Can You Guess the Baseball Player From the Actor Who Played Him?

By: Robin Tyler
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Baseball movies are a lot of fun, aren't they?

And Hollywood doesn't steer clear of a good baseball movie, especially in the 1980's and '90s, when it seemed that every second movie was about America's favorite pastime.

Movies like "Bull Durham," "A League of Their Own," "Field of Dreams," "Major League" (I and II), "Out Men Out" and "The Rookie" were all about baseball, yet they were very different. 

While some movies, especially fictional ones, focus on baseball itself, some films have focused on historical baseball stories. Either the life of a famous baseballer (like the "Pride of the Yankees" or "I See the Crowd Roar") or a scandal about the 1919 World series fixing, like in the case of "Eight Men Out." 

But to tell these stories, we need the actors to immerse themselves in roles. And some actors have appeared in more than one baseball movie - we're looking at you, Charlie Sheen and Kevin Costner.

Now the question is, could you tell a baseballer player character from the actor who played them? This is a tough one and remember, they can be real or fictional!

Let's see how you perform, ok?

Batter up!

Aim for the bleachers!


He sure had a fastball but was a little too erratic. Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn, played by Charlie Sheen is one of the lead characters in 1989's "Major League," a feel-good baseball movie about a bunch of misfits and has-beens who surprise everyone.

The fictional character of Roy Hobbs, played by Robert Redford, comes from a novel by Bernard Malamud, written in 1952 and turned into a Hollywood movie. It is based very loosely upon Philadelphia Phillies player Eddie Waitkus.

An ESPN film production, "Hustle" tells the story of Pete Rose, one of America's greatest baseball players. Set in Rose's later life when he managed the Cincinnati Reds, it shows his gambling addiction that eventually saw him banned from baseball for good.

Tremendous casting sees John Goodman portray Babe Ruth in 1992's "The Babe." This movie follows the life of the legendary Babe Ruth, all the ups and downs and homers in-between.

The story of Jimmy Morris is simply incredible. After giving up on his baseball dream, Morris eventually made his MLB debut at the age of 35 thanks to his incredible fastball, something he never lost. Morris is played by Dennis Quade in the movie "The Rookie."

An aging pitcher, everything falling down around him, unsure of his future and injured. That's Billy Chapel in "For the Love of the Game." Portrayed by Kevin Costner, Chapel has one last chance to show what he is capable of.

The first player in the baseball hall of fame, Ty Cobb played 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers. In 1994, Tommy Lee Jones portrayed him in "Cobb," a biographical film that lays Cobb's bitter and difficult character bare.

George 'Buck' Weaver played for the Chicago White Sox from 1912 to 1920. Weaver was one of the players implicated in the famous White Sox scandal after the 1919 World Series but always maintained his innocence. His performance during the series would back that up.

Many thought it would never be broken, but in 1961, Roger Maris smashed 61 home runs, beaten the season record set by Babe Ruth many years earlier. "61*" tells that story with Barry Pepper playing Maris.

A fictional character, Steve Nebraska (Brendan Fraser) not only has a dangerous fastball and can hit a homer or two, but he is also undiscovered. When baseball scout Al Percolo (Albert Brookes) comes across him, he knows he is onto a winner. But Steve has mental issues to iron out first.

Another 'scout finds unbelievable player' movie, "Talent for the Game" sees Jeff Corbett playing Sammy Bodeen, a raw pitcher who is hyped up by his new team even before he has made a pitch. Released in 2001, this movie also stars Edward James Olmos.

"Major League," released in 1989, had some brilliant characters. One of these was Willie Mayes Hayes, a teammate of Ricky Vaughn at the Cleveland Indians. Hayes was played by Wesley Snipes.

1942's "The Pride of the Yankees" told the story of Lou Gehrig, one of the finest baseballers ever who is struck down by a rare, incurable disease. Gary Cooper plays the lead role while real-life baseballers such as Babe Ruth play themselves.

Ray Liotta plays the part of American baseballer, 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson in "Field of Dreams." Jackson was embroiled in the Black Sox scandal of 1919 although he maintained his innocence throughout.

Ebby Calvin 'Nuke' LaLoosh is placed under the wing of veteran catcher, 'Crash' Davis who is tasked with getting him up to speed and ready for major league baseball. All-in-all, it is a great baseball movie.

"Eight Men Out" is a movie about the match-fixing and betting scandal, known as the Black Sox scandal, which enveloped some White Sox players at the 1919 World Series. One of those involved in the scandal, Oscar 'Hap' Felsch, is played by Charlie Sheen

Joaquin 'Wack' Campos is a fictional character from the movie "The Rookie."

The 2005 baseball documentary, "Mantle," looks at the life of one of the greatest players to ever step onto the diamond. It includes not only interviews with Mickey Mantle himself but with other players, friends and family.

Jerome Hanna 'Dizzy' Dean played for the St Louis Cardinals, St Louis Browns, and the Chicago Cubs during his career. He went on to become a successful commentator after he retired.

Chad Bradford was a relief pitcher for a number of franchises including Oakland Athletic, the team "Moneyball" is about.

William Hoy was a deaf baseballer that played for eight franchises during his 14-year career. He is credited with pioneering many of the signs used in baseball today and stole over 600 bases during his career.

The premier pitcher at the time, 'Knuckles' Cicotte never played baseball again after his implication in the 1919 World Series betting debacle, the Black Sox scandal.

During his career, Dwight Gooden threw over 2,200 strikes. He was part of MLB for 16 seasons from 1984 playing for a host of teams including the New York Mets who he represented for ten years.

William 'Kid' Gleason was banned from baseball forever for his part in the 1919 World Series betting scandal.

"61*" tells that story of Roger Maris beating the all time home runs in a season record of Babe Ruth. It also features Thomas Jane as Mickey Mantle.

A fictional character, Gus Sinski appears in the movie "For the Love of the Game."

Joseph Jackson was another player implicated in the 1919 World Series betting scandal, although he always maintained his innocence.

Gary Cooper was the star of the movie, playing Lou Gehrig, but many baseball players, including Babe Ruth, appeared as themselves.

Based on the novel "Shoeless Joe," "Field of Dreams" tells the story of Ray Kinsella, a farmer who builds a baseball field on his farm that helps ease many people's pain.

Yogi Berra also appears in the documentary "Mantle," about the life of Mickey Mantle. The two were teammates.

Arnold 'Chick' Gandil was part of the White Sox team caught betting on the 1919 World Series, in which they lost despite the fact they were overwhelming favorites.

Roger Dorn, played by Corbin Bernsen, certainly believed that he was the most important member of the Cleveland Indians in Major League. He later becomes the team owner.

Scott Hatteberg played MLB from 1995 to 2008. His career at the Oakland Athletics from 2002 to 2005 forms part of the movie "Moneyball."

Rudy Bonilla is a character from the movie "The Rookie," staring Dennis Quaid. He is played by Rick Gonzalez.

Claude 'Lefty' Williams was one of the White Sox players implicated in the 1919 World Series baseball scandal.

A veteran catcher, Crash Davis must not only help a new hotshot pitcher but needs to sort out his love life as well. "Bull Durham" is recognized as one of the greatest sports movies ever.

Paul O'Neill played 16 seasons in the MLB for the Reds and the Yankees. He is played by Andrew Jackson in "Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way."

A fictional character, Henry Rowengartner, played by Thomas Ian Nicholas appears in "Rookie of the Year."

Joe David West is a fictional character appearing in the movie "The Rookie." It also stars Dennis Quaid.

Charles 'Swede' Risberg was banned from baseball for his part in rigging the 1919 World Series. He was one of the main ringleaders.

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