Can You Identify the Industry Based on These Workplace Pictures?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

From coal mining to the fashion industry, there are dozens of different types of jobs out there. No matter how many of them you think you can identify, we are going to put you to the test. Take a look at these workplace photos, and tell us which industry they are from. 

As we go through this quiz, your knowledge of fields other than your own will be tested. While you might find some of them far too easy, others might challenge you to figure it out. First, we'll show you a workplace photo. Then, your new job will be to choose the industry you think the picture comes from. Out of four possible responses, we think you'll be able to select the one that makes the most sense. 

We promise not to make small industry distinctions. It wouldn't be fair to show you a picture of medical equipment and ask you to choose either nursing or surgery. Throughout the photos and questions, we will give you a fair shot to get it right. We're not saying it won't be a little tricky, but we are saying that we'll think you'll do just fine. 

Clock into this quiz, and we'll learn how many industries you can identify!

Without the fashion industry, we would all be wearing burlap sacks. An industry that revolves around looking good, the fashion industry caters to everyone.

One of the largest industries in the country, the restaurant industry feeds the busy and the hungry day after day. It also gives many their first shot at having a job.

Coal mining is a dirty job, but many hard working people get the job done. Without it, our power system wouldn't run as efficiently. Although coal mining is being phased out, it still lights up many houses across the country.

The medical industry makes new advancements every day. Modern medicine is quite the marvel, and medical professionals save lives every day.

A multi-billion dollar industry, the music industry keeps all of us singing along. With new musical artists being released every day, the industry offers something for everyone.

From tune-ups to brand new car sales, the automotive industry keeps us on the road. Dating back to the '30s, the automotive industry has always been a giant.

Although the film industry has grown over the years, the major producers are still pumping out the hits. From Disney to IFC, the film industry certainly keeps us entertained.

Now more than ever, the construction industry is booming. From simple home repairs to the building of skyscrapers, the construction industry has hundreds of different jobs to offer.

Thanks to the airline industry, your destination is only a few hours away. These days, you can board a plane and head most anywhere in the world.

Although it might not seem like a glamorous job, working in sanitation is a noble occupation. Without your weekly pickup, what would you do with all your garbage?

While not everyone uses a whole lot of cosmetics, the industry is thriving. Without it, you couldn't even use the body wash that makes you smell so nice every day.

One of the wealthiest industries around, the sports industry goes far deeper than the superstars you see on television. The sporting industry makes our favorite activities like fishing and golfing possible.

The technology industry has evolved far faster than anyone could have imagined. From our smart phones to our GPS systems, we are offered many modern conveniences thanks to technology.

The retail industry provides us with most everything we need. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, the retail industry keeps our worlds moving around.

You might not think of the cruise line industry as being huge, but it has exploded over the years. From Disney cruises to Alaskan cruises, there's a flavor of cruise ship out there for any dream vacation.

An industry full of hard work, the fishing industry puts the best of the ocean's food on our tables. From being the captain of a boat to running a processing facility, the fishing industry offers many different career options.

Everywhere you look, you can see an advertisement. The advertising industry is booming, and it has entered nearly every part of lives.

From farmer's markets to mass-produced sauces and foods, the farming industry puts food on our tables. Without the farming industry, we would struggle to find enough food in the grocery store.

From house pets to farm animals, the veterinary industry keeps all of our favorite animals healthy. Although our dogs might not enjoy the visit, our vets are always there for us.

One of the most entertaining and interesting industries out there, the wrestling industry is larger than you might imagine. From John Cena to Hulk Hogan, it has produced more than a few stars.

You might not think of the footwear industry as being a giant, but you are wearing shoes, aren't you? Even if you are not, we won't judge.

In addition to a medical team, the pharmaceutical industry helps to keep us healthy. From over the counter medicines to the kind your pharmacist fills, the pharmaceutical industry is a billion dollar giant.

Although many prisons are owned and and operated by the government, many others are privatized. In fact, the prison industry is one of the steadiest growing over the past few decades.

Since the 1950s, the television industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Although the face of television is changing, the industry is having no problem keeping up.

The furniture industry has expanded a lot over the past few years. Without it, we would be sitting on the floor!

With many different facets, the defense industry is a constant in our lives. From military operations to personal security, the defense industry simply keeps growing.

If you've ever seen a showroom or a home so beautiful you had to rethink you own home, you can thank the interior design industry. Interior design professionals can make any space a show stopper.

From small home projects to large city parks, the landscaping industry makes our world look pretty. Employing everyone from gardeners to heavy equipment operators, the landscaping business dresses up our worlds.

One of the newest legal industries in some places, the cannabis industry is outselling all expectations. From medicinal use to oils used for cooking, the industry is growing by the day.

On the surface, the casino industry offers an adult play land to anyone who enters. Behind the scenes, it is a multi-billion dollar industry that employees everyone from CEOs to card dealers.

Without the textile industry, the fashion industry could not exist. Unique fabrics and prints are always in demand.

You might not want to think about the funeral industry, but it's a necessity of life. It's also one of the most profitable industries to get yourself involved with.

Think about all those trucks you see on the road. They are all part of a larger industry, and we would have to search for resources without their deliveries to all our favorite stores.

One of the more popular industries these days, the fitness industry keeps us all in shape. From gyms to equipment, the fitness industry is here to help us be our best selves.

The lumber industry keeps our buildings going up and our home improvement stores full. From larger orders to a sheet of plywood, the lumber industry carefully harvests all of our woody needs.

While The Beverly Hillbillies got lucky, the oil industry isn't quite as simple these days. From offshore drilling to massive pipelines, it is a huge and complex industry.

One of the prettiest industries we have to offer, the jewelry industry allows us to adorn ourselves. It's a lot of work to get a gem to the store, and it's a fascinating process.

Although regulations are changing for the industry, the firearms industry is selling more than ever. Many folks are looking for protection while others are simply looking to learn.

From corporate accounts to personal savings, the banking industry is here to stay. With features evolving every day, money management has never been easier.

The collections industry has boomed over the past 20-30 years. Now more aggressive than every, consumers must know how to deal with them.

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