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Sports heroes have some pretty memorable nicknames. In this quiz, we're going to explore some the most creative and famous! Perhaps it all started with the Babe.

The Penguin

The Penguin was the nickname given to baseball hero Ron Cey. He hit 316 homers in his career and is one of the most underrated players in the sport.


Did you know that Mark Rzepczynski's name is worth 30 points on the Scrabble board? Keep in mind, there's only one Z in Scrabble, so the second one would have to be replaced with a blank tile. Oh, and proper names aren't allowed.

The Big Hurt

It is said that Chicago's spirited announcer Hawk Harrelson came up with this one. Frank Thomas, however, needs no introduction.

The Big Unit

The Big Unit is a pretty fitting description of the mastery of Randy Johnson. It takes a great man to earn the title "The Big" anything.

Kung Fu Panda

Who can forget the nickname Kung Fu Panda? Pablo Sandoval did some heavy hitting for the Giants come World Series time.

The Say Hey Kid

Perhaps one of the most memorable nicknames in baseball history, Willie Mays is known as the Say Hey Kid. It came from May's habit of saying "hey"!

The Splendid Splinter

Ted Williams was known as the Splendid Splinter. The nickname doesn't quite take into account his difficult personality.


Mariano Rivera goes down in history as the Sandman. That being said, most people just called Mariano Mo.

Corey's Brother

He wore it on the back of his jersey for Player's Weekend, and it's never been forgotten since. The All-Star​ just happens to be the brother of Corey Seager.

Mr. October

Mr. October had a personality as big as his slugging career. He hit .755 with 10 home runs in five World Series.

The Wizard

Ozzie Smith was called The Wizard, thanks to his magical plays. That being said, Ozzie Newsome was also called The Wizard of Oz.

Shoeless ______.

Shoeless Joe Jackson is as synonymous with baseball greatness as he is with the Black Sox scandal of 1919. Always take off cleats that give you blisters.

Charlie Hustle

Did you remember that Pete Rose was Charlie Hustle? it was meant to be an insult from Mickey Mantle who said, "Oh, look at Charlie Hustle over there running around."

Yogi Berra

Lawrence Berra got one of the most famous nicknames in baseball history. Yogi Berra is the name that he went down in history for.

Hammerin' Hank

Hank Aaron was known as Hammerin' Hank during his career. He played for the Atlanta Braves from 1954 to 1974.

Mr. Cub

Ernie Banks is one of the most famous players for the Chicago Cubs. He went down in history as being Mr. Cub.


Following a brief stint as a player, George Anderson was the manager for the Cincinnati Reds, and he was known as Sparky Anderson. He managed the team from 1970-1978.

The Toddfather

Todd Lynn Helton was known as the Toddfather. He played for the Colorado Rockies until 2013.


Skeeter Barnes is famous as an infielder and outfielder for the Detroit Tigers. He played from 1983 till 1994.

The Georgia Peach

Ty Cobb was famous for being The Georgia Peach. He played for the Detroit Tigers from 1905 till 1926.


Jeff Bagwell is remembered as Bags, or Bagpipes. He spent his entire baseball career with the Houston Astros.


Roger Clemens of the New York Yankees was simply known as Rocket. He is a retired pitcher that played for four different MLB teams.

The Yankee Clipper

Not only was Joe DiMaggio known as the Yankee Clipper, he was also known as Joltin' Joe. DiMaggio​ is one of the most famous players in Yankees history.

The Iron Horse

Speaking of famous Yankees, Lou Gehrig was known as the Iron Horse. He was a contemporary of Babe Ruth.

Captain Clutch

Everyone knowns that Derek Jeter is the Captain. He's also called Mr. November, and Captain Clutch.

The Mick

Mickey Mantle was quite simply known as The Mick. He's considered one of the greatest sluggers in baseball history.

The Sultan of Swat

Some simply called him The Babe, while others called him the Sultan of Swat. Whatever you call him, no one can compare to this Yankee.

The Chemist

People refer to Jose Canseco Jr. as The Chemist, while others call him Parkway Jose. He's one of the most famous players in Oakland Athletics history.

Big Red

Some call Mark McGwire Big Red, while others call him Big Mac. Mark played for the Athletics and the Cardinals, from 1986 to 2001.

The Human Rain Delay

This funny nickname comes from the fact that it takes Hargrove so long to make adjustments between pitches. We all have those days where we act like a human rain delay.

The Secretary of Defense

Garry Maddox is known as the Secretary of Defense. Harry Kalas said it best when he stated that, "Two thirds of the Earth is covered by water, the other third is covered by Garry Maddox.”

Turkey Stearnes

Norman Stearnes got the name of Turkey Stearnes. Known as one of the greatest hitters in the Negro Leagues, Norman got the name Turkey because of how his arms flailed when he ran.


Noah Syndergaard got the nickname of Thor because he does seem to be able to control lightening. #34 can definitely lift the hammer of Thor.

Chicken Man

Wade Bogs was commonly known as the Chicken Man. He played for the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Devil Rays, from 1982 to 1999.


Perhaps one of the most memorable names and players in professional baseball, Kirby Puckett got the nickname Puck. He played for the Minnesota Twins from 1984 to 1995.

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