Quiz: Can You Identify All of These Layered Foods From an Image?
Can You Identify All of These Layered Foods From an Image?
By: Talin Vartanian
Image: Yuri_Arcurs / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Layered foods consist of crunchy textures, sweet fillings or sponge cakes to enhance the size and flavor of a dish. You're probably familiar with some layered foods already, such as pies, pizza and layered cakes.

One of the most familiar types of layered foods is lasagna, which is made by layering lasagna noodles with meat sauce and cheese. There are also many types of layered Italian desserts, such as tiramisu, spumoni and affogato. Affogato, in particular, consists of dual layers of espresso and ice cream.

Some layered dishes can also be quite difficult to make, like a baked Alaska. This is actually a dome of meringue with layers of cake and ice cream inside. The dome is then baked to lightly brown the outside, but not for too long since the ice cream will melt.

Other layered dishes are great for parties, like a taco salad, seven-layered dip and nachos. For layered foods like these, you can add almost any type of ingredient that you have in your pantry, such as olives, jalapenos, sour cream and lettuce.

This quiz will look at 40 foods that consist of layers. Some foods will only have two or three layers, while some will have seven or more. Take this quiz now to see how much you know about layered foods!

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