Can You Guess The State from Emojis?

By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Emojis are the new hieroglyphics of this digital age, it seems. Avid social media users, especially people who love to chat, use shortcuts in place of words or images. And that is when the emoticon was born. Soon enough, this world of instant messaging developed in leaps and bounds, and the once-known emoticon is now termed as emojis.

But what they communicate is basically the same.  Emojis serve as shortcuts for some words, phrases or even thoughts. Emojis serve as visual representations of varied things outside the internet, reinterpreted in smaller, understandable, quickly-communicated small icons. There is practically an emoji for each emotion you are feeling -- and they have been inventing new ones each year! Thus, the possibilities of using emojis to communicate is virtually endless.

So why not have fun with it by using several combinations of emojis to serve as visual clues? This time, the clues are for guessing the names of the U.S. states referred to by the combination of these emoticons. They might pertain to the state's nicknames, a wordplay-kind of emoji combination to spell out the state's name, or alluding to what they're essentially known for, thanks to several key cities within their state limits. If you know your U.S. geography, this is a cinch! 

So, try it! Have a great trip!

Did you guess Texas for this one? Way to go, Lone Star State fan!

That is indeed Kansas, being the Sunflower State. That flower is their official flower.

Indeed, Virginia gave birth to so many U.S. statesmen and presidents. Some were Founding Fathers, too!

Montana is the Treasure State, as shown in this emoji. That's because the state is very abundant when it comes to supplies of different mineral reserves.

This is about the state of Maine. Its capital city is Augusta.

Delaware is nicknamed the First State. It was indeed the very first official state of the newly independent USA back in 1787, hence the nickname.

New Jersey's capital is Trenton. But you also have to visit the lively cities like Atlantic City and Jersey City.

Indeed, you can find potatoes and mine a lot of gems in the Gem State. That's the nickname of Idaho.

The Beehive State known as Utah doesn't really produce a lot of honey. The nickname is supposed to be an analogy for hardworking industrial workers of the state, much like worker bees.

Yes, you can see Mount Rushmore in the state of South Dakota. Rush over to see it!

Did you know that Arizona officially became a state on a Valentine's Day? That's why that nickname stuck, aside from many others.

The peach is the official state fruit of Georgia because it's a proud produce of their land. You should taste their harvest!

Minnesota's Great Seal has a French motto pertaining to the Star of the North. That's why they're nicknamed the North Star State.

North Dakota shares an area known as the International Peace Garden with Manitoba. The US-Canada border is there, obviously.

Tennessee is nicknamed The Volunteer State. You can volunteer to see Elvis Presley's Graceland here, too.

Hawaii, the Aloha state, is not actually within the mainland of the U.S. It was a territory of the USA first before it officially became a state in 1959.

The Ocean State known as Rhode Island is indeed near an ocean. That's the Atlantic Ocean we're talking about.

Florida's capital is Tallahassee. But a lot of families with kids usually troop to Orlando to visit Epcot Center.

Washington state is called the Evergreen State. Its capital is Olympia.

When America officially turned 100 years old, Colorado officially became a state. That's why its nickname is the Centennial State.

Did you know that Kool-Aid was invented here in Nebraska? It was founded in Hastings in the 1920s.

Palmetto is a kind of palm tree, which is South Carolina's official state tree. Hence, that's their nickname.

Where to find Liberty, Broadway and the Brooklyn Bridge? They're all in New York City, which is in the state of New York.

The Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville. A lot of horse race fanatics go there annually.

You can visit Fairbanks, Juneau, or Anchorage in Alaska. They're all really cold places.

Nevada's capital is Carson City. But gamblers flock to Las Vegas more, of course.

Missouri has many nicknames. The Show-Me State is one of them.

Arkansas used to be nicknamed The Bear State for a long time. But they recently replaced it with The Natural State.

Since Hollywood is there, California is seen by many as the mecca of the entertainment industry. They're kinda right in a way, but the Golden State offers more than that.

Have you had cheese from Wisconsin? They're not known as America's Dairyland for nothing, so try it!

West Virginia's capital is Charleston. Its state motto is montani semper liberi (mountaineers are always free).

Mississippi's capital is Jackson, and its nickname is the Magnolia State. When you visit, make sure to take a peek at the famous Mississippi River.

People head over to New Orleans in Louisiana for the Mardi Gras celebration. It's indeed worth the trip!

Wyoming has a great historical track record when it comes to women's suffrage. That's why it's called the Equality State.

Aside from being known for its maple syrup, Vermont was the first to celebrate same-sex marriages in the U.S., approved since 2009.

John Irving immortalized New Hampshire in his 1981 novel "Hotel New Hampshire." It was made into a film in 1984.

The location of Pennsylvania within the 13 Colonies of yore bore it the name Keystone State. It's really historically rich a state.

Alabama is also called the Heart of Dixie!

The Land of Lincoln is a nickname of Illinois. That's because that certain president's political career flourished there until his presidency.

This is Iowa. See the eye, and the oh! And of course, waaaaaaa! Have fun sightseeing there!

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