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Perfecting your beauty and hair care routine takes time. No one is born knowing how to contour like a pro, give the perfect blowout or choose the correct shade of foundation. Like everything in life, it's a mixture of trial and error, and the generosity of more experienced folks (like professional dermatologists, hairstylists and makeup artists) explaining the "hows" and "whys" of beauty.

You might know that it's important to wash your face, but you might not understand why you're supposed to use a certain cleansing product over another. 

You also might be aware that beauty products expire, but be totally clueless as to when. Eyeliner and powder eyeshadow should have two distinctly different lifespans in your makeup drawer. Likewise, you're gonna have to toss that lipstick long before you get rid of your sunscreen.

If you think you're a total star when it comes to beauty best practices and how to avoid rookie mistakes, take this quiz to see if you should think about starting your own beauty tutorial video series!

Is it a good idea to towel dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel?

Many people rub their hair dry with a towel. This can actually damage and break your hair. Instead gently squeeze out water with your hands and then a towel.


How important is it to cater to your specific skin type?

Skin care can be expensive. If you're not buying products that suit your skin, you can spend a hefty chunk of change on products that can cause breakouts, irritation or simply be ineffective.


Can you shampoo your hair too much?

While no one wants smelly hair, if you shampoo your hair too often you can strip it of its natural oils, which makes it dry and damaged. Keep your hair happy by washing it three times a week at the most. You can always use dry shampoo between traditional washings to keep the oil at bay.


True or false: It's best to do your makeup in natural light.

While your makeup might look on fleek in the bathroom mirror, bathroom lighting is often harsh and tinged yellow, and essentially unlike any other public environment you and your face will be in. Do your makeup in a space with natural lighting (if possible) to get a look that works for you.


When doing makeup, it's most important to focus on:

Every face shape is different, so a one-size-fits-all approach to makeup generally leaves people feeling frustrated when the looks of their favorite celebs don't work out for them. Put the focus on your skin tone and favorite facial features, rather than trying to look like a long-lost Kardashian.


Never apply liquid foundation straight from the bottle or tube with_______.

Never dip your fingers directly into a container of foundation, as this can cause bacteria to build up. If it has a pump or comes out of a squeeze tube, this is less of an issue.


What does aggressive drying and brushing do to hair?

Even if your hair seems healthy, rough treatment can cause breakage over time. There's no need to attack your hair with a brush like it's done something to offend you. Stick to gentle brushing and drying, and try not to twirl it.


Does lipstick expire?

Many people hold onto lipsticks for years and years, but this is actually unsanitary. The preservatives in a lipstick start to break down after about a year. Gross!


Is it possible to use too much dry shampoo?

Many people use dry shampoo to keep their hair looking fresh between washes, but overdoing it can lead to serious issues for your scalp. It can clog your scalp's pores and make your scalp irritated and oily if overused.


True or false: You should use the hottest setting on your hair dryer.

Heat fries hair. While many people crank up the heat to get the job done faster, this can actually cause split ends, frizz and breakage. Using a low setting is key for a sleek blowout rather than a fried frizz-ball.


How often should you replace your eyeliner and mascara?

Makeup comes with an expiration date for a reason. When it comes to eye makeup, regular replacement is key to avoid eye infections or using dried-out, flaky products.


Eyebrows should ideally:

Eyebrow trends come and go, but the best brow will suit your specific face shape. Brows that are too sparse or dark can actually age you.


Which of these should be put on first?

Primer acts as a barrier between the skin and product, and it helps makeup last longer. It should be put on first, followed by concealer, foundation and setting powder.


What do you need to do before heat-styling your hair?

If you heat-style your hair regularly, you could potentially fry your hair in the long term. Heat protection keeps your hair healthy and actually helps hot tools work better, so you get a sizzling look without the sizzled ends.


True or false: People with oily skin should use moisturizer.

While many people with oily skin are afraid of moisturizer, it's actually really important for them to moisturize. Oily skin produces more oil if you constantly strip it of moisture.


Over-exfoliating skin is a big problem: True or false?

While some exfoliation is good, too much can actually hurt your skin's natural protective barrier and cause acne and redness. Opt for a chemical exfoliant over ones made with sharp shells or seeds, which can actually tear your skin.


What should your daily skin care routine include that most people forget?

Unless you wear a turtle neck year round, your neck sees just as much sun and wind as your face. Don't stop your moisturizer and sunscreen at the jawline.


Should you apply sunscreen under your eyes?

While applying sunscreen too close to the eyes can be painful, it is actually important to protect this area with fragrance-free sunscreen. It's a common area where sun-exposure-based cancers can develop.


What's the best way to blow dry your hair?

Many people just flip their heads over and have at it when blow drying, but this can actually give you a frizzy inconsistent texture right out of the gate. For smooth and sleek hair, work in medium sections with clips.


How often does the average person need to wash their face?

While everyone's skin is different, most people don't need to wash their face more than once before they go to bed. Unless you're working out regularly, washing away your makeup and the grime of the day before bed should be enough for your skin.


How often should you wash your makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes can last from 1-5 years, depending on their quality and how well they're cleaned. While ideally, they should be cleaned daily if they're used daily, a thorough weekly cleaning should be enough for most skin types to avoid infection and blemishes.


Where should you test your foundation when shopping?

Many people swatch foundation on their hands when shopping, which is part of the reason why so many people have faces shades lighter or darker than the rest of them. Instead, test the foundation where it will actually be used.


Foaming cleansers are best for which skin type?

Only people with very oily skin should use foaming cleansers or ones with beads, as these intense cleansers strip moisture from the skin. People with dry skin should opt for moisturizing cleansers, and people with combination skin should choose something more gentle.


What does taking hot showers do to your skin?

Showering and washing your face with hot water leaves it desert dry and stripped of oils. Opt for warm or cool water instead.


What's the easiest way to get a dramatic lash look?

Layering up mascara too many times leads to clumping, smudging, flaking, and sometimes even raccoon eyes. If you find yourself layering and layering mascara, get one with a thicker formula instead.


Can sunscreen expire?

Sunscreen has a shelf life of about three years. After that point, its ingredients begin to break down. If you have the same sunscreen your mom bought you in high school rolling around in your drawer, it's time to let it go.


How often should you get your hair color touched-up?

Stylists used to recommend touch-ups every four to six weeks, but now they know that that often leads to damaged, over-processed hair. Now many recommend you wait as long as you can between colorings.


What makes small eyes look even smaller?

Smoky eyes are a modern classic, but ringing small eyes in severe dark liner will only make them look smaller. Instead, try using lighter products on the bottom lashes. It can work wonders to make small eyes appear larger.


How long should you keep powder eyeshadow for?

As a general rule, all powder makeup is good for two years. This includes blushes and bronzers, as well.


Which part of your hair should you condition?

While many people think that only the ends of your hair need TLC, especially fine hair, this isn't true. Fine hair especially is extra fragile when wet and needs the benefits of complete regular conditioning.


What makeup mistake can make you look orange, instead of flawless?

If you have ever put on a shade of foundation that matched you perfectly, only to look like an oompa loompa by 2 o'clock, it may be because the pH in your skin's oil changed the pigment in your foundation. Try applying a primer as a barrier.


Where should you apply foundation?

We have all seen someone with a jawline shades darker, warmer or lighter than their neck. To avoid a full body ombre, blend your foundation onto your neck and ears.


What kind of bronzer should you contour with?

The whole idea of contouring is to trick the eye by using bronzer to create shadows and definition which could be natural. A neutral toned matte blush will work best for this.


Is brushing your hair when it's wet bad for your hair?

Hair is at its weakest when it's wet. Combing or brushing it right out of the shower over a long period of time can make it break and snap. Your best bet is to use a wide-tooth comb in the shower while you have conditioner in your hair. Also, work the comb from the bottom knots up towards the top, rather than starting at the scalp and yanking on any tangles.


Do makeup brushes need to be cleaned regularly?

Using dirty brushes can lead to acne, irritation and even eye infections. While cleaning brushes regularly is no fun, your skin and eyes will thank you.


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