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You likely know how to tell a goat’s a goat just by first glance, but what about when there’s more than one? With millions of species of animals scattered around the world, there has to be an equally abundant number of names to classify different creatures … and what’s more, different names for spotting multiples of such creatures! 

Animals live in groups for any number of reasons, whether for hunting, migration, protection or maybe merely because they are sociable creatures. No matter the reason, there has to be a way to identify groups for each kind of animal. While many of these names are well known — for instance, a "pack" of wolves or a "herd" of cattle — even a lot of considerably common animals are tricky to identify, thanks to their peculiar group names.

If you’re an expert on animal trivia, you’ve come to the right place to showcase your skills. Even if you aren’t sure what in the world could possibly make up a “murder,” a “cackle” or even a “flamboyance,” this quiz provides plenty of opportunities to learn. Plus, it’ll make you look like a genius during any future trips to the zoo! 

So what’re you waiting for? Get wild and test out your knowledge of the animal kingdom!

You wouldn't want to find just one of these creepy-crawlies around, let alone a group of them! What animals make up an "intrusion"?

There are over 4,000 different kinds of cockroaches, which means there are quite a few intrusions around the world. If you are one of the many people who find these little bugs terrifying, then you have katsaridaphobia.


You wouldn't find any witches hanging around this kind of "cauldron." What animals would you find instead?

Bats are nocturnal animals and the only mammals capable of sustaining flight instead of gliding like a flying squirrel to travel through the air. While flight speed varies with the species, some can reach over 100 mph.


Any kind of "parade" is fun, especially when it's referring to a group of these. What mammals make up this group?

African elephants are the world’s largest land mammals. Elephants' tusks never stop growing (except for female Asian elephants, who usually don’t have tusks). This means the bigger the tusks, the better the indication that you’ve spotted an older elephant.


What's your theory on the type of animal that belongs in a "conspiracy"?

Lemurs are very social creatures, so they’d mostly be found living together, which can also help when they're faced with a predator. The only places in the world with natural lemur populations are the islands of Madagascar and Comoro, off the coast of Africa.


While the name might suggest another animal, a "sloth" is actually a group of what?

There are many different species of bears — these mammals are diverse and have adapted to living in various climates all over the world. The polar bear is the only true carnivorous bear, as most of the others are omnivores, eating both plants and animals. Of course, there's also the giant panda, which pretty much focuses on bamboo.


You likely wouldn't find these animals attached to any "leash." What animals form this group?

A leash of foxes is a more uncommon sight than just one, as foxes usually prefer a life of solitude. Luckily, foxes have unique methods for getting around, such as using the whiskers on both their legs and faces to navigate.


A "murder" sounds terrifying, though these winged creatures aren't too threatening. What are they?

Crows are extremely intelligent and have even been seen using tools, such as sticks, to access meals that are slightly out of reach. These birds also have an amazing memory, especially regarding food, hiding it away without fear of forgetting where they’ve put it.


They're not nearly as clumsy as the name implies. What mammals make up a "crash"?

It’s no wonder where these animals got their name, as the word “rhinoceros” means “nose horn,” for which they are sadly often hunted. A rhino’s horn is made up of keratin, the same protein found in human fingernails and hair.


With multiple arms for applause, these beings make up quite an "audience." What are they?

A squid’s skin gives it the ability to change color, which can help when it needs to camouflage from predators. Speaking of protecting itself, a squid squirts ink to cloak itself in a dark cloud, difficult for other creatures to see.


You'd need-le to be extra careful around a "prickle" of what kind of animals?

On average, a porcupine’s body is covered with approximately 30,000 quills. Whenever the animal feels threatened, it will bristle, making its quills more prominent and dangerous. Porcupines don’t shoot their quills, as was once believed.


What cold-blooded creatures form a "bask"?

Crocodiles are the biggest living reptiles on the planet, and they are found on every continent other than Europe and Antarctica. Their size doesn’t mean they can’t be sensitive, though, as they’ve been known to shed a few "crocodile tears" (which often happens whenever they snort while eating).


What bugs would you find buzzing around in a "business"?

A fly does not have any teeth and instead uses its long tongue-like proboscis as a straw to suck up food. A female fly will often lay eggs on its food. There are more than 100,000 species of flies all over the world.


It's no surprise these brightly colored birds group together in a "flamboyance." What are they?

A flamingo’s pretty pink color is all thanks to its diet. The crustaceans, plankton and algae they eat are chock-full of beta carotene, which is why flamingos will turn gray if they aren’t fed their healthy, natural diet of such marine animals.


While often cast as the villains in scary movies, these animals are vital to the ocean. What are these animals that also create a "shiver"?

Sharks have many teeth, growing in multiple rows, and each sheds thousands over a lifetime. Sharks are commonly feared, though they aren’t as dangerous as you may think – hippos, deer and even cows are known to cause more human deaths than sharks.


A group that's perhaps named after the way the animals hunt, what would you find in an "ambush"?

Tigers are the largest species within the feline family — other than ligers, which are the result of crossbreeding by man. Some tigers grow as long as 11 feet from head to tail and weigh over 600 pounds. Sadly, there are more tigers living in captivity than in the wild.


What type of winged animals join together to create a "covey"?

Partridges lay more eggs on average than any other bird. Their nests are often crowded with 15 eggs at a time, though even larger numbers have been recorded. A young partridge is able to fly properly at just 15 days old.


There would certainly be a lot of laughter heard coming from a "cackle," or a group, of what?

A group of hyenas is called a cackle or a clan. Female hyenas are bigger and hold more dominance than males. Hyenas use various signals to communicate, including sounds and postures. A hyena’s laugh is actually a way to alert others within the cackle of a new food source or a threat.


If you have pets, then you might just have a "clutter" of these animals at home. What are they?

Cats are one of the most beloved pets — there are over 500 million domestic cats in the world. While kittens are commonly known as a litter, a group of cats can go by a variety of names, including a clutter, a pounce, a nuisance, a glorying or a glare.


You'd have to crane your neck to see a "tower" of what tall animals?

A giraffe is the tallest living mammal on the planet, with its legs alone at a height of six feet on average. Their size doesn’t limit their speed, though, as a giraffe can sprint as fast as 35 mph over a short distance.


What animals would you find hopping together as part of a "knot"?

Toads are like frogs, in the sense that they start as tadpoles, though once grown they are able to live farther away from water. Toads do not have teeth. Instead of chewing, these animals swallow their food whole. Talk about a mouthful!


When traveling together, what group of giant mammals make a "gang"?

Buffalos found in North America are known as "bison," and they are the largest land animals in this region. Buffalos are known for having a giant hump, which is made up of muscles and vertebrae, helping the animals travel through snow.


If you must-er know, a "muster" is a collection of what sea creatures?

As flightless birds, penguins rely on aquatic traveling. The animals are able to navigate through water thanks to adapted flippers, which help them swim. Emperor penguins can remain underwater for about 20 minutes at a time.


These animals aren't really fighters (unless you're a leaf). What invertebrates form an "army"?

A caterpillar has 12 eyes (half a dozen on each side of its head), though this doesn’t equate to good eyesight. The eyes, known as "stemmata," are solely used to differentiate between light and dark.


You certainly wouldn't find a "hover" of these floating above the ground. What creatures make up this group?

Trout spend the majority of their time eating, dedicating a whopping 80% of any average day to searching for food. Larger trout are capable of eating larger prey, with even some in New Zealand known to feast on mice.


Look out for a "shadow" while in the depths of the jungle, which is a group of what animals?

Jaguars hunt on both land and in water, making these large cats very versatile predators. It’s easy to see how the word "jaguar" came from the Native American word "yaguar," which means “he who kills with one leap.”


What underwater animal is one of many in a "smack"?

A jellyfish doesn’t have a brain, heart, bones or eyes. When hunting for food, a jellyfish uses its tentacles to sting (and sometimes even paralyze) prey before leading the meal towards its mouth, which is located in the center of its body.


Keep an eye open around rivers for these great swimmers. What kind of mammals are in a "romp"?

The sea otter is known for having the thickest fur in the entire animal kingdom. A single square inch of its body can be covered in as much as one million hairs. An otter has two layers of fur, which trap air and keep the animal dry, warm and even buoyant.


A "posse" is formed when what breed of birds hangs out together?

Turkeys may be known for the iconic gobbling sound they make, but only the males do this. Males make this noise to attract females and warn rival males. Both males and females communicate via purrs, whistles, cackles and yelps.


What animals live in the land down under and together form a "wisdom"?

Wombats are marsupials, meaning the female animal gives birth to a baby that soon heads into its mother’s pouch to finish developing. The opening of a wombat’s pouch faces the rear instead of the head so it can dig without getting dirt inside.


A group of these black and white mammals is known as a "zeal." What are they?

Each zebra has a unique pattern of black and white stripes, which many experts believe function as camouflage, since their main predator, the lion, is colorblind. When they're being chased by a predator, zebras will run from side to side in an attempt to get away.


Known for their constant hard work while underground, what animals are in a "labor"?

Moles burrow in the ground, digging tunnels and houses using their shovel-like curved front paws and claws. Their favorite food is worms, and just one mole can consume more than 50 pounds of worms in a year.


They're as entertaining as their group name implies. What species of talkative birds forms a "company"?

Most of these colorful birds spend their lives in tropical areas, feeding on seeds, fruit, nectar, flowers and small insects. There are more than 370 species of parrots around the world, and some can live to be over 80 years old.


You don't have to worry about a chance of rain with this kind of "cloud," or a group of what insects?

A grasshopper's legs function like catapults, enabling it to jump nearly 10 inches high and nearly three feet in distance. This would be relative to a human leaping the length of a football field.


What type of common farm animals make up a "tribe"?

Goats were among the first animals to be domesticated, nearly 11,000 years ago. Goats have wide rectangular pupils, which give them a better range of vision than animals with round pupils.


Considering they spend their lives in shells, it's no wonder a "hood" is a group of what?

Depending on the species, snails may live as long as 25 years. The snail is known to be one of the slowest animals on the planet, with a common garden snail’s peak speed at just 50 yards per hour. Talk about a snail’s pace!


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