on baseball itself, some films have focused on historical baseball stories. Either the life of a famous baseballer (like the "Pride of the Yankees" or "I See the Crowd Roar") or a scandal about the 1919 World series fixing, like in the case of "Eight Men Out." 

But to tell these stories, we need the actors to immerse themselves in roles. And some actors have appeared in more than one baseball movie - we're looking at you, Charlie Sheen and Kevin Costner.

Now the question is, could you tell a baseballer player character from the actor who played them? This is a tough one and remember, they can be real or fictional!

Let's see how you perform, ok?

Batter up!

Aim for the bleachers!


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This baseball character appeared in the 1989 movie "Major League" and was played by Charlie Sheen. Can you name him?
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Can you identify the fictional baseball player played by Robert Redford in 1984's "The Natural?"
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Tom Sizemore plays a legendary baseball player in 2004's "Hustle." Hazard a guess as to who he might be, please.
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In "The Babe," released in 1992, John Goodman portrays one of the greatest hitters of a baseball ever. Name him, please.
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2002 saw the release of "The Rookie," with Dennis Quade playing the role of an MLB baseballer who never gave up on his dream. Who was he?
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"For Love of the Game," a 1999 sports drama has Kevin Costner in the lead role as an aging pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. Name him, please.
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Tommy Lee Jones stars in a 1994 movie about another early American baseball legend. Who is he?
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"Eight Men Out," a baseball movie from 1988 starred John Cusack appearing as which of these real-life baseballers, a World Series champion in 1917?
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Barry Pepper plays which famous baseballer in "61*?"
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Name the fictional pitcher played by Brendan Fraser that appears in the 2001 movie "The Scout."
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Which fictional ballplayer did Jeff Corbett play in "Talent for the Game," released in 1991?
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A base stealer extraordinaire, which character did Wesley Snipes play in Major League?
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Hollywood legend, Gary Cooper played this baseballer in the movie "The Pride of the Yankees."
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Ray Liotta stars opposite Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams." Any ideas as to which baseball player he portrays?
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In "Bull Durham," released in 1988, Tim Robbins plays a rookie pitcher preparing for life in the major leagues. What was his character's name?
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"Eight Men Out" is a movie about the infamous betting scandal at the 1919 World Series. Charlie Sheen, no stranger to baseball movies, plays a White Sox player implicated in the fiasco. Which part does he take?
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In "The Rookie," Jay Hernandez plays a fictional character. Pick the right one from the list below.
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In the 2005 documentary "Mantle," a famous baseballer's life is studied in great detail. Who is he?
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"The Pride of St Louis" sees Dan Daily playing which pitcher from the 1930's and '40s?
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"Moneyball," starring Brad Pitt, also features Casey Bond, playing an MLB pitcher. Name him, please.
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In a movie about the true story of the first deaf player in the MLB, Ryan Lane plays which of these baseballers below?
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David Strathairn plays which player implicated in the 1919 World Series betting scandal in "Eight Men Out?"
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Who does Isaiah Washington play in the movie "Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way?"
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Name the White Sox player that John Mahoney plays in "Eight Men Out."
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Actor Thomas Jane plays which legendary baseballer in the movie "61*?"
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Any ideas as to which baseballer below John C Reilly plays in "For the Love of the Game?"
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Which disgraced baseballer does D.B. Sweeney play in "Eight Men Out?"
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1942's "Pride of the Yankees" was unique in the fact that some baseball players played themselves. Name one from the list below.
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Kevin Costner loves a baseball movie, doesn't he? Who does he appear as in 1989's "Field of Dreams?"
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In the 2005 documentary "Mantle," a famous baseballer's life is studied in great detail. Other baseballers also feature giving their views on the great. Name one of them, please.
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Any idea which of these baseballers Michael Rooker plays in "Eight Man Out?"
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"Major League" was a major success that led to a sequel. Most people remember Charlie Sheen's character, but do you remember who Corbin Bernsen played?
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"Moneyball," starring Brad Pitt also features Chris Pratte, playing an MLB catcher. Name him, please.
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Identify the fictional character played by Rick Gonzalez in "The Rookie" from 2002.
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James Read plays which baseballer that falls from grace due to the 1919 World Series betting scandal in "Eight Men Out?"
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Kevin Costner, again! Who does he appear as in 1988's "Bull Durham?"
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Name the baseballer Andrew Jackson plays in "Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way?"
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"Rookie of the Year" includes actor Thomas Ian Nicholas as?
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1992's "The Rookie" sees Chad Lindberg as _______
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"Eight Men Out" tells the story of the baseball team dubbed the Black Sox after took money to play poorly in the 1919 World Series. Which player does Don Harvey portray?
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