Can You Guess the Missing Word in These 1980s TV Series?

By: Susan McDonald
Image: NBC, ABC

About This Quiz

How well do you remember '80s TV? Sure, you remember wishing Sam and Diane would get together, and you remember laughing as them Duke boys left Boss Hogg in The General Lee's dust, but do you remember the name of the TV show that started Leonardo DiCaprio's career? Do you remember the title of the show that urged us all to "be careful out there?" If so, this is the quiz for you!

The right title can make or break a new show. Would "Saved By The Bell" have been such a teen hit if the show had stuck with its original title "When The Bell Rings?" Probably not. The original title "Oil" would certainly have helped explain how everyone on the show made their fortunes, but would have failed to convey the glitz, glamour, and drama that was implied when execs renamed their show "Dynasty." A good title can convey the tone of the show, help to explain the premise, and even introduce the characters.

However, some titles are more memorable than others, and some are hard to place when incomplete. We've pulled together a list of some of the greatest TV shows the decade of shoulder pads and leg warmers had to offer and removed part of the title. Can you choose the correct answer and complete the titles of these classic shows? Let's find out!

The ________ Girls

Diff'rent _______

_______ Brewster

Married . . . With _______

The _______ of Hazzard

Growing _______

Three's _______

Highway to _______

_______ Strangers

Full _______

The _______ Boat

_______ Jump Street

Head of the _______

_______ Court

WKRP in _______

_______, She Wrote

Doogie Howser, _______

Hill Street _______

Designing _______

St. _______

The Greatest _______ Hero

The Facts of _______

_______ Vice

Silver _______

Too _______ for Comfort

Scarecrow and Mrs. _______

The Wonder _______

Who's the _______

Quantum _______

_______ Ties

_______ Days

Charlie's _______

Knots _______

In the _______ of the Night

Gimme a _______

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