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The rapid pace of technology has made the world seem smaller today than at any point in human history. Yet while you can communicate via video chat or send a package 'round the world with guaranteed next day delivery, the time required to actually travel from one place to another hasn't changed much over the past half century or so. After all, that fancy tech that makes you feel like you're in the same room as far-off family members can't change the realities of geography—and a spot sitting six inches from your current location n a map might require multiple days of travel to actually reach. 

One of the best ways to really grasp how far apart some cities are—and how the concept of "far" is totally relative—is to overlay a map of Europe with one of the U.S. You might be surprised to see that the distance between London and Moscow, the entire width of Europe, is less than the distance from San Francisco to New York. 

Wondering whether you can drive across San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge in the morning, and swim on San Diego's beautiful beaches that same afternoon? Curious if you can bet on black in Vegas before lunch, and make it to Reno to bet on red by dinner time? Take our quiz to see if you can guess the distance between these major global cities!

Let's say you wanted to see the sunrise over Big Ben in London, then watch the sunset over the Eiffel Tower in Paris -- do you know how many miles you'd have to travel to make that happen?

Since London is on an island separate from mainland Europe, the drive between these two cities was once impossible. Since the Channel Tunnel opened in 1994, however, folks traveling from London to Paris can make the 300-mile drive in around 6 hours. You could also take a train, which takes around 2.5 hours, or fly, which results in a 214-mile trip.


How many miles would music fans have to cover to travel between the country scene in Nashville and the smooth jazz in New Orleans' French Quarter?

Country legends in the making strum guitars in the bars around 2nd Ave and Broadway in downtown Nashville. Roughly 530 miles south, jazz musicians play soulful saxophone solos in the clubs of the French Quarter in New Orleans. It takes just over 8 hours to drive between these two musical cities -- or you could make the trip by plane in less than 2 hours.


El Paso sits on the U.S./Mexico border at the far western edge of the state of Texas. How many miles is this city located from Houston, which sits near the state's eastern border?

If you live in a place like New England or Europe, it can be hard to grasp just how large some U.S. states can be. Take Texas, for instance, where you can travel 744 miles west to east from El Paso to Houston without ever crossing state lines. With light traffic, it's about an 11-hour drive between the two cities.


Can you guess how many miles separate China's capital city of Beijing and its largest city, Shanghai?

Located on the East China Sea, Shanghai is China's largest city. It's located 754 miles away from the country's capital city of Beijing, which sits in China's northeast corner. While you can drive between the two in around 11 hours, it's much easier to fly, which takes around 3 hours and cuts the distance to 664 miles.


Did you know Las Vegas has a hotel inspired by the city of Paris and its glorious Eiffel Tower? How many miles is it from the glitzy Vegas version to the real thing?

It's about a 14-hour flight to cover the 5,400 miles between Paris, France and the replica of the Eiffel Tower on the Vegas Strip. And by the way -- if the replica of the Statue of Liberty in Vegas inspires you in between all that gambling, you're about 2,500 miles away from the real thing in NYC.


Want to see lots of old buildings in Rome, then go see even older buildings in Athens? Guess how many miles separate these two historical cities.

Located on the west coast of Italy, Rome is situated 800 miles from Athens on the southeast coast of Greece. If you take a ferry across the Adriatic Sea, plan on a 19 hour drive between your views of Rome's Colosseum and Athens' Acropolis.


Want to drive the entire length of the U.S. East Coast? Make sure your car is ready to cover the drive -- which lasts this many miles.

The 1,750-mile stretch from Key West, Florida to Portland, Maine will take you around 27 hours cruising along interstate 95. The first 128 miles are known as the Overseas Highway, and involve dozens of bridges connecting the Keys to the Florida mainland.


Do you know how many miles separate Sydney and Melbourne, the two largest cities in Australia?

Located on the southeast coast of the continent and famous for its Opera House and iconic Harbour Bridge, Sydney sits 545 miles from Australia's second most populous city of Melbourne. It takes around 9 hours to drive between the two, or you could get there by air in around 2 hours.


Seattle is located about as far northwest as you can go and still be in the continental U.S. Do you know how far it's located from Anchorage -- the largest city in Alaska?

Despite its location in southeast Alaska, Anchorage is still located a whopping 2,264 miles away from Seattle -- the closest major city in the lower 48. To travel between the two would take you around 43 hours, and you'd have to travel the entire length of British Columbia.


Are you a die-hard racing fan? Can you estimate the distance between the legendary race settings in Indianapolis, Indiana and Le Mans, France?

Every Memorial Day Weekend, the Indy Motor Speedway in Indiana hosts one of the most iconic auto races on the planet -- the Indianapolis 500. The next month, the city of Le Mans, France hosts one of the most famous endurance races on the planet in the form of 24 Hours of Le Mans. If you want to travel between these cities, plan to cover 4,100 miles.


What is the distance between the city of Berlin in northeast Germany near the border with Poland and Munich, which is located near Austria in the southeast region of the country?

Munich is famous for its boisterous Oktoberfest and a 16th century Town Hall with a well-preserved glockenspiel. It's located 363 miles -- a 6-hour drive or 1-hour flight -- from German's capital city of Berlin.


The Appalachian Trail along the eastern U.S. is one of the world's longest and most famous hiking trails, running from just near Atlanta, Georgia to roughly the city of Bangor, Maine. Can you guess its length?

The Appalachian Trail stretches 2,200 miles from Springer Mountain just north of Atlanta, GA to Mount Katahdin near Bangor, Maine. The fastest anyone has ever hiked the trail is around 45 days. You could fly from one of these cities to the other in around 5 hours -- but that would be kind of missing the point.


Talk about tension with the neighbors ... How far apart is the North Korean capital of Pyongyang from South Korea's capital city Seoul?

The capital cities of these two nations lie just 121 miles apart. Pyongyang is North Korea's largest city, and can be found on the banks of the Taedong RIver. Seoul, which is home to nearly 10 million people, blends old and new with mammoth skyscrapers built alongside Buddhist temples.


If you got "On the Floor" with Jennifer Lopez in her 2011 hit song, you might remember Pitbull's mention of famous locales -- including London to Ibiza. How many miles separate these cities?

If you want to party with Pitbull, you'd better be prepared to make the 3-hour flight between London and Ibiza -- a beach town on the Balearic Islands along the eastern coast of Spain. Of course, you can also make the 1,260-mile trip by car, but be prepared to take a pair of ferries, and allow around 22 hours for the journey.


Want to cap off a Walt Disney World vacay with a trip to South Beach in Miami? This is how many miles you'll have to cover.

Miami sits 236 miles southeast of Orlando on Florida's southeast coast. It's about a four-hour drive from the land of Mickey Mouse and Space Mountain to the restaurants and dance clubs on South Beach, but the two cities are a world apart in terms of the type of travel experience offered.


Do you know how many miles separate Vancouver on Canada's west coast from Quebec City on the east side of the country?

It's a long, long journey traversing Canada from Vancouver, British Columbia to Quebec City Quebec -- 3,000 miles to be precise! You can drive this distance and take in the sights over the 45-hour drive, or see it from the air on a 5-hour flight.


Tired of exploring the Walk of Fame and other big L.A. sites? Take a day trip to Las Vegas -- it's only this many miles away.

The route from Los Angeles to gambling mecca Las Vegas stretches 270 miles across the desert. The trip takes about 4 hours by car -- as long as you can resist stopping at Calico Ghost Town, Mojave Natural Preserve and other great sites along the way.


Most Disney fanatics count international parks like Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea among their lists of must-sees, but can you guess the distance between these two Asian cities?

If you want to squeeze in a few of Disney's offerings in Asia, you'd better be prepared to do some traveling. Hong Kong Disneyland lies 1,800 miles from Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea in Japan. It's about a 5-hour flight between the two cities, and you can't do it by land because it involves crossing the East China Sea.


Think you can take a guess at the number of miles between San Francisco in northern California and San Diego in the southern part of the state?

Around 500 miles separates these two California cities. That means it'll take you around 9 hours to fly between San Diego's Mission Beach and the rolling hills of the City by the Bay and its famous bridge.


New York City and Los Angeles are two of the most populous and vibrant cities in the United States, but do you know how far apart they are?

There are 2,800 miles of cities, towns and farmland between NYC on the east coast and Los Angeles in southern California. You can traverse this route in around 41 hours by car, or see the U.S. by air on a 6-hour cross-country flight.


Interested in seeing the most beautiful sites Italy has to offer? This is how many miles separate the Roman Colosseum from the canals of Venice.

It takes about 5 hours to make the drive between Rome and Venice, Italy, but you might want to stick with driving instead of flying the 327 miles between these cities. In the car, you can stop at Bologna and Florence and take in the sights in these historic cities along your route.


Do you know how many miles separate financial and entertainment mecca New York City from Washington, D.C., the political hub of the U.S.?

Washington, D.C. sits 227 miles south of New York City. That means you could theoretically tour the White House in the morning, then make the 5 hour drive to NYC and take in a Broadway show that same night.


How far apart are the Japanese cities of Tokyo -- famous for its skyscrapers and cosmopolitan lifestyle -- and Sapporo -- famous for beer and skiing?

The Japanese capital city of Tokyo is 717 miles away from Sapporo. In Tokyo, you can enjoy big city life and tour Shinto shrines and the Imperial Palace. Once you make the 15-hour drive to Sapporo, plan on a trip to the local Beer Museum and the city's famous snow festival.


The iconic 1942 film "Casablanca" showed life in the Moroccan city under French rule. Think you know how far Casablanca sits from the French capital of Paris?

Casablanca is located along the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco on Africa's northeast coast. Around 1,450 miles north of this African city, you can visit Paris. The trip takes 23 hours by car, and involves a ferry voyage across the Strait of Gibraltar, or you can fly the 1,450 miles in around 3 hours.


Both Petra, Jordan and Cairo, Egypt are known for impressive ancient ruins. Do you know how many miles separate these ancient cities?

Roughly 400 miles separate the pyramids of Egypt in Cairo and the rock-carved mausoleum in Petra, Jordan. The trip across the Sinai Peninsula takes 10 hours by car, and requires a ferry across the Suez Canal. You could also fly from Cairo to Amman, Jordan, then take a bus or taxi the rest of the way to view the ruins.


East meets west in Istanbul, Turkey. Think you can guess how many miles separate this city from London in western Europe?

Istanbul has long been seen as the gateway between Europe and Asia. Around 1,900 miles separate this Turkish city from the British capital of London. You can cover this distance via a 30-hour drive or a four-hour flight.


How far would you have to travel to see the White Sox play at home in Chicago, then see the Red Sox play at home in Boston?

The White Sox play in Chicago, which sits along the shore of Lake Michigan. This legendary MLB team makes its home 982 miles away from Fenway Park in Boston, which is home to the Red Sox. The trip between these two cities will take you about 15 hours by car, and take you through the states of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.


Caracas in the capital of Venezuela, which is located in the northern portion of South America. How many miles separate this city from Buenos Aires, Argentina in the southern part of the continent?

Around 4,500 miles separate the cities of Caracas, Venezuala and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Traveling between Caracas and its 17th century Romanesque cathedral, and Buenos Aires' iconic Teatro Colon would take around 94 hours by car -- and require forging ahead through the Amazon rain forest. Flying between the two cities takes only around 7 hours, thankfully.


Can you guess the distance between Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine?

The twin-named cities are separated by 3,200 miles, with Portland, Oregon located near Mt. Hood and Portland, Maine situated along the North Atlantic Ocean. It's about an 8-hour flight or a 47-hour drive between the two.


In the mood for a luau or lei? Take a guess at how many miles separate Honolulu from the mainland city of San Diego?

It can be hard to comprehend just how far away Hawaii is from the continental U.S. Honolulu lies on the big island of Hawaii, roughly 2,600 miles west of San Diego. If you travel west from Honolulu instead, you'd reach Tokyo after just 3,800 miles.


Think you can guess how many miles separate Mumbai and New Delhi, India's two largest cities?

More than 20 million people call India's capital city of New Delhi home. Roughly 877 miles to the west near the Arabian Sea, the city of Mumbai is home to another 18 million. These two major cities are separated by a 2-hour flight -- or a 24-hour drive.


Want to see Russia's two largest cities? Guess the distance between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It takes around 9 hours to drive the 445 miles between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The first is Russia's political center, and home to the Kremlin and Red Square; the latter represents the cultural hub of the country, and is located near the Gulf of Finland.


Just like Washington, D.C. serves as the U.S. capital, Ottawa, Ontario is the capital of our northern neighbor Canada. Think you know the distance between these two cities?

A mere 568 miles separates the capital of the U.S. from the capital of Canada. That means you can drive from Ottawa to DC in around 10 hours. Interested in visiting the capital of Mexico? It's just 2,400 miles from DC to Mexico City.


Want to get your gambling fix on? This is how many miles separate Las Vegas from Reno.

Just 438 miles separate Sin City from the Biggest Little City in the World. Plan on a 7-hour road trip if you plan to travel between the two cities. This route between Reno and Vegas also happens to be the site of a famous off-road race -- the largest off-the-track auto race in the U.S. -- each August.


Prague in the Czech Republic and Budapest in Hungary are each known for gorgeous architecture and river views. What is the distance between these cities?

Prague and Budapest are just 326 miles apart in Europe. Just a five-hour drive will take you from the iconic Charles Bridge above the Vlatava River in Prague to the Chain Bridge above the River Danube in Budapest.


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