Quiz: Can You Guess the Mustang Year from an Image?
Can You Guess the Mustang Year from an Image?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: WikiCommons via Alexandre Prévot

About This Quiz

The original 'Pony car,' the legendary Ford Mustang has been going strong for more than half a century. Can you guess the model year when you see one? Good luck!

Mustangs are considered by many to be the most iconic American cars around. That's not saying that Dodge, Pontiac, Chevrolet or Plymouth haven't produced some incredible cars in the category. It's just that when people say 'Pony car' (and sometimes even 'muscle car'), the first image that springs to mind is that of the 'Stang.

Today, the motoring (and the motorhead) public appears to love the Mustang just as much as when it was first introduced, with the 1965 model smashing sales figures well beyond Ford's wildest expectations. In fact, the demand was so high that Ford struggled to keep up.

Even though the Mustang started life on the front foot (or is that the front wheel?), it's not all been roses for the legendary car. The second generation was not as well liked as the first, simply as it was underpowered. Technically, this was not Ford's fault, the second generation just came along at the wrong time - the oil crisis in the Middle East was on in full swing. That means that gas-loving V8 monsters were put aside for more fuel-efficient models.

So now the question is, could you identify the year of a Mustang model by simply looking at an image of it?  Let's test your knowledge of a quintessential American muscle car!

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