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Babies are one of life's many blessings. But as adorable as they are, there are so many things that we need to get for them in preparation of their arrival and even after they're born. These things include pacifiers, cribs, strollers, play mats, walkers and a host of other items you'll find in our quiz. And these things, although they may not be particularly expensive, they add up. But do you even know how much they cost? Could you tell us the prices of these baby items? 

We've gathered a group of items that newborns, infants, and even toddlers need and it'll be your job to tell us how much they really cost. And it won't just be a simple pacifier here or a teether there, because who really buys these things in sets of one? We'll be asking you about a box of Q-tips, a pack of bottles and a set of booties. You'll be asked about a stroller, a rocker, E45 cream and so much more. 

If you think you've got what it takes to correctly guess the prices of these baby necessities, go ahead and start this quiz. 

Used to provide comfort, how much do you think a two-pack of pacifiers cost?

Pacifiers are developed to provide comfort to babies while satisfying their sucking reflexes. A two-pack can be purchased for as little as $3.79.


A popular feeding tool, how much is a 12-pack of plastic bottles?

Although bottles are mainly used for feeding babies, they can also be used to store excess breast milk. As an important part of the checklist, a 12-pack is priced at $10.87.


These are used as a baby's sleeping spot. What is the cost of most cribs?

Cribs are small beds designed to eliminate babies co-sleeping with parents. They have secured sides which serve as precautionary measures for babies. The prices of cribs range from $97.98 to $409.58 and up based on design and brand.


Used for moisturizing a baby's skin, how much do you think lotion is?

A baby's skin is sensitive, and lotions are necessary to keep their skin moisturized. Lotions are priced based on brands with the average priced at $8.97.


Diapers are used to avoid messes when a baby or child has to use the bathroom. How much does the average pack/box costs?

Diapers are worn by infants and toddlers to avoid wetting their beds since they are not yet potty trained. A packet/box of disposable diapers, on average, is $25.


Their aim is to keep a child's feet warm. What do you think a fleece pair goes for?

Booties are used for keeping babies feet warm and are usually knitted. A pair of fleece booties can be purchased for $8.97.


Used during feeding, what do you think the average high chair is priced at?

High chairs are useful for training babies to sit during meals. These are necessary when babies begin eating solid foods. If purchased online, the average high chair costs $32.00.


A monitor does exactly what its name suggests, whether it be visually or just by sound. How much are the ones with the cameras?

Monitors are placed in the baby's nursery and usually have tiny cameras attached. These devices allow parents to keep a close eye on their babies when they have left the room. An audio baby monitor costs $18.99, while a baby monitor with a camera costs $34.99.


A baby's favorite clothing, what do you think a five-pack of onesies cost?

This whole piece of clothing is quite comfortable for babies and recognized for their ease of use. A 5 -Pack short-sleeve pack of onesies is sold at around $9.99.


Mobiles are used to entertain a baby. How much are they?

These are the toys hung from the baby's crib and sometimes rotate or remain stationed. In other instances, mobiles have lights and music, thus assisting with the babies' vision as well as for entertainment purposes - these range in price from $13.99 to 69.99 or more based on brand and design.


Meant for trimming a baby's nails, for various reasons, how much is a nail clipper?

Nail clippers are tiny equipment used for trimming the nails of babies. These tiny scissor-like devices are sold as low as $2.99.


One of the most convenient ways to transport a child, strollers have been used for decades because of their convenience. How much are they?

Strollers are used by parents as a traveling system for babies and toddlers alike. They are handy when going out. The average is valued at $79.99.


A bassinet is a newborn's bed. Which of these reasonable prices will you find them for online?

Bassinets are considered the first bed for babies since they were invented for newborns. You can find them online for as low as $46.99.


A means of disposing a baby's dirty diapers, how much is a diaper pail?

The diaper pail is used to dispose of the baby's dirty diapers thus protecting against odors and germs. Department stores sell them as low as $23.36.


Breast pumps are tools used to get milk from a lactating mother's breast. How much can they be found for?

The breast pump is a device used by moms to obtain milk from their breasts. This milk can be stored for later use especially by working moms. A manual breast pump may cost $19.90 while an electric breast pump varies in cost from $33.97 onward.


The easiest way of measuring a baby's temperature is by using an ear thermometer. What is the cost of a digital one?

Ear thermometers are used to calculate temperature. In comparison to digital thermometers which take a minute to provide readings, these take only a few seconds. A digital ear thermometer costs $31.81.


Plushies are soft toys that make their home in a baby's crib or play mat. How much are they?

This is a soft baby toy used as a security blanket and is specifically produced for newborns, infants and toddlers. Plushies can go for aa little as $1.00 depending on the size and brand.


These prevent a baby's sharp nails from scratching themselves. What do you think the price of nine pairs of cotton gloves is?

Mittens are gloves used to cover the hands. They assist with preventing babies from scratching themselves. Nine pairs of cotton gloves cost $8.99.


A piece of furniture designed for changing diapers, what is the cost of the average changing table?

A changing table is a type of furniture used when changing babies. It eliminates messes made on bedding. The average is priced at $89.99.


Blankets are used to keep babies warm, but how much do they go for?

As babies adapt to the environment outside their mother's womb, blankets are needed to keep them warm. They cost about $10 but can go for a lot cheaper.


Play mats are a dime a dozen, but how much do the good-quality ones go for?

Play mats are used to enhance senses and are also referred to as baby gyms. They are often equipped with toys which improve babies' hearing, touch and vision. The good quality ones cost around $29.99.


Rattles are a kind of toy that makes noise when shaken. How much are they?

Rattles are toys that when shaken make a sound. They are often considered one of the initial toys for babies. Rattles cost only a few dollars.


Babies need their hair washed too. How much do you think a baby's shampoo is?

Shampoo is a hair care product used to keep babies hair clean since their heads are initially very sensitive. Great brands can be as low as $4.99.


Bibs help prevent a baby's clothes from been sullied by food. How much is an eight-pack worth?

Bibs are worn by babies around their necks to protect their garments from stains while eating. An 8-pack can cost $10.99.


Meant to keep a baby's feet warm, what is the cost of an eight-pack of socks?

Socks are used to keep babies' feet warm as they tend to feel cold easily. An eight-pack of socks cost $9.97.


A tool that helps remove mucus, how much do you think a nasal aspirator is?

A nasal aspirator is an essential tool for babies when they are sick with a cold. It is used to remove mucus from inside their noses. Aspirators go for about $14.90 online.


Baby tubs are used for exactly what its name suggests. How much is the average one?

A tub also called a bathtub is a small container for babies which is usually placed inside an adult-sized bath or any flat surface. It holds water for bathing the babies and varies in design. They average $21.49.


Q-tips are versatile tools that are used to clean many different parts of a baby's body. What is the price of a box of 500?

Q-tips are used to reach and clean areas of the body especially the ears but can be used on the navel, nose as well as genitals. They are also called cotton buds. The four-pack with 500 per box costs $11.96.


Rockers help soothe babies or assist in them falling asleep. What are they usually priced at?

A rocker is an infant's toy similar to a rocking horse which can be climbed upon and rocked. Bassinets that are able to rock back and forth are considered rockers. They can go for a little lower than $31.00.


A device used to help babies learn to walk, what do you think the average walker is priced at?

Although some babies learn to walk by themselves, a walker is a tool which assists babies with walking. The average is priced at $32.00.


Another tool that removes mucus, what is the price of an online vaporizer?

A vaporizer is used to generate steam through heating water. It loosens the build-up of mucus inside the baby's nose and thus assists with congestion. They can be found online for $14.99.


A car seat is a safety device that allows an infant to travel in a vehicle. How much are they?

A car seat is a portable seat for babies who are unable to sit on their own. It is carefully attached to a vehicle's seat and provides safety for the babies in the event of any accidents. The prices of these vary from $32.99 to $299.99 and onward.


Used to heat up a baby's bottle, what is price do warmers start at, usually?

A warmer is used to keep the baby's bottle of milk warm for future use. The price of a portable baby warmer starts at $14.38.


A baby carrier, what do you think slings go for, online?

A sling or carrier is a cloth used to wrap the baby. It supports the baby from their carrier. They can be found online for $26.96.


Teethers are meant to soothe a baby whose teeth are coming in. How much are they?

Teethers are tools used to soothe babies when they are teething. It minimizes the pain and itchiness of the baby's gums. The average teether is valued at $4.99.


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