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Canada is home to many things. Beautiful landscapes, incredible wildlife and many famous people! While many are known for their Canadian roots, others may not speak about it as much. You may be from the same city as a celebrity and not even know it! Many Canadian citizens have made it big internationally in all forms of entertainment, arts and more. Do you think you know all about our homegrown talent?

One thing Canada is well known for is its love of hockey! In turn, some fantastic players have played not only for Canadian NHL teams but also for American teams. In the entertainment industry, there are many actors and actresses of all genres representing Canada on the big screen. We get to cheer them on as they make us proud! Aside from entertainment and sports, you can't forget the scientists, astronauts and other notable humanitarians that have proven themselves internationally. It's no easy feat to spend months away from Earth on the International Space Station!

So, do you know all about the famous Canadians who have become easily recognized around the world? Let's see if you can prove how much you know them by taking this quiz!

Now in a different line of entertainment, who is known for their role on the Canadian television show, "Degrassi?"

Before he became well known internationally for his talent in music, Drake got his start on the Canadian television show "Degrassi." He spent four years on the show, a gig that one of his friends was able to get him through his father.


Do you know which Canadian celebrity was the last to be born out of 14 children?

Celine is the youngest of 14 siblings, with the oldest being her sister Denise Dion, born in 1946. She was destined for a successful career from birth as her parents named her after a song of the same name.


Writing the rough draft of "Superbad" is just one of the credits that which of the following people have?

Did you know that Seth Rogen had "Superbad" in mind from as young as 13 years old? That's when he first decided to write a rough draft of the script. Of course, many things would have inevitably changed from then up until the final movie, but it's interesting to find out just how long he had wanted to create it!


Who scored a number one hit with only one of their songs in their career?

Neil Young has given us countless classics, but only one of them ever hit number one on the charts. "Heart of Gold" gets the recognition for this, after being released in 1972. Did you know that Willie Nelson covered this iconic song at one point?


This Canadian is known for wearing a mask in the shape of a mouse. Can you name them?

Deadmau5 is a popular Canadian DJ known for his signature mouse head that he wears on stage. His iconic stage name came from his time online as a kid, where he would join chat rooms. Who would've guessed that it would later become his professional name?


She quit figure skating to take up acting instead. Who is she?

Rachel McAdams had her chance at figure skating fame before becoming an actress but ended up choosing not to pursue it professionally. Destined for stardom either way, she quickly picked up an interest in acting, which she ultimately decided to pursue.


This comedian is a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons. Can you name them?

If you ever come across Mike Myers, you could invite him to sit down to enjoy a good game of Dungeons & Dragons! He's a huge fan of the game and has even participated in some of the game's largest events.


He wrote the theme song for "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" at the request of Johnny. Can you name him?

Paul Anka wasn't one to turn down a request for a theme song from Johnny Carson! It ended up paying off for him, as he received many royalty cheques for the popular song soon after the show really started to take off.


This hockey player once lived with Sidney Crosby. Who is it?

Hockey greats like to stick together as Mario Lemieux was once living with Sidney Crosby. The two roommates often root for each other publicly, and Mario is known to have been a mentor to Sidney during this time.


One of the albums that this artist released was all in Spanish. Who is it?

Nelly Furtado broke into the worldwide spotlight with "I'm Like a Bird," but what you may not know is that she made many Spanish songs as well. Her Spanish album was known as "Mi Plan" and released in 2009.


This Canadian celebrity found their first acting job at a Shakespeare Festival. Who is it?

Though he didn't grow up in Stratford, Ontario, William Shatner was no stranger to the Shakespeare Festival. He started his professional career as a Shakespearean actor, which led to his job at the festival. Later, he even moved on to perform on Broadway!


Writing and an opera called "Pauline" was a new venture for this famous Canadian. Do you know who it is?

Though Margaret Atwood was born in Ottawa, she took us across the country to the city of Vancouver for the opera titled "Pauline." It's all about fellow Canadian, Pauline Johnson, who was a famous poet in her own right.


Which of the following people made a cameo on "Sex and the City?"

Making a cameo in one episode of the iconic show, Alanis Morissette played the role of Dawn. The episode involved a kiss after a game of spin the bottle between Carrie and Dawn, which became an important moment for both characters.


He is best known for creating the "Ghostbusters." What is his name?

When growing up in Ottawa, Dan Aykroyd was always exposed to the paranormal through family members, which gave him much of his inspiration and ideas for the franchise. He worked hard after coming up with the idea for "Ghostbusters" and made his dream ultimately come true!


Can you name the celeb who despite having a successful acting career now, failed their drama class?

Ryan Reynolds told Vulture that he failed his drama class in high school. This didn't hurt his career, however, as he's been in some of the biggest blockbusters as of late. Sometimes, school isn't for everyone!


This artist got his start posting YouTube videos. Can you guess who it is?

A young Justin Bieber started making a name for himself on YouTube, where he posted singing videos that eventually got noticed. Before he knew it, he was making albums and dominating the world one song at a time!


He wrote a letter to Carol Burnett about his aspirations to work on her show. Who is he?

Jim Carrey knew what he wanted to do with his life from a very young age. Growing up in Newmarket, Ontario, he wrote Carol Burnett a letter when he was just 10 years old. In fact, he received a reply which must have been very encouraging for the young aspiring comedian!


Do you know which musical artist is also known for their talent in photography?

Not only is Bryan Adams talented in music, but he's also a great photographer. In fact, one other thing that you may not know about his photography is that his photo of Queen Elizabeth II was used on a Canadian stamp. It doesn't get any more Canadian than that!


Known to be a famous hockey player, this person was also known for a coffee shop. Do you know their name?

Tim Horton first played hockey in the '50s up until the '70s with teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres. Perhaps he is now best known for his involvement in Tim Horton's, Canada's favourite doughnut and coffee shop.


She was the first female member of parliament in Canada, but what was her name?

Agnes MacPhail was a trailblazer for all women in Canada with an interest in politics. As part of the Progressive Party of Canada, she was a Member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament for four years.


Do you know which Canadian singer's real name is "Eilleen?"

Better known as Shania now, her real given name is Eilleen. She was raised in Ontario, where she picked up on her love of music that would eventually become her career. She often used music as an escape from real life at times.


Being the only Canadian to board the Russian Space Station is just one of his many feats. What is his name?

The Russian Space Station isn't Chris' only important accomplishment. He's also spent a lot of time conducting his work on the International Space Station as well. Canadians might even remember his musical performance from space as well!


This hockey player was the oldest player to play in a professional game. Who is he?

At 52 years old, Gordie Howe laced up his skates one more time for a professional hockey game with the Hartford Whalers. He set many records throughout his career, such as playing the most professional games out of any hockey player ever.


Can you name the Canadian celebrity who is known as Canada's "Centennial Baby?"

While technically Pamela wasn't the first baby born on July 1, 1967, she's the most famous person to be born on that day. She was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, where she later found fame after being shown on a Jumbotron!


One of the most important facts about this person is that they invented the telephone. Do you know their name?

Though Alexander wasn't born in Canada, he had Canadian citizenship. His invention had a huge impact on our country as he created the Bell Telephone Company in 1880, which still exists here today.


He wore the number 99 on his jersey in hockey. Can you name him?

Wayne Gretzky wore his famous number 99 on the back of his jersey out of love for another famous hockey player, Gordie Howe. Gordie's jersey was number 9, and Gretzky wanted to show his respect for one of hockey's great and a favourite player of his.


She is best known for walking 20 miles in an attempt to help British troops. What is her name?

Laura Secord is someone that we as Canadians hold in high regard for being a heroine during the American Revolution. Despite being important to Canada, did you know that she was in fact born in America?


This famous Canadian got her first acting job in a PSA commercial. Who is it?

Sandra Oh grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, and got her love of acting while in class. Did you know that this is also where she became interested in activism? She started a group to help promote the importance of taking care of the environment at her school.


Canadians know this person for their tireless work on educating the public on environmental issues. Can you name them?

David Suzuki is an important Canadian who dedicated his life to educating himself and the public on environmental issues. One of those issues is climate change, which he speaks on frequently, as well as the importance of maintaining our relationship with the world.


Which of the following Canadians is a recipient of a Nobel Prize for their work?

Dr. Frederick Banting is best known for his discovery of insulin, which not only helped Canadians but everyone on a world scale as well. From Alexander Graham Bell to Dr. Banting, Canadians have given the world many inventions that have helped humankind!


Can you name the Canadian who holds more than 20 doctorates?

Roberta Bondar made huge leaps for women in Canada when she became the first Canadian female astronaut in space. Did you know that she is also a neurologist? It's no wonder that she received her own star on Canada's Walk of Fame!


Which of the following people found their interest in acting after watching the movie "Ghostbusters?"

Michael Cera grew up in Brampton, where he took inspiration from another Canadian actor, Dan Aykroyd, the creator of the movie. It wasn't long before he grew up and started taking part in movies himself, fulfilling his acting dreams!


This Canadian also holds Italian citizenship. Do you know who it is?

Michael Buble is a Canadian, but he's also got some Italian ancestry. That's why he earned his citizenship in 2005. Despite this, he grew up in Burnaby, British Columbia, with his family, a place that will always be close to his heart!


Which hockey player earned the name "The Blonde Demon"?

One of the greatest hockey players in the world came from right here in Canada. He's from Thurso, Quebec, to be exact. While known by the nickname of the "blonde demon," he was also known by his last name but said in English. This is known as "the flower."


Before becoming famous in her own right, she shared the stage with Shania Twain. Who is she?

Like many other musicians, Avril Lavigne started doing what she loved at a very young age. She had a little inspiration from fellow Canadian artist, Shania Twain, who invited her on stage to sing alongside her.


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