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Classic cars, modern cars, supercars, hypercars ... We cover all categories on this auto quiz. Zoom through the fascinating car images that we provide so you can make your best guesses of which countries created these automotive marvels!

The auto industry continues to churn out breathtaking technologies every market year. Every auto show seems to outdo the most recent exhibitions. All over the globe, nations are churning out design and technology concepts seemingly faster than they can make them. Such is the case for the newly dubbed "supercars." Auto startups, especially, create technologies on the fly and end up tweaking models that don't get produced until several years later! 

That's how fast the technology changes these days. And speaking of fast, the not-so-ancient fear that hybrid cars would be too slow on the road is laughable now. There are electric-only cars that would put some of the speediest gas-guzzlers to shame. Magnet technology, torque technology and enhanced engines are just a few things that make this new breed of cars go vroom so much faster than the first editions of the high-tech hopefuls. 

Take a look at the variety of cars we've gathered for you. If the eye candy doesn't pique your auto interest, then the amazing facts will. Buckle up and enjoy!

The maker of this car first launched as a bike company. Where did the business take root?

Over 100 years ago, Johann Puch first opened a bicycle manufacturing company in Graz, the second-largest city in Austria. The Puch 500 is the final model of his Puch car company. Production for the car ceased in 1974.


Can you identify the country that produced a car that set a world record?

Race-car driver Tony Gillet built the Gillet Vertigo sports car, which is powered by Ford. The Gillet Vertigo achieved a world record for accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 3.144 seconds.


There's an eco-friendly version of this car. In which place did it begin as a gas-guzzling contraption?

TAC Motor's partnered with MotoCzysz, an EV manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon, to construct an eco-friendly version of the TAC Stark off-road vehicle. MotoCzysz is well known for having built the E1pc electric motorcycle.


Where was this vehicle launched?

The Voleex C10 is a Chinese car that Lite Motors in Sofia, Bulgaria manufactured. Great Wall, China's biggest privately owned car manufacturer, teamed up with Litex Commerce to form Lite Motors.


What country produced the T-REX?

Founded in 1988, Campagna Motors was headquartered on Montreal's South Shore. The Canadian company built handmade, innovative three-wheeled vehicle designs. Campagna V13R is another popular trike vehicle.


"Benni" is a name that's synonymous with which car country?

Launched in 1862, Changan Automobile began producing cars in 1984. The Shanghai company owns 32 manufacturing plants and employs over 90,000 employees internationally. In 2015, Changan was the first Chinese company to sell one million autos in a span of one year.


In what place is magnet power a cinch?

Croatian automaker Rimac Automobili debuted its Concept One electric "supercar" design at the Geneva Motor Show. Four permanent magnet-electric motors power the vehicle. One magnet per wheel is positioned in the center of both wheel axles.


"Excellent" is another way to describe this auto model, made in ________?

Released in 2019, the Skoda Superb is a plug-in hybrid, one of five pure EV models planned for release from the Czech automaker between now and 2025. The Skoda Vision E debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show in China, which is an important market for the company.


Do you notice the cradle for this technological supercar?

The 1,177-horsepower Zenvo TSR-S is a road-standard supercar with a functional "Centripetal Wing" that's active in two planes for more precise cornering grip. While taking corners, one part of the car's wing lifts to generate what Zenvo calls "centripetal force."


It may be 100% "hype," but this car design is no joke. Where was it crafted?

Finnish automaker Toroidion's 1MW concept car is marketed as a 100 percent electric "hypercar." The retro-design model decked with butterfly doors generates 1,341 horsepower and was debuted at Top Marques, a car show in Monaco, in 2015.


"Aixam City S" are three names that describe one four-wheeled wonder. Do you know where this creation began?

All enclosed vehicles manufactured by France's Aixam-Mega are actually four-wheeled quadricycles that can be operated in Europe without a formal driver's license. Aixam-Mega was established in 1983 and has two facilities in Chanas and Aix-les-Bains.


Can you guess the right origin answer for this BMW auto upgrade?

Germany-based Alpina crafts high-performance BMW vehicles like the Alpina B7. The car can accelerate from zero to 60 in a mere 4.3 seconds and comes equipped with a 4.4 liter TwinPower V8 engine.


Stay tuned for electric versions of this convenient design. Name the place that produced it?

The Bajaj Qute, an enclosed quadricycle, is branded as a safer alternative to auto-rickshaws. India's Bajaj Auto is set to release electric versions of the Qute and a string of three-wheeled models by 2020.


When it was first produced, which government desired that each one of its citizens own a car model?

Iranian officials intended for every one of the country's citizens to own a Paykan, which was manufactured on the British Hillman Hunter assembly line. The state-owned Khodro car company purchased the British facility in 1966 and has sold millions of Paykan autos ever since.


The Sussita is one of several machines that hailed from this country. Can you choose the correct location?

Autocars, Israel's first carmaker, was based in Haifa. In the 1960s and 1970s, the company manufactured passenger cars with fiberglass frames, such as the Sussita, Gilboa and Carmel models.


Makers of this vehicle had very specific marketing plans for this machine. Do you know the creation location?

Toyota affiliate Daihatsu Motor Co. spun the Naked model as a "kei" (or "light") concept car aimed at young outdoorsy types seeking a bargain. The "urban assault vehicle" features a fold-out picnic table.


How quickly can you choose the home of this design?

Mobius Motors, based in Kenya, manufactures durable and affordable vehicles for the African market. When it was released, the Mobius II SUV, designed specifically for off-road capability, was priced roughly at $10,000.


According to the car maker, this auto was made with the ladies in mind. Where was this model born?

Latvia's Dartz car company has manufactured its vehicles at a former Russo-Balt factory, where the world's first armored car was made in 1908 for Tsar Nikolai II. On the company's website, Dartz markets the Prombron' Iron Diamond for ladies as a kidnap-proof vehicle.


Power and speed are this sportscar's prime assets. Do you see the exact country?

W Motors, based in Dubai, crafted the Fenyr SuperSport, which boasts 900 horsepower and can accelerate to 62 mph in less than 2.7 seconds. W Motors debuted the high-powered vehicle at the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show.


"Kancil" was first a car name in which of these countries?

Headquartered in Malaysia, Perodua Cars handles mostly foreign-based automotive business. In 1995, the company produced an automatic version of its Kancil EX and GX models, the Kancil EZ.


GTO-RS is design nickname. What location launched it?

Donkervoort, launched in 1978, has remade versions of the Lotus Seven, swamping Ford technology for Audi in 1996. The company has re-introduced versions of the D8 roadster since 2003.


This machine was the first for its company, which is based in ________?

SsangYong Motor in South Korea launched its storage-ready Tivoli SUV design at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in 2015. The company spent four years designing the Tivoli, which is the company's first compact SUV.


Is it easy for you to pick the right origin of this design?

The first test models of the Hussarya 33 super vehicle demonstrated 650 horsepower and a top speed of 211 miles per hour. It took Polish company Arrinera four years to develop the car, which is equipped with a V8 engine.


This vehicle was a best-seller. Which country produced it?

Romania-based Automobile Dacia car company debuted its Logan MCV Stepway at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017. The Logan model had long been the automaker's best-seller until the hugely popular Sandero model was introduced in 2012.


How well do you know the place that crafted the auto?

The C-Segment SEAT Leon was one of the first hatchback's to feature LED full front and tail lights. The SEAT IBE is an electric car that can also sustain the company's signature LED-technology design.


Can you guess where this "MX7" was produced?

Micro Car, based at the Polgahawela Industrial Zone in Sri Lanka, is the country's largest car manufacturer. Yearly, the company produces close to 14,600 vehicles, including buses and passenger vehicles.


This modern car delivers power well. Which country can hybrid lovers thank?

The Regera can achieve a speed of 248 mph from zero in a mere 20 seconds. The Sweden-based carmaker Koenigsegg debuted the powerful 3,505-pound hybrid car at the Geneva Auto Show in 2015.


It runs on software. Who launched it for the world?

At the 2019 CES technology convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, Swiss car-engineering firm Rinspeed debuted an autonomous vehicle the company calls "microSNAP." The technology is powered by software developed by Bamboo Apps.


Where did the "Neora EV" get its start?

Yulon Motor Company is Taiwan's foremost automobile maker. The company's Luxgen electric car series has helped to propel Taiwan as one of the world's leading manufacturers of electric EV models.


"Transformer 2" is a suitable name for a serious car made in ________?

Thai businessman Vichien Phaoenchoke established Thai Rung Union Car Plc, based in Thailand, in 1967, under the name Thai Engineering. In addition to the Transformer series, the company produces military reconnaissance vehicles and limousines.


Which country made this model affordable?

Tunisia-based Wallycar manufactures its IRIS jeep models in kit form and in small quantities. The affordable IRIS model is made with a 100% fiberglass frame and has a PSA Powertrain EB2 engine.


The Caterham 7's origin tale includes a car legend. Where did the iconic car design get launched?

Caterham Cars Ltd. founder Colin Chapman first released designs of the Lotus 7 car in 1957. He sold the rights to develop the car to the company in 1974. The first edition of the Lotus 7 sped from 0 to 60 mph in just over 16 seconds.


The Esperante has humble beginnings in what country?

Owner and founder Danny Panoz of Panoz Auto Development started his company in 1988 in a road-salt warehouse that belonged to the Georgia Department of Transportation. Today, Panoz produces two-seat sports vehicles that are priced at around $100,000.


This "2310" is a sleek truck design made in ________?

Assembler of the Chinese JAC passenger vehicle, Ukraine-based Bogdan Corporation is the country's leading automaker. The company produces the Bogdan 2110, 2111 and 2310 trucks at its plant in Cherkasy.


Do you know the country that enhanced BMW parts?

VinFast showcased the LUX V8 model, which is based on the BMW X5, at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The crossover offers 455 horsepower from an N20 turbo engine. The Vietnam car company obtained the rights to utilize and upgrade BMW parts and technologies in January 2018.


This vehicle's name is initialed for good reason. Name the country of origin?

The "BC" initials stand for Benny Caiola, who inspired Horacio Pagani over the years. Caiola was the first person to purchase a Pagani vehicle. The technological 2,685-pound Huayra BC delivers more than 750 horsepower.


This car is named for a famous track. Do you know where the auto began?

The Vencer Sarthe was first introduced in 2012 and finally went into production in 2015 after many adjustments. Dutch manufacturers named the carbon-fiber-framed supercar after the Circuit de la Sarthe Le Mans racecourse.


Who produced this motor-industry favorite?

The somewhat obscure Ronart Lightning GT was introduced at the British International Motor Show in 2008. The model was engineered based on the 1999 Ronart Lightning, of which only six vehicles were made.


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