Quiz: Can You Identify More Than 11 of These Old-Timey Words Written in Cursive?
Can You Identify More Than 11 of These Old-Timey Words Written in Cursive?
By: Amanda Monell
Image: HowStuffWorks / Kristy Tucker

About This Quiz

When it comes to listening to public speakers, do you find yourself more interested in those who speak with a broad vocabulary?  Doesn't it make them seem more intelligent in their field?  If so, it shouldn't surprise you that in addition to mathematics, a large vocabulary is one of the signs of high intelligence. However, it should be noted that having a large vocabulary isn't enough. Appreciating the small nuances of these words is also pivotal to being an articulate person. Many professions benefit from having a large vocabulary. Can you imagine going to a class and the professor stammers through a lecture, and when not speaking, the language was so simple, you may consider that the professor has been dumbing down the class?  How about writers?  Their voices and rhythm can be hard to follow if you pick up one of their novels.

Every year, a committee at the Concise Oxford English Dictionary gathers to discuss words that need to be added and to determine which words are obsolete. In 2018, 850 words were added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Some of these words include wordie (someone who loves words), cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Schnoodle. Do you consider yourself a wordie?  Do you love to read books to appreciate the small nuances of words?  Let's see if you can guess these words written in cursive!

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