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Avid sports fans, as well as those of you seeking to gain greater pop culture info, will enjoy this quiz. Have a ball as you identify which sports figures have promoted typical athletic apparel, generic doughnuts and fast food snacks. See if you can spot your favorite stars in modern as well as dated ads.

Practically all sports categories are covered here, and female players are prominent among the choices. Expect to see a lot of Nike ads, especially among the basketball greats. When you think of sports ads, a few names, like Michael Jordan or David Beckham, readily come to mind. But what about some of the more obscure, but no less talented players out there? A few of those names are sprinkled in too.

Basketball greats, boxing legends, tennis pros and some of the most domineering wrestlers occupy these ranks. So look out for your prized players among the choices. They are sure to be there. You'll get to match a name to a face for this quiz, which should help you along. Only a few of the questions are super challenging, so buckle up and let the games begin!

Which basketball master appears in this Hanes underwear ad?

Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr. stars opposite Michael Jordan in this chuckle-worthy ad. Gooding pursues Mike to inform him that he is wearing his underwear.


Who is the boxing hero in this Hennessy ad?

Manny Pacquiao is a highly skilled boxer originally from the Philippines, where he has served in public office. The title of his Hennessy commercial is "What's Your Rabbit."


This athlete is considered one of the best professional boxers of his generation. Can you identify him in this Foot Locker ad?

Mike Tyson stars in the 2013 Foot Locker ad. The retired boxing great is originally from Brooklyn, New York.


Which Celtics legend appears in this Ben-Gay ad?

Larry Bird appears in this 1983 Ben Gay ad for pain relief cream. Bird's height is a towering six feet, nine inches. He attended Indiana State in the late 1970s.


A Los Angeles Lakers legend appears in a rather generic ad. Can you guess who it is?

Former Los Angeles Laker Magic Johnson appears in this 1980 ad. Quality Dairy must have offered Magic the best doughnuts they make to seal this ad deal.


Who's advertising Head & Shoulders shampoo here?

Odell Beckham Jr. is the New York Giants wide receiver that appears in the 2017 Head & Shoulders ad. Beckham is one of the most recognizable players in professional American football.


Which soccer player and international sex symbol is not afraid to show his bare chest in this Emporio Armani ad?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a soccer player from Portugal who plays the forward position for Real Madrid. He took on this revealing Armani ad campaign in 2010.


Who is the Chicago Bulls great who's promoting Ball Park Franks in this ad?

This Ball Park Franks ad with Michael Jordan appeared in 1998. A popular slogan for the brand was, "They plump when you cook 'em."


In 2018, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company released this ad starring which football retiree?

Peyton Manning retired from the Denver Broncos in 2015. In this Nationwide ad, he stars opposite country music star Brad Paisley.


Which retired tennis pro stars in this ad for an automotive company?

John McEnroe appears in this 2005 ad for Seat. The company is based in Madrid, Spain and manufactures automobiles.


A living New England Patriots legend appears in this ad for Foot Locker. Can you identify him?

Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, appears in the Foot Locker ad. In the ad, Brady makes jest of his "deflategate" debacle.


Can you identify the Saint-Germain F.C. soccer player in this H&M ad?

David Beckham is the soccer player who appears in this 2013 ad for H&M underwear. The dashing Englishman is married to former Spice Girls alum Victoria Beckham.


Which New York Giants icon appears in this vintage ad?

The now-deceased Frank Gifford appears in this vintage commercial for Westinghouse air conditioners. Gifford played for the New York Giants and retired after his 1964 season.


Who is the tennis star seen here in this ad for tennis rackets?

Rafael Nadal stars in this ad for Babolat tennis rackets. This company customizes athletic equipment to suit a specific player's needs.


He is, perhaps, one of the most dominate athletes to ever play professional basketball. Can you identify his voice in this Nike ad?

LeBron James lends his voice for this 2016 Nike ad titled "Come Out of Nowhere." James is an Ohio native and currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Which very tall professional basketball retiree appears in this Pepsi ad?

Shaquille O'Neal is originally from Newark, New Jersey and stands seven feet and one inch tall. He stars in this Pepsi ad, which was released in 1993 when he played for the Orlando Magic.


Can you name the precision three-point-shooter that stars in this ad?

Golden State Warriors phenom Stephen Curry appears in this 2018 Brita ad. The company manufactures water filtration products.


Which professional basketball retiree and television personality do you see in this ad?

Charles Barkley played for the Phoenix Suns when this ad was released. The 1993 Nike ad is titled "I am Not a Role Model."


Which professional football retiree do you see in this ad?

Retired New York Giants player No. 56, Lawrence Taylor, promotes Blitz: The League II video game in this ad. L.T.'s position with the New York Giants was linebacker for his entire career.


Which Las Vegas native and tennis legend is promoting professional series cameras for Canon?

A youthful-looking Andre Agassi appears in this 1991 Canon ad. Agassi retired from playing professional tennis in 2006.


Blink, and you might miss this Olympic swimmer zip by in this Gatorade ad. Who is he?

Olympic multi-medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte makes a split-second cameo appearance in this Gatorade ad. He attended the University of Florida, and competed in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic games.


You'll never guess which former cyclist shows his face in a 2018 ad for health supplements. Guess who it is?

As recently as 2018, former world triathlete Lance Armstrong appears in an ad for supplement company Onnit. Armstrong retired from his racing career at the end of the 2005 Tour de France.


Which former Detroit Pistons star do you see promoting Chicken McNuggets in this ad?

This 1996 McDonald's Chicken McNuggets ad stars Grant Hill, who played for the Detroit Pistons at the time of the ad's release. After an impressive 19-year career, Hill retired in 2013 while playing for the Los Angeles Clippers.


Which retired American competitive swimmer do you see here encouraging others to seek mental counseling if necessary?

Michael Phelps appears in this ad for Talkspace, promoting mental counseling services. In the ad, Phelps admits to having suffered depression.


This Powerhandz ad features which five-foot-nine basketball player?

The 2017 ad features a confident-looking Isaiah Thomas wearing specialized basketball gloves manufactured by Powerhandz. Thomas is a point guard for the Denver Nuggets,


Do you recall this vintage ad set to a sexy saxophone tune? Which currently retired basketball player and coach do you recognize here?

The star of this 1991 Toyota ad is Isiah Thomas. After retiring from playing professional basketball, Thomas enjoyed an extensive coaching career.


Mercantile Bank showcases which competitive diving champion in this 1982 ad?

Greg Louganis won numerous gold medals throughout his career. When the 1982 Mercantile Bank ad was released, his winning streak had only begun.


Can you guess the name of the former gymnastics champion that you see here?

This 1987 American Heart Association anti-smoking ad features Olympic gold medal winner and gymnast Mary Lou Retton. Dubbed "America's Sweetheart," Retton is the first American female to win the all-around gold medal at the Olympics.


This ad for Kodak was released in 1996. Do you recognize the athlete in the starring role here?

Former gymnast Dominique Dawes appears in this 1996 ad for Kodak. Dawes has promoted physical fitness and good nutrition for many years.


The tall beauty in this Nike ad is a former Los Angeles Sparks player. What is her name?

Former Los Angeles Sparks basketball star Lisa Leslie appeared in this 1996 ad for Nike at the height of her career. And speaking of height, Leslie is six feet and five inches tall!


See if you can recognize the former NBA basketball player in this Nike ad. Can you identify him?

At the time this 1991 Nike ad was released, Scottie Pippen's career with the Chicago Bulls had taken off. He, along with Michael Jordan, led the team to win a few championships during his tenure.


A recent Chase ad showcases a tennis superstar. What is her name?

Serena Williams stars in this 2018 ad for Chase financial products. Williams has won over 20 Grand Slam titles within the span of her impressive career.


An American Express ad presents a fashionable tennis wonder. Can you guess her name?

In 2017, American Express released this ad staring Venus Williams, sister to Serena Williams and a mega tennis star in her own right. Both Williams sisters began training at an early age for their tennis successes.


Try to identify the mixed martial artist in this Budweiser ad. What is his name?

This 2016 Budweiser ad features boxer and MMA fighter Conor McGregor. The ad reveals the underdog persona that has endeared McGregor to his fans.


ESPN called on which powerful "Pretty Boy" fighter to promote their network in this ad?

He is young and is already perceived as one of the most skilled boxers to ever play the sport. Floyd Mayweather Jr. stars in this ESPN ad.


What golfer returns to grace amid a scandalous past in this moving Nike ad?

Golfer Tiger Woods bares his soul in this Nike ad. His apparent honesty confirms how dedicated he has long been to the sport.


Who among the golf legends promotes Rolex timepieces in this ad?

Jack Nicklaus is the retired golfer in this Rolex ad. His nickname is "The Golden Bear," so it seems apt that he would promote fine jewelry. Nicklaus's name is synonymous with great American golf.


Who is the mighty and gorgeous wrestler in this Twizzlers ad?

Ronda Rousey is a seriously fierce competitor, but she shows off her playful side in this 2018 Twizzlers ad. Rousey was inducted into the WWE Hall of fame in 2018.


Which Chicago Red Stars soccer player appears in this Muscle Milk ad?

Muscle Milk released this ad in 2017, and it features soccer star Julie Johnston. Johnston married in 2017 and is now Julie Ertz.


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