Can You Identify All These 40 States From a Partial Outline?

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Don't mistake this test for an ordinary brain teaser! Although it may tickle the temples a bit, brace yourself for some serious U.S. state facts on this geography quiz. We show you partial outlines of states so that you can correctly match the exact state. There's only one right answer, so the choices will be easy to eliminate as you go along. 

Now that you know how to master the visual technique required to pass this test, take time to ponder the state facts that'll help you score big. Knowing state nicknames and the significances regarding each one is a guaranteed way to identify all 50 states. But if you need some help with regional monikers, rely on landmark knowledge to get you through. Understanding animals and the climates that they thrive in is another great clue for taking on this feat. 

The payoff for this tricky test comes when we explain all the details. You are sure to be "wowed" when you learn all the state drama that the evening news will never tell. We've dug deep to dish the finger-waving, "oh no you didn't" interstate drama, so you will definitely want to share this U.S. state test with your friends! 

Do you recognize this U.S. state?

Here's the first of our fun facts: The Green Mountain State of Vermont commenced its remote-worker program on January 1, 2019. Folks who work for out-of-state firms would be eligible for a $10,000 stipend to move to the state.

Where can you find the Crazy Horse Monument?

In 1948, Polish-American sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski had just $174 to his name when he made an agreement with Native Americans to work on the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota. Ziolkowski's son Casimir began helping him dynamite the mountain when Casimir was seven years old.

Are you sure you can recognize this state, known for its pine trees?

Maine is known for having lots of pine trees. Dubbed the Pine Tree State, Maine's conifers have long bolstered the state's economy by establishing the basis for thriving paper-mill manufacturing and shipbuilding companies.

This state is a commonwealth. Do you know which one it is?

Amateur athletes of all ages and skill levels from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky converge to participate in the Bluegrass State Games. Thousands compete in assorted Olympic-style events at the Bluegrass State Games every year.

A famous country songwriter lives here. Can you guess the state?

A songwriter for some of country music's biggest acts, like Trisha Yearwood and Vince Gill, calls the state of Montana home. Greek-born Billings resident Kostas is originally from Thessaloniki. He and his parents emigrated to Montana in 1957.

The U.S. bought this territory from Russia. Can you choose the correct name?

William Seward, who was Secretary of State during Abraham Lincoln's administration, convinced the U.S. Congress to purchase the state of Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million. The Bishop House in Sitka, Alaska is the region's oldest example of Russian colony-style architecture.

This state lies along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. How familiar is it to you?

Delaware is home to innovative science firms, like the Incyte Corporation, which was awarded U.S. patent 8,889,697 for "metabolites of the janus kinase inhibitor" in 2014. JAK inhibitors are medications for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and other diseases.

Can you identify this language-conscious state?

Maryland has been a staunch pro-English state for many years. A 2005 state poll revealed that 83 percent of Maryland residents favored making English the state's official language. However, in 2015, Fredrick County veered from the consensus with the repeal of an English-only 2012 ordinance.

In which U.S. state can you find Dartmouth College?

In 1785, Vermont granted Dartmouth College of New Hampshire 23,000 acres of land in the town of Wheelock, which was named for Eleazar Wheelock, who founded the Ivy League school in 1769. For at least 50 years, Dartmouth College has offered any child from the community tuition-free admittance, provided their family makes less than $100,000 a year.

Do you know the Show-Me state?

The Show-Me state of Missouri is home to the Show Me Center, which is located on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau. The versatile center opened its doors in 1987 and has hosted a wide range of events, including rodeos and music concerts, sometimes simultaneously.

Where might one attend the Evergreen State Fair?

The Evergreen State Fair in Washington state started as the Snohomish County Fair in the mid-1890s when it was held in the city of Snohomish at Avenue D and Tenth on only 8 acres of land. Since 1949, the fair has run for a span of 12 festive days and attracts approximately 330,000 visitors each year.

The "Keystone State" is the nickname of which of these options?

Not-so hush contention has brewed over Pennsylvania's nickname, which has long been "The Keystone State." In 2002, one Minnesota columnist penned a veiled call-to-arms suggesting that his state might commandeer the motto, after Pennsylvania replaced the slogan with a website on its license plate.

Can you make out this state that has a celebrated state song?

"The West Virginia Hills" is the name of West Virginia's state song that was written in 1938. During West Virginia's 150th anniversary year, the song was recited as a sing-along at certain points across the state's mountain-rail routes.

Is the name ________ from the Spanish language?

The U.S. state of Nevada ratified its name in 1861, and it's derived from Spanish language to mean "snow-capped." Nevada was admitted into the Union in 1864 as the 36th U.S. state. The official flower of the state is the sagebrush.

Don't mess with this state's logo! Which state is it?

In 2001, the state of Wyoming said "no" to a New Mexico university's logo that Deputy Secretary of State Pat Arp insisted was too similar to Wyoming's cowboy logo. A few years prior, Wyoming strong-armed McNeese State University in Louisiana to alter its cowboy logo for similar reason.

Try to choose the Flickertail State.

One of North Dakota's nickname is "The Flickertail State," named for the Richardson's ground squirrel that habitually flicks its tail before burrowing underground. Other ground squirrels native to North Dakota are the prairie dog and the striper.

Do you know "The Land of Enchantment?"

New Mexico has used "The Land of Enchantment" as a byword for over 60 years, and in 1999, it was made the state's official nickname. It's also gone by The Land of Sunshine, The Land of the Heart's Desire and The Cactus State.

Trenton is the capital city of which state?

Newark, New Jersey's Schools Superintendent announced the "One Newark" school reorganization plan in 2013 as a solution to the city's ailing school system. The program was met with substantial opposition from the community, which called for local, as opposed to unified, control of schools.

Which state is home to the "Big Apple"?

When Comic-Con touched down in the Big Apple in October 2015, area hotels scrambled to benefit from the anticipated deluge of attendees. One popular New York hotel chain offered free professional face-painting as part of an enticing package to help prep enthusiastic guests for the big event.

This state unleashed "Mittengate" on social media. What's the state?

A mild interstate clash dubbed "Mittengate" erupted on social media in 2011. Michigan, also known as "The Mitten State," claimed ownership of the mitten logo after tourism executives in Wisconsin launched a winter ad campaign using mitten symbolism.

What state is concerned about bees?

Illinois is serious about bees and the honey they bring. Several associations and organizations in the state, including Cook-DuPage Beekeepers Association, Honey Open Class and Lincoln Land Beekeepers Association, have been dedicated to sustaining the animals for many years.

Do you know this state shape?

The Nutmeg State Games is Connecticut's local version of the Olympic Games that the state organizes for residents. One of its missions is to help "in the development of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle in its participants ..."

Are you able to make out this Midwestern state?

Go Topeka is a civic organization formed in 1982 to "provide a thriving business climate" for Shawnee County and Topeka residents. The group was formed after a 600-employee company left Topeka, devastating the area economically.

From where did "Palmetto State" set sail?

South Carolina shares its nickname with a Civil War ship: Palmetto State was 150 feet long and equipped with four massive guns. The gunboat was christened on October 11, 1862 in Charleston at Marsh Wharf.

Rocket launchers are never the same because of this place. Do you know the right name?

Oregon manufacturer Crimson Trace Inc. was awarded US Patent # 9,322,617 for its "laser sight for rocket launcher." Co-inventors James McDonald and Scott Hartley of Wilsonville designed the invention "for rocket launchers and other large weapons, particularly reusable laser sighting devices."

This state shares its name with a rather long river. Try to guess it?

The Mississippi Collegiate Art Competition has existed for 69 years and is open to all college art students in the state. The competition receives over 900 submissions every year. Out-of-state jurors select 100 to 200 works to include in a month-long exhibition.

This place knows eggs. Can you pick the correct name among these options?

"The Providence Journal" published a March 2003 article about Little Rhody Egg Farms, a 60-year-old Rhode Island company that sent an egg to be styled by an artist and inspected by the American Egg Board before it was shipped to Washington D.C. for an Easter display at the White House.

"Old Folks at Home" is the state song of ________?

In 2007, Florida Senator Tony Hill entreated the state's musicians and music teachers to replace the state song that had been around since 1935. Hill explained that the lyrics for "Old Folks at Home," or "Swanee River," written in 1851, were too insensitive to the state's present-day inhabitants.

Beehives are abound in what Western U.S. state?

Beehive symbolism found in Utah's state seal and flag is borrowed from Mormon culture. The religion esteems the beehive as a symbol of the Kingdom of God. Mormon leader Brigham Young referred to his home as the Beehive House.

Black bear populations have recently increased in this place. Where is it?

The black bear was a symbol for the state of Arkansas starting in the 19th century; however, at the beginning of the 20th century, the animal was almost wiped out in the state. At the start of the 21st century, populations of Arkansas black bears have increased.

A U.S. Attorney General is native to this state. Do you recognize it?

United States Attorney General and Iowa native Matthew Whitaker played football for University of Iowa. Whitaker is famous within Iowa for catching an unlikely touchdown pass in a 1990 game against Illinois.

Richmond is a city in this state with a rich history. Do you know this place?

Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper editor Virginius Dabney authored many books about Virginia's notables and the state's rich history. Dabney's books include "Liberalism in the South," "Virginia: The New Dominion" and "Richmond: The Story of a City."

Try to choose the mineral-abundant area you see here.

Idaho is dubbed the "Gem State" for good reason: Hundreds of various minerals can be sifted from all over the state. Annually, thousands of people flock to the Southeast Idaho Gem and Mineral Show, where precious stone collectors show off their finds.

Mississippi and Georgia border this place on either side. What's in-between?

The state of Alabama spans 52,423 square miles. The first recorded exploration of the territory by European settlers occurred in 1539 when Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto set foot on land that was inhabited by Creek, Chickasaw and Choctaw Indian nations.

Do you recognize this state by its partial outline?

"The Badger State" is Wisconsin's unofficial nickname, though it does not actually pay tribute to the nocturnal creature. Instead, the name recognizes early miners who imitated the animal when they sought shelter underground during the winter months in the state's southwestern region.

You're bound to run into a brown pelican in this place. Where is it?

Louisiana's official nickname is "The Pelican State" due in large part to the plenitude of brown pelicans in the state. The pelican, which is also the state bird, was symbolized in early seals and documents of the state. The bird is featured on the Great Seal of Louisiana and state flag.

Chimney Rock appears on which state's quarter?

Nebraska was the 37th state to release a commemorative coin in the 50 State Quarters Program in 2006. Nebraska's coin design is of pioneers and Chimney Rock, which is a famous landmark in western Nebraska.

Which of these options owns "The Gopher State" moniker?

Minnesota acquired the nickname "The Gopher State" from a cartoon that ridiculed the "Five Million Loan Bill" presented before the Minnesota State Legislature in February 1858.

A war hero lived here. Can you make out the state?

War hero and former Hawaii senator Daniel Inouye witnessed the Pearl Harbor attack in the state as a teenager. Inouye was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, and he was the first Japanese-American ever elected to Congress.

Tobacco was once big business in ________?

Once a thriving multi-billion-dollar industry in North Carolina, tobacco is not the commodity it used to be for the state. Tobacco no longer fuels the growth of state industries like pharmaceuticals and auto parts.

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