Quiz: Can You Guess These Spanish-Speaking Countries from Their Outlines?
Can You Guess These Spanish-Speaking Countries from Their Outlines?
By: Olivia C
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The United Nations has identified six official languages: one of them is English, and another is Spanish. There are also other languages commonly spoken around the world. In fact there are over 6,500 languages, but English and Spanish remain globally important.

And why is that? First, there's the history of colonization. Most modern-day cultural formations were borne out of violent colonial takeover. Nations including England and Spain were staunch believers in world takeover and settlement. They took over the Americas and brought their languages with them. Many indigenous people were forced to learn Spanish. The language of the colonizers has carried over until today.

We hear Spanish around the world, and in some parts where you least expect it, too. Do you know which country in Africa speaks Spanish? Can you name all of the Caribbean Islands where Spanish is heard?

Take a good guess and see if you can name these countries that speak Spanish, whether officially or unofficially.  Buena suerte!

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Of course, this European country had to be the mother of all of them. Which country is this?
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Can you name this large country?
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What’s this Spanish-speaking island known as?
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And this US territory is known as what?
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Can you name this South American country?
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This is the outline of which Caribbean country?
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Can you guess the name of this country in South America?
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Which South American country is this?
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How about the name of this country, land of the beauty queens?
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What is this Central American country named?
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Do you know this Central American country, known for its canal?
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What’s this once Perón-ruled land called?
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Can you name this country, once part of the Spanish Empire?
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Which Spanish-speaking country is this one?
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This country with an ancient Andean civilization is called what?
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Spanish is an official language here, which is what country?
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How about this one near an imaginary line that divides the hemispheres?
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Spanish is also officially spoken here. What is this country?
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How about this country, home of the "river of the painted birds"?
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What’s this South American country that officially speaks Spanish?
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The only country in Africa with Spanish as its official language is called which of the following?
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This samba-dancing country may not have Spanish as its official language, but you can hear it spoken along the borders. Which is it?
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Which country is this, known for its Spanish influence?
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Spanish speakers can be found in this territory, can you identify it?
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This African nation has pockets of Spanish-speaking people. What is it?
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How about this Asian country, which speaks a creole form of Spanish?
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Spanish is spoken in this tiny Caribbean nation. What’s it called?
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Can you name this small nation near Spain, where Spanish can be heard?
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What about this nation once ruled by Spain?
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Can you name this Central American country?
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This small nation speaks Papiamento and Spanish, what is it called?
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Can you name this two-island Caribbean nation?
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How about this land north of the USA that has many Spanish speakers?
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The Queen knows it! Which country is this?
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Surprise! How about this country?
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