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Check out if you know your mammals and your deadly creatures in this quiz. Interesting combo, huh?

We all know that the animal kingdom's class Mammalia is a very unique and eclectic kind of class in the kingdom. But in existence, some of the creatures under this classification have been domesticated by humans or are just peace-loving by nature. So that's a good thing, right?

Now how about those that aren't such a hoot for domestication? Then there's that element of danger in here. These creatures may not be able to submit as a domestic animal, but they could also be deadly due to their physical and environmental make-up. For example, some of the mammals in our list have some kind of structural defense against predators. Meanwhile, some of them have built-in self-defense mechanisms that can also be used if they become predators themselves. Cool but crazy, right?

And then there's the set of mammals which you may think are totally harmless, but they're not. There are statistics of how many deaths these creatures contribute to the death toll yearly, so that's not such a good sign.

So, let's see if you know which is which, OK? Start the quiz, now!

Is the lion a mammal?

Lions are one of the most deadliest mammals on the planet. They're not king of the jungle for nothing, right?


How about the tiger?

Yes, the tiger is also a mammal. It's one of the deadliest creatures found in a forest.


And the pufferfish?

A pufferfish is indeed dangerous, especially when consumed. But no, they're not mammals.


Can we count in a mosquito?

A mosquito is an insect. It's not a mammal.


How about a hippo?

A hippopotamus is indeed a mammal. And yes, it's one of the deadliest one around.


How about this box jellyfish?

A mammal should have a backbone. So no, a box jellyfish is not a mammal.


How about a crocodile?

A crocodile is technically a reptile. So no, it's not a mammal.


Is the scary grizzly bear a mammal?

A grizzly bear is indeed a mammal. But it's not peacefully cuddly!


How about the great white shark?

Sharks are under the class called Chondrichthyes. So no, they're not mammals.


How about a dog?

A dog is indeed a mammal. And yes, it is also listed as a dangerous animal, because some breeds are indeed dangerous.


And Komodo dragons?

A Komodo dragon is a reptile. It's not a mammal.


Is the hyena a mammal?

Like its jungle cousins, a hyena is also a mammal. There's a lot of them in the wild.


How about a cougar?

A cougar is a mammal. It's related distantly to your house cat!


And the cape buffalo?

A cape buffalo is a mammal. And yes, it is indeed a dangerous animal, so don't go near it.


Is a gray wolf a mammal?

A gray wolf is indeed a dangerous mammal. Have you seen those eyes and teeth?


How about the alligator?

Alligators are considered as one of the most dangerous animals in North America. But they're not mammals.


Is the coyote one, too?

A coyote is indeed a mammal, one that runs after its prey. So yeah, it's quite dangerous.


How about a horse?

A horse is indeed a mammal. But yes, it could also count as a dangerous animal for the number of horse-related accidents that happen in a given year.


Is the wolverine a mammal?

Yes, the wolverine is a dangerous creature. Why do you think the mammal was the name of a wild X-Men member?


How about this golden poison dart frog?

This small but terrible creature is not a mammal. It's a reptile.


What about the huge elephant?

The elephant belongs to class Mammalia. But it could really get dangerous as well.


And the American black bear?

The American black bear is a mammal. It shares that characteristic with all kinds of large bears.


Is a cone snail a mammal?

A cone snail doesn't have any of the mammal characteristics. It DOES have deadly poison that could kill you before you get out of the water.


Is this Brazilian wandering spider a mammal?

The Brazilian wandering spider might be as dangerous as a bear. But no, it's not a mammal.


How about a polar bear?

A polar bear is indeed a mammal. But don't let one hug you!


What about a leopard?

A leopard is another jungle creature that's a mammal. And it could get quite dangerous if provoked, or when hunting for prey.


How about the electric eel?

An electric eel is kinda like a fish. And by definition, that's not a mammal.


Is the jaguar a mammal?

Yes, the jaguar is definitely a mammal. These big cats are just not too friendly, though.


This red-bellied piranha is a mammal or not?

Piranhas belong to class Actinopterygii or those fishes with more bones than usual. Therefore, they're not mammals.


Is the white-tailed deer a mammal, too?

Deers are considered as mammals. Any kind of their, well, kind is a mammal.


How about a harpy eagle?

Eagles belong to class Aves. All birds are categorized here, so they're not mammals.


How about a Kodiak bear?

A Kodiak bear is also known as the Alaskan brown bear. They're mammals.


Is the cow a mammal?

Cows are not that deadly in the sense that a lion is, but they still contribute to the death toll with a small number of kills. And yes, it's a mammal.


How about these Africanized bees?

Africanized bees are categorized under class Insecta. So they're not mammals, but they're deadly!


How about the Tsetse fly?

Tsetse flies are insects, therefore they're not mammals. Careful that you don't get bitten by one!


This scary Amazonian giant centipede, is it a mammal?

In general, centipedes belong to class Chilopoda. So these crawly creatures are not mammals. They are, however, nightmare fuel.


How about the American bison?

The American bison is definitely a mammal. These creatures are found in North America, and could get quite deadly when outraged.


And the deadly vampire bat?

The vampire bat is actually a mammal. And yes, it feeds on blood, so beware. However, it drinks so little it won't kill you.


How about the deep-sea stonefish?

The stonefish is a deadly deep-sea creature. And it's not a mammal.


Is a human a mammal, too?

Yes, humans are mammals, too. And because of our capacity to think of horrific stuff like wars and genocide, then we belong to this list of dangerous mammals on earth.


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