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Throughout history, political organizations have come and gone. And we're not just talking political parties here. Many other organizations are formed around the globe intent on pushing a certain political agenda. It could be to promote a certain nation, or perhaps to promote a certain group of people or religion. 

But by far the most active political organizations are political parties themselves. And there are so many active around the world as well as those that have lost support and disbanded over time. For example, currently, the United States has around 46 active political parties. And which do you know? Well, if you're like the average person, it's probably just the Republicans and the Democrats. 

And don't forget about the parties that once served in US politics and are now disbanded. There are close to 100 of those. But no matter if a party or organization is active or not, the chances are that it had some form of a logo. And that's where we ask if you would be able to identify the party from just an image of their logo.

Do you think you could do it? Be warned, this is one tough test...

Let's see how well you do.

Good luck!

In this image we have the logo of which political organisation from Europe?

The European Union consists of 28 countries in Europe that interact both politically and economically. Over 500 million people live within the countries making up the union. Following a referendum vote, Great Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union soon.


189 countries are members of this political organization. Can you name it?

This organization has 189 countries as members. It focuses on global monetary cooperation, facilitating international trade, sustainable economic growth, high employment rates in member countries, securing financial stability and reducing poverty.


This world organization was founded in 1945 and was the successor to the League of Nations. What is it called?

At the end of World War II, the United Nations was established as the successor to the League of Nations. Currently, it consists of 193 member states and works to preserve world peace.


To which of the political organizations below does the logo in this image belong to?

A US-based group of libertarians and conservatives which believes that the state exists to preserve freedom, It also states that the separation of governmental powers is central to the US constitution.


Forming part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, can you tell us who this logo belongs to?

This organization was founded in Paris in 1949 as part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.


Name the non-governmental, independent organization that this logo belongs to.

This is an inter-parliamentary organization responsible for monitoring the accountability and transparency of international financial institutions. It focuses on youth job creation among others. This organization is based in 140 countries and was formed in 2000.


Formed in 1854, name this political party from the United States.

Often called the Grand Old Party or GOP, the Republican Party was formed in 1854. Along with the Democratic Party, it forms the two major political parties in US politics. The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln.


Nelson Mandela was a member of this South African political party. Can you name them?

The African National Congress was formed in 1912. From its inception, it fought for the rights of Black South Africans, a group marginalized by the system of Apartheid. After the first democratic elections in South Africa in 1994, the ANC came to power with Nelson Mandela the first democratically elected president in the country.


This British party was formed in 1834. Please tell us their name.

The party that gave the world Maggie Thatcher and Winston Churchill, the Conservative Party is one of the biggest political parties in the United Kingdom. They were formed in 1834 and have been the major political player in the United Kingdom, especially in the 20th Century.


Can you name this left-wing Irish party that ran a military campaign against the British government before participating in general elections?

Sinn Féin was formed in 1905. In the 1970s the party was linked with the Irish Republican Army that ran a military campaign in Northern Ireland and in other parts of the British Isles. In the mid-2000s, a peace deal was brokered and today, the party plays an active role in Irish politics.


A party that once contested elections in the United States belongs to this logo. Who are they?

The Constitution Party was a short-lived political organization. Formed in 1952, a mere 12 years later, it had dissolved. Their best result in the presidential race came in 1956, when T. Coleman Andrews received around 100,000 votes.


This logo belongs to one of the United Kingdom's smaller political parties. Do you know who they are?

A relatively new party, the Liberal Democrats formed in 1988 at the merger between two other political parties, the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Party. They currently have 12 members of parliament but at the height of their popularity under Nick Clegg, boasted 57 in 2010.


Formed in 1949, this organization comprises 29 members. Can you name it from its logo?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization formed in 1949, originally with 12 members, including the United States and Great Britain. It was initially formed as a defensive alliance for Europe, especially as the threat of Communism rose and the Cold War started. Today, it consists of 29 members.


This logo belongs to the oldest political party in German. Can you name them?

Formed in 1863, the Social Democratic Party of Germany is the oldest political party in the country. The party was last in power in 2002 as part of a coalition.


Can you name this communist-based organization formed in 1955?

Formed in 1955, the Warsaw Pact saw the Soviet Union sign a treaty with a number of other communist-ruled countries including East Germany, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia. It was seen as a direct opponent to NATO.


Please identify the US political party linked to this logo?

Founded in 1995, the Reform Party gained much support with Ross Perot as its presidential candidate. Perot had received 18% of the popular vote in 1992 but this dropped to 8% in the 1996 election. In 2016, candidate Rocky De La Fuente received just 33,000 votes during the election.


This logo represents the third-biggest party in the United States. Who are they?

The Libertarian Party was established in 1971 and has over a half-million registered voters. In 2016, Gary Johnson, their nominee for US president, received 3% of the popular vote which amounted to 4 million votes.


One of the United Kingdom's two biggest political parties, Tony Blair was perhaps their most famous British prime minister. Who are they?

Formed in 1900, the Labour Party is one of the biggest political parties in Great Britain and counts Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Harold Wilson and Neil Kinnock among its leaders. This party makes social justice their core and operates center-left in the political spectrum.


Please, can you tell us which political party from the options below belongs to this logo?

Formed in Texas in 1989, the New Black Panther Party is not a follow up to the Black Panthers from the 1960s. They claim to have a few thousand members.


Name the party of German leader, Angela Merkel which uses this logo, please?

The Christian Democratic Union of Germany was formed in the aftermath of World War II in 1945. It is currently led by Angela Merkel, who is also the chancellor of Germany.


The ruling party in Zimbabwe is represented by this logo. Who are they?

Formed in 1987, Zanu-PF is the ruling party in Zimbabwe. It was ruled by Robert Mugabe until 2017. He, too, was the prime minister of the country.


A left-wing party that focuses on eco-socialism has this logo. Do you know who they are?

Formed in 2001, this party focuses on eco-socialism. In 2000, the party with Ralph Nader as their presidential candidate won 2.7% of the popular vote, with many saying they cost Al Gore the election.


This major political party in the United States was formed in 1828. Which of these are we talking about?

Formed in 1828, the Democratic Party can be traced back to the Democratic-Republican party of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The world's oldest political party, it was established by supporters of Andrew Jackson. It currently boasts a membership of around 44 million people.


Are you able to identify the organization that fights corruption and promotes good governance world wide from the list below?

The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption was founded in 2002 as part of an international leadership initiative against political corruption and for promoting good governance. In areas where corruption is found, the organization applies pressure to have it ended.


Spanning both North and South America, can you identify which organization this logo belongs to?

The Organization of American States is a regional organization established in 1948 to promote cooperation and regional stability in the Americas. Its headquarters are in Washington D.C. Currently, it consists of 35 states.


Please identify the international organization that sports this logo.

This body consisting of an international coalition of Tibet-related non-government organizations focusing on increasing the efficiency and capacity of members' groups and the Tibet Movement. It was founded in 2000.


What is the biggest party in Scotland?

The Scottish National Party was founded in 1934. The main aim of this party is to campaign for the independence of Scotland. A referendum on the subject was held in 2014, with voters just deciding not to push for independence.


This logo belongs to an organization that works at conflict resolution around the globe. Who are they?

The EastWest Institute is based in New York. It is an international organization that helps to try and stop conflicts around the globe through diplomacy. It was established in 1980.


Can you name the South African political party associated with this logo?

Led by Julius Malema, the Economic Freedom Fighters are one of the newer parties on the South African landscape. Formed in 2013, they have quickly found support with their land expropriation without compensation rhetoric.


Part of the United Nations, can you name this organization?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO was established in 1946. The organization aims to promote cooperation in education, science and other fields between countries as a way of establishing peace and security worldwide.


This political party was only active from the 1830s to the 1860s and produced four American presidents. Can you name it?

The Whig party was established in 1834, but by 1860 had dissolved. It was responsible, however, for producing four American presidents. The reason for its dissolution? A difference in opinion between members over slavery.


The logo shown here belongs to which political organization?

This inter-governmental organization promotes free trade within the Asia-Pacific Region. More widely known as APEC, it was established in 1989 with headquarters in Singapore.


Currently, this is the biggest party in Australia. Can you name it, please?

A party with democratic socialist principles, the Australian Labor Party was established in 1901, making it the oldest political party in the country. It is currently the main opposition party in the country.


From the list below, tell us which political organization this logo belongs to?

Founded in 1969, over 1.8 billion people from 57 member states fall under the banner of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It works to "safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony."


Most of the Zulu population of South Africa votes for this party. Who are they?

Formed in 1975, the Inkatha Freedom Party is a political movement supported by the Zulu nation in South Africa. Its leader is Mangosuthu Buthelezi, a prominent Zulu tribal leader. Most of its support base is found in the province of KwaZulu - Natal.


A far-right party in the United Kingdom owns this logo. Who are they?

Established in 1967, the National Front is a far-right, neo-nazi party that is both anti-Semitic and displays principles of white supremacy. They do not garner much support in Great Britain but still remain active.


Can you name this political party from South Africa, please? They are the official opposition to the African National Congress.

The Democratic Alliance comes from a long line of opposition parties in South African politics starting with the Progressive Party, Progressive Federal Party and the Democratic Party which morphed into the Democratic Alliance in 2003.


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