Quiz: Can You Guess the Price of These Famous Engagement Rings?
Can You Guess the Price of These Famous Engagement Rings?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Beldiamond

About This Quiz

There's nothing more exciting in Hollywood than a new action-packed film and a celebrity wedding. But long before the wedding, or sometimes not so much, is the engagement. Now, while the gestures really matter to us, the people, it really is the ring that we remember, long after that special day, or night happens. So, while going down on one knee on a hot air balloon, renting out an exclusive restaurant, or flying the entire family out to another country just to ask a question should all be commended, it really is the ring that has us talking. 

While most people expect celebrity engagement rings tend to be extravagant, with a price tag to match, some aren't. We're going to show you a few and it's your job to tell us how much was paid for said ring. Like we said, not all of them are pricey or will blind you with bling, but they all mean or meant something. We have Kim Kardashian's, Meghan Markle's, Paris Hilton's and so many other famous rings in this quiz, so it should prove to be quite fun for you. 

So come show us that you know your jewelry so that we can tell you how good you really are at it. Come tell us the prices of these extremely famous engagement rings. 

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