Quiz: Can You Guess the Gestation Period of These Animals?
Can You Guess the Gestation Period of These Animals?
By: Olivia C
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Do you think you can guess which kinds of animal species carry their babies for the most days or months? How about those who carry them for the shortest amount of time? This is an intriguing and interesting thing to fathom, isn't it? That's why we created a fun quiz to show you some of these interesting facts from the animal kingdom.

To expound on the concept, gestation period means the length that an animal carries its fetus inside of it. Once the creature is fertilized, the gestation period begins, and the fetus develops. Some develop faster than the others. It often depends on their size and structure as a species.

We know - and we hope - that humans all know our regular gestation period. Just check with any parents you may know! But you will be surprised to learn that there are many kinds of animals who can have longer gestation period for their young, and then there are also those who can just carry their young for such a very short time. You'll be amazed to find out which is which.

So, are you ready to test this knowledge with us? Then come and get this quiz, now!

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What is the gestation period for us humans?

A human's regular gestation period is about nine months. But premature births can happen during the 7th or 8th month, wherein the baby needs to be placed in an incubator to help it survive outside the womb at first.

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Elephants probably have the longest gestation period. How long do you think it is?

Imagine being pregnant for 22 months. Yep, that two-year thing is a reality for elephants!

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The opossum probably has the shortest with this number of days! How many can you guess?

The opossum carries its baby for 12-15 days only. Such a short time of gestation!

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Dog lovers should know this! How many days before a pup is born?

Dog breeders know that pups comes out after 55-65 days. So better expect that.

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Cat lovers, your turn! How many days before a kitty comes out?

A new kitty comes out after 63 to 67 days in the mum's womb. Often, they have multiple siblings.

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Hamster owners don't have to wait long, for their pets' gestation period is how many days?

After 15-20 days, a hamster could already give birth. Given their small stature, perhaps this is just right.

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The Energizer-level gestation period for rabbits counts how many days?

A rabbit will produce its offspring after 25 to 35 days. Yep, it's also that fast in that department!

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Lions have to wait for cubs for how many days?

After about 110-115 days, a new king of the jungle emerges out of a lioness. Oh, perhaps they just can't wait to be king, eh Simba?

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Australians know that the kangaroo will yield their young at how many days?

A baby kangaroo is called a joey. Joeys come out after 30-40 days.

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Gorillas have a gestation period of how long?

Gorillas could be almost human, with their 8.5 months of gestation. Ain't that something!

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Giraffes have a long gestation period at how many months?

Baby giraffes will just pop out after 14 to 15 months. And they'll just literally drop to the ground, as their mums are in a standing position when giving birth.

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For a cow, how long 'til its young one comes out?

A calf comes out after 9.6 months in the mother's womb. That's almost like humans!

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Piglets enter the world after 110 to 115 days. That's relatively short.

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The cute panda comes out after how many days?

A panda's baby is called a cub. Cubs come out after 95-160 days of gestation.

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Gerbils moms have it easy! How many days does it take for them?

Gerbils come out after 25 days of gestation. I'm sure humans would love that, too!

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Santa has to wait for how long before a new reindeer comes out?

A baby reindeer is also called a calf. Calves come out after about eight months of gestation.

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How about polar bears?

Around eight months is enough time for a baby polar bear to come out. They're also cubs, and they only weigh around one pound when they come out.

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Chipmunks pop out after how many days?

Alvin, Simon and Theodore could already start harmonizing after 30 to 35 days. That's the average gestation period for chipmunks.

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A sheep's baby is called a lamb. The lambs come out after five months inside the tummy of their mummy.

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Baboons swing out after how many months?

Around six months' time is enough for a baboon to give birth. That's their average gestation period.

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I am a walrus... only after how many months?

A baby walrus is also called a cub. They come out after 15 months' gestation period.

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A baby camel comes out after 13-14 months. Perhaps the desert extends that gestation period?

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Rhinos can keep a pregnancy for how long?

A rhinoceros comes out after about 15 months. That's quite a long time, compared to humans.

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Donkeys have to be patient with long pregnancy periods. They get relieved after 12-14 months.

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What is the gestation period for a porcupine?

Are the spikes a challenge? After more than 200 days, a baby emerges out of a porcupine.

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What about a black bear?

A baby bear can be hugged by the mama bear after 7.3 months. That's their average gestation period.

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Sharks are pregnant for a long time! How long do you think?

Sharks have a mighty long pregnancy! They can carry their young for 2 to 3.5 years, depending on the species!

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A horse gives birth after how many months?

After 11 or 12 months, a pregnant horse gives birth. Such a yearly relief!

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Dolphins come out when?

Is it the water? Dolphins can carry their young for as long as 17 months.

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This beaver can eagerly come out when?

A typical beaver has a gestation period of 105-107 days. After that, it's back to business...

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Zebras can retain their pregnancy for how long?

Is it the stripes? Zebras can have pregnancies that last for as long as 12 to 13 months.

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How about a chimpanzee?

The baby chimpanzee comes out after eight months. It's a matter of days before it's ready to swing.

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This anteater gives birth after how many days?

The strange-looking anteater is a mammal, like humans. It carries its fetus for 180-200 days, or roughly seven months.

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A baby goat is a kid. A kid comes out of the momma goat after 145-155 days.

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Like the lioness, a leopardess gives birth after 90-100 days. These cubs better behave!

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Pop goes this weasel at how many months?

Did you know that baby weasels are called kittens, too? They pop out of the momma after ten months, including a delayed implantation in the uterus.

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Raccoons come out after how many days in gestation?

A raccoon's young is called a kit. Kits come out of their mommas after 60-70 days.

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Female cheetahs give birth after 90 to 100 days. Their cubs can now play with their other jungle cat peeps.

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And this Bengal tiger?

A tigress is mature at three to four years. Its normal gestation period lasts for 100-110 days.

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The meerkat comes out after how many days?

What's a mere 75-80 days for a meerkat to give birth? That's enough, isn't it?

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