Quiz: Can You Identify All of These Leafy Greens From a Description?
Can You Identify All of These Leafy Greens From a Description?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: istetiana / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Leafy greens are extremely high in nutrients like vitamin B, and also help your body fight against diabetes, weight gain and aging. While they are not a cure for any type of disease, eating a diet rich in these greens can help you feel good, and may even prevent illnesses in the future. Of course not all greens are healthy for all people, just like anything else in life. Gone are the day when iceberg lettuce was the only option for sandwiches and salads, although it still has its place in the world.

Choosing which leafy greens to eat when doesn't have to be hard. The hardest part is differentiating all of your options. Some can look so similar, culinary schools have entire classes devoted to being able to identify which ones are which. The good thing is, most of them will be sold in containers and clearly labeled so that you know what you're getting. It really does take the guess work out of it. This quiz will not be so easy! When looking at leafy greens, there are very distinct characteristics that can help tell the difference, but only if you really pay attention. So do you think you can identify all these leafy greens based solely on a description? Find out!

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