Quiz: Can You Identify If These Foods Are From Italy or From Spain?
Can You Identify If These Foods Are From Italy or From Spain?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Alberto Bogo / Cultura / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Spain and Italy are two nations that are known for many things -- their people, their culture and their languages are all incredibly vibrant and exciting and attracts millions of visitors every year. Something else that draws people to these countries is their cuisines. And although people normally confuse the two, we know a foodie like you wouldn't dare. So we're going to test your knowledge of the foods served there in a quiz where we pit the Spanish against the Italians.  Can you really tell us whether these dishes are from Spain or Italy? 

We already know that the Italians take the cake when it comes to all things pasta and that the Spanish love their spices, but if we were to break it down dish by dish, do you think you'd know the difference? Allow us to show you a few platters -- you can use your memory, our clues or just the visual of the pictures to help you decide which country claims each dish.  By the end, we'll know if you're on your way to becoming a foreign food connoisseur or if you should stick to hamburgers and fries. 

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