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Are you a fan of movies with a drug-related plot? Do you consider yourself an aficionado of this type of movie? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about famous drug movies.

Drug films are big business for Hollywood movie makers. This type of movie combines a host of necessary elements for success in theaters, including drama, death, suspense, and even a bit of sympathy. For the most part, a good drug movie keeps the viewer on the edge of his or her seat for the duration of the film.

Hollywood has made big bucks off of drug movies. If you consider classics such as "Blog," "Trainspotting," "Drugstore Cowboy," "Traffic," and "Scarface," you'll understand what we're talking about. And, although drug movies remain popular with viewers, some have even attained cult status, they are rarely big box office earners. 

In fact, "Blow," a movie about Cocaine starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, which received mixed reviews, earned less than twice its budget upon release. However, another drug movie cult classic, "Trainspotting," earned nearly 50 million pounds from a 1.5 million pound budget. Guess these drug movies are difficult to gauge.

Take this quiz to see how many of these famous drug movies you can identify.

It's an epic film that follows a the drugged adventures of a famous '60s era%0Drock band.

"The Doors" is an Oliver Stone movie about the band of the same name. Val Kilmer stars as singer Jim Morrison, who used lots and lots (and lots) of drugs and wound up dead at 27.


Writer Hunter S. Thompson goes on a series of drug-fueled escapades in Las Vegas.

Johnny Depp channels his inner H.S.T. in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." He and his attorney Dr. Gonzo ingest every drug they can get their hands on, turning the movie into a neon- and vomit-splashed psychedelic trip.


Two motorcyclists smuggle drugs so that they can afford to ride from Los Angeles to New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras.

"Easy Rider" is a classic motorcycle outlaw movie that finds Robert Redford and Dennis Hopper mixed up in drug trafficking and violence … and all they really wanted to do was party.


A man named George Jung (Johnny Depp) makes a fortune importing cocaine from Colombia to the United States.

In 2001's "Blow," Johnny Depp became George Jung, a real-life criminal who made a killing by smuggling huge amounts of cocaine from Colombia. In the end, though, Jung's empire turns to, well, dust.


A stoned bowler and his buddies are swept into a story filled with violence, kidnapping, and a rug that "really tied the room together."

Jeff Bridges is the star of "The Big Lebowski," and he's like, really mad that someone stole his living room rug. His attempts to retrieve the tattered rug will send him on a long and strange misadventure.


This violent film shows the dramatic rise and fall of an '80s era drug kingpin in Miami.

Actor Al Pacino's role as kingpin Tony Montana cemented his Hollywood legend. "Scarface" portrays an '80s-era Miami drug trafficking world that was brimming with cash … and violence.


A young man's dreams of sports stardom are threatened by his worsening drug habits.

In 1995, Leonardo DiCaprio's career began to blossom in part thanks to his role in "The Basketball Diaries." Based on a true story, it portrays a young basketball hotshot who gets sucked into a dark void of drug abuse.


A Scottish man named Mark Renton tries to kick heroin so that he can live a clean life, but first, he has to deal with the aftermath of years of drug abuse.

Renton slowly realizes that his life is shriveling due to his heroin use. He avoids HIV, prison, and death … but somehow he has to find a way to really live life again.


Two stoners get the munchies and set off to find their favorite little hamburgers.

In "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," two young men indulge in marijuana and set off for White Castle to satisfy their cravings. But they'll be waylaid numerous times during their quest. And in the end, they'll probably get diarrhea, too.


It's Friday and two stoner friends must figure out how to get $200 to pay off their weed supplier … or else.

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker star in "Friday." Tucker is Smokey, a low-level drug dealer who uses too much of his own product and winds up in serious hot water.


In this depressing film about drug addiction, a series of characters struggle with substances and ultimately wind up as hollow versions of their former selves.

Starring Ellen Burstyn and Jared Leto, "Requiem for a Dream" is an exhausting take on the dark side of drug use. It shows how drugs can permanently alter the course of human lives.


A young American student gets nabbed while smuggling drugs out of Turkey, and he winds up in a terrifying prison.

In 1978's "Midnight Express," a college student tries to smuggle hashish out of Turkey. He winds up in a horrifying Turkish prison and endures years of abuse.


A stoner accidentally kills a police officer's horse by feeding it sugar. He winds up in jail, and his pot-addled friends cook up a plan to bail him out.

In 1998's "Half Baked," an all-star cast consisting of Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart, Guillermo Diaz and Jim Breuer engage in all manner of stoned hijinks, all to save their jailed friend Kenny.


The war on drugs becomes personal when an American drug czar realizes that his own overachieving daughter has a substance abuse problem.

"Traffic," from 2000, stars Benicio Del Toro. The film that explores the consequences of cross-border drug trafficking and the War on Drugs.


An addict and his drug-addled followers rob pharmacies looking for their next high.

Matt Dillion and Kelly Lynch portray a married couple that goes on a robbery spree in "Drugstore Cowboy." Only they aren't interested in money -- they want drugs. And they aren't looking for Advil.


Actor Ben Stiller is a comedy writer battling a terrible heroin addiction.

A writer named Jerry Stahl spends thousands of dollars per month on his heroin habit. At the end of "Permanent Midnight," much of his life has gone black.


A pest exterminator, adversely affected by the chemicals he uses on the job, winds up in a haze, kills his wife and witnesses his typewriter turning into a cockroach.

"Naked Lunch" is based on the novel of the same name by William S. Burroughs. David Cronenberg's adaptation is just as weird as the drug-infused book.


Vincent takes a mobster's wife out on the town, and she overdoses on heroin. Somehow he has to get her home alive.

John Travolta is Vincent, and once Mia (Uma Thurman) overdoses on heroin, all hell breaks loose. This Quentin Tarantino movie is a masterpiece of criminal misadventure.


An impoverished Colombian teenager resorts to becoming a drug mule in order to make money for her family.

Pregnant and just 17 years old, Maria loses her job. In desperation, she becomes a drug mule for a drug trafficking operation.


A drug kingpin earns a vast fortune selling cocaine but winds up in prison pining for his daughter to visit him.

In "Blow," drug kingpin George Jung is sentenced to 60 years in prison. He doesn't miss his freedom or his money … but he desperately misses his daughter.


In this silly comedy, two stoners witness a murder, and a rare form of marijuana might be the evidence that ties them to the scene.

Seth Rogen and James Franco inadvertently leave a bit of rare marijuana (a strain called "Pineapple Express") at a murder scene. The bad news is that the bad guys can use this evidence to find them … and kill them.


In this '70s classic, two stoned guys unwittingly take a van loaded with marijuana across the Mexico border to Los Angeles.

Cheech and Chong became counterculture icons in "Up in Smoke," as two stoners smuggle pot -- unknowingly -- across international lines.


A young man named Dirk Diggler is an adult film star whose life unravels in part due to his rampant drug use.

A high-school dropout named Eddie transforms into Dirk Diggler and becomes an adult film star. But drugs begin to derail his life in myriad ways.


In Rio de Janeiro, one boy grows up to become a photographer -- another becomes a drug dealer.

In "City of God," impoverished boys must choose their paths in life. But they find that no matter what choices they make, their fates are still intertwined.


The story of what happens after an illegal drug deal, told from three different perspectives.

"Go" stars Sarah Polley, Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf, portraying drug deal and the events that transpire. This comedy was released in 1999 to mostly positive reviews.


A drug smuggler rises to extreme wealth and then is shot to death in front a statue that reads, "The World is Yours."

It's pretty ironic symbolism at the end of "Scarface." Drug smuggler Tony Montana's empire is blasted to bloody bits, and he's murdered next to a statue that reads, "The World is Yours."


Injected with an exotic toxin, our hero must keep his heart rate very high, otherwise, the toxin will take hold and kill him.

In "Crank," Jason Statham plays a man who will die from poison if his heart rate becomes too slow. So he resorts to all manner of wild behavior (including drug use) to keep his heart pumping.


A stockbroker lives a high-flying existence filled with money, prostitutes and a lot of cocaine.

In 2013's "The Wolf of Wall Street," Leonardo DiCaprio is a wild Wall Street star who has piles of money, which he often spends on mountains of cocaine. His bad habits are bound to catch up with him sooner or later.


Danny's wife is murdered and his life cartwheels out of control in a haze of drug abuse.

After his wife is murdered in "Salton Sea," Danny's life careens out of control. He winds up trying to buy a large amount of meth from a guy named Pooh-Bear. And if that series of events doesn't indicate some sort of downward spiral, I don't know what does.


A heroin-addicted poet and free-spirited artist fall in love. Their drug-fueled relationship falls into despair.

Heath Ledger and Abby Cornish star in "Candy," in which two young heroin addicts fall in love but then set about destroying one another. Because, you know, heroin addiction just sort of goes that way.


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