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Can you identify at least 35 U.S. state capitals? Here is your opportunity to prove that you've managed to retain the knowledge you absorbed during grade school. If nothing else, this cool geography quiz will refresh your memory and teach you a thing or two about the capital cities that span from sea to shining sea.

Isn't it a curious thing how cities get promoted to capital status? What on earth are the qualifications for being the capital city of a U.S. state? A large population certainly can't be a qualification. Some of America's capital cities have the lowest population numbers of their respective states, as you shall soon see in this quiz. Does square mileage count? Probably not; capital cities come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe after taking this quiz, you will have discerned the pattern for electing capital cities and solve this riddle once and for all. But first, your priority is the simple task of matching capital city to U.S. state. 

You only need to coordinate 35 out of 50 capital-state pairs. This test is a piece of cake.

Alaska's capital city lies along the Gastineau Channel. What is its name?

Juneau, Alaska, was founded in 1880 and incorporated in 1900. Gold miners settled the southeastern city, which serves as a trading zone for the Alaska Panhandle region.


Latter-day Saints arrived in a major valley of Utah's capital city in 1847. Can you identify the city's name?

The state of Utah was named after the Utes American Indian tribe. Elaborate mining operations occur in Utah's capital, Salt Lake City. There, selenium, platinum, zinc, silver, gold, copper and other elements are unearthed.


Which capital city of Colorado has denoted more than 300 landmarks, which is more than any other U.S. city of similar size?

Much of the water supply in Denver, Colorado, comes from melting mountain snow in the spring. The water is either stored in reservoirs or prevented from entering the South Platter River and other bodies of water.


Which city has been the state capital of Kentucky since 1792?

Thoroughbred horses are produced in Frankfort, Kentucky, which serves as the Bluegrass region's center of trade. The Bluegrass region has the most mineral-rich land in the state.


Which capital city lies in the heart of Connecticut?

Hartford Public High School in Connecticut's capital city is the second oldest secondary school that is still in operation in the United States. The school was founded in 1638.


Louisiana State University is located in Louisiana's capital city of ________.

"Baton Rouge" is a French name that literally means "red stick." Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and a major industrial port along the Mississippi River.


What capital city is located in the north-central region of New Mexico?

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is situated along the Santa Fe River. The original name of the capital city was Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis, which is Spanish for "Royal City of the Holy Faith of St. Francis of Assisi."


South Carolina's capital city was mostly destroyed by a massive conflagration that occurred on February 17, 1865, during the Civil War. Where did this inferno take place?

Columbia, South Carolina, lies in the upper eastern-central region of the state. The South Carolina State House is located in the capital city and is the state's center of government.


What's the name of Pennsylvania's capital city, which lies on the east bank of the Susquehanna River?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is a major producer of electronic devices. The Harrisburg capitol building was designed to resemble St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy.


In October of 1935, a devastating earthquake occurred in Montana's capital city of _______.

Atop the copper dome cover of the capitol building in Helena, Montana, is a smaller replica of the Statue of Liberty. Helena is a major agricultural hub for the state.


Can you guess Oregon's capital city, which lies approximately 43 miles south of Portland?

Railroad construction in the 1870s stimulated economic growth in Salem, Oregon. The food industry, especially, continues to flourish in the capital city.


The capital city of Vermont is situated in the state's northwest-central region. Can you name the city?

Montpelier lies along the Winooski River in Vermont. Tourism and insurance are the capital city's major industries.


Barton Creek and the Colorado River are two major waterways that flow through what capital city of Texas?

Austin, Texas, is a major hub for biotechnology, telecommunications and computer technology. Austin is also renowned for its bustling music scene.


Ohio's capital city is the home of the state university's main campus. What is the name of the city?

In the 21st century, close to half of the population of the United States lies within a 500-mile radius of Columbus, Ohio. Manufacturing (e.g., automobiles, nutritional supplements, steel) and technology are major industries in the capital city.


What is Minnesota's capital city, which lies near the state's eastern border?

There are a number of educational institutions that call St. Paul, Minnesota, home, including Hamline University, Concordia University and the ​University of St. Thomas. The annual St. Paul Winter Carnival showcases snow and ice sculptures, parades and winter events.


The most destructive tornado in Wyoming's history happened in its capital city of _________ on July 16, 1979.

Timber, plastics and health care are a few thriving industries in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The capital city is home to Frontier Days, which is one of America's oldest rodeos.


What is the name of Arizona's capital city, which lies in the state's south-central region?

Prior to the mid-20th century, Phoenix's major industries were agriculture and ranching. Since then, Arizona's capital city has grown to become a major urban center where the technology and tourism industries have blossomed.


Florida's capital city is situated at its northern border. What is the name of the city?

Major local attractions in Tallahassee, Florida, include the Museum of Florida History and the Columns, which is the city's oldest building (established in 1830). Government, distribution and trade services are key components of the city's economy.


What is the name of Mississippi's largest city and capital, where the Pearl River outlines its eastern perimeter?

Jackson, Mississippi, lies along the Pearl River in the western-central region of the state. Major industries in the capital city include livestock services and telecommunications.


What is the capital city situated in New Hampshire's southeast region?

New Hampshire's capital city is situated along the Merrimack River. The printing industry played a pivotal role in Concord's economic development.


What is the capital city of Arkansas, which is situated in the center of the state, close to the Ouachita Mountains?

Little Rock, Arkansas, borders the western bank of the Arkansas River in the state's central region. Financial, governmental and food services are several industries that contribute to Little Rock's economy.


What is the name of Hawaii's capital city and main port?

Several major industries in Hawaii rely on the state's main port, including sugar refinement and steel production. University of Hawaii and the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific are located in Honolulu.


Georgia's state capital is situated in the northwest region of the state. What is the city's name?

Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia by population. The capital city is a major metropolitan hub for the state and a vital transportation center for the southeastern region of the United States.


Can you guess the capital city of Maryland, which has the highest rate of rising sea level than any other Atlantic Coast town?

Annapolis, Maryland, lies at the juncture of the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay in the heart of the state. Annapolis is an important military and government center for the region. This capital city is home to the United States Naval Academy.


What is the name of Michigan's capital city, which lies near the state's southern edge?

Lansing, Michigan, encompasses the eastern bank of the Grand River. The automobile industry is a major contributor to the capital city's economy.


The 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building occurred in Oklahoma's capital city of _____________.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is located in the center of the state and is its biggest municipality. Several important industries for the city include energy, technology and health services.


What is the name of the capital city that borders the eastern bank of the Missouri River in North Dakota?

The Belle Mehus Auditorium opened in January 1914 and is a major cultural center in Bismarck, North Dakota. Coal, oil, and gas refinement and distribution services are key components of the capital city's economy.


The Kennebec River bisects this capital city in Maine. What is the name of the city?

Massachusetts traders from Plymouth colony settled in Maine's capital city in 1628. Augusta is home to the University of Maine at Augusta.


Salt Creek winds through Nebraska's capital city of ___________.

Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska, and it's the state's second-largest municipality. Lincoln lies approximately 60 miles southwest of Omaha, which borders the state's eastern edge, opposite the state of Iowa.


This capital city encompasses two substantial bodies of water in Washington state. What is the city's name?

The Budd Inlet to the north and Capitol Lake to the south bisect the capital city of Olympia, Washington. Olympia lies southwest of Seattle, Washington, by approximately 60 miles.


In post-World War II America, many African Americans flocked to the rigidly segregated districts of North Carolina's capital city of __________.

Raleigh, North Carolina, is a major educational center in the state. The capital city is home to North Carolina State University and Shaw University. Raleigh is part of North Carolina's Research Triangle, which includes the cities of Durham and Chapel Hill.


What is the name of the capital city that borders the western banks of the Seekonk and Providence Rivers in Rhode Island?

Providence, Rhode Island, is home to Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. The capital city was incorporated in 1831.


Can you name the capital city that partially borders the eastern edge of Lake Tahoe in Nevada?

Carson City, Nevada, is situated in Eagle Valley near the Sierra Nevada Range. Legalized gambling and copper and silver mining are important industries in the capital city.


What is the name of the capital city that is bisected by the Kanawha River in West Virginia?

Charleston, West Virginia, is the state's most populous city. The city is rich in natural gas, petroleum and coal; mining contributes to a diversified chemical manufacturing industry.


The Des Moines River, Iowa's longest river, spans 485 miles in the state's capital city of __________.

The Des Moines River and Raccoon River both flow through Iowa's capital city. Des Moines is home to Drake University and is the state's most populous city.


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