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"...From sea to shining sea!" The United States spans from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and reaches from Mexico to Canada. The third biggest country, the United States is made up of 50 states. Each state has its own character, from its landmarks to its sports teams. Given just three images, can you identify the state?

The history of the United States began centuries ago. What was once Native American soil became the newly colonized British land. It wasn't until around the late 1700s that the settlers felt they needed to break free from England. "No taxation without representation," they would yell, and this cry would soon turn to one of independence. They declared this independence on July 4, 1776, and with the victory of the American Revolutionary War, the United States began forming. This began with the "First State," Delaware, and would continue with the rest of the 13 original colonies. Soon, westward expansion would create more states. The country continued to grow until the 48 continental states were set. It wasn't until 1959 that the United States finished its growth, with the final additions of Hawaii and Alaska. 

All 50 states have their own character. While New York is symbolized by the Statue of Liberty, the Space Needle is the beacon of Seattle. There are tons of landmarks and characteristics that set the states apart from their counterparts. Can you identify the states from three images representing them? Let's find out!

If you spell Pennsylvania wrong, don't fret! On the Liberty Bell, the state's name is actually spelled with one n!

Looking forward to those delicious Girl Scout cookies every year? The Girl Scouts of America was founded in Savannah in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low.

Save the environment! Did you know that "Don't mess with Texas" originally came about in a campaign to stop littering?

Do you love roller skating? If you want to visit a roller skating museum, you'd find the only one in the WORLD in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Vroom Vroom! The "Crossroads of America" has the biggest race in the country! Indiana is known for the popular 500-mile race, known as the Indy 500. It began in 1911.

The thirst is real! Did you know that Nevada is the driest state in the country? That's because parts of the state only receive four inches of rainfall a year!

Are you click-clacking away on your keyboard? Did you know that the keyboard's precursor, the first practical typewriter, was made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

The phrase "talking a mile a minute" must come from Oregon. It is said that Oregon has the country's fastest talkers.

Did you know that St. Augustine, located in Florida, is the oldest European settlement in the country? While the state is also known for its everglades and abundance of oranges, Florida will always be the "Sunshine State."

Volunteer yourself for a drive in the "Volunteer State." Head to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and Elvis' famous mansion, Graceland.

In Washington, you'll find the Boeing headquarters that make airplanes and spacecraft! Good thing they have the Seattle's Best Coffee chain to keep them awake!

Cha-ching! We're moving to the "Old Line State!" Did you know that Maryland is the country's wealthiest state?

Bring back the drive-in! The world's first drive-in theater was built in New Jersey in 1933. New Jersey is also known as the diner capital of the country.

The first ever World Series took place in Boston, Massachusetts, between the Boston "Americans" and Pittsburgh Pirates. The series was played in 1903, with Boston victorious.

Love those classic Coca-Cola bottles? The signature soda was first bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

You don't need to go to Canada for maple syrup! Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the country.

Alaska is the largest state for a reason! With a coastline of over 6,600 miles, its coastline is longer than all of the other states combined.

The 1904 World's Fair, which took place in St. Louis, Missouri, popularized tons of foods, like cotton candy, waffle cones and Dr. Pepper. The Olympics were held there as well!

Head to the "Heart of Dixie" for your favorite nutty snacks! Thanks to George Washington Carver, Alabama is the home to most of your favorite peanut products.

Thousands of miles away from the continental U.S., Hawaii has its own time zone and doesn't observe daylight savings time.

In North Carolina, you'll find the oldest State University in the country which is UNC Chapel Hill. The university teams are called the Tar Heels, named for the state nickname.

Ring ring! Need a phone book or inspiration to write a constitution? The first phone book was published in New Haven, Connectcut, in 1878, and Connecticut is well known as the "Constitution State."

Looking for some bling? Arkansas is the home of the only active diamond mine in the U.S. This state is also the home of the 42nd president, Bill Clinton.

Rejected! Did you know that Colorado is the only state to turn down hosting an Olympic games? The state is also nicknamed the "Centennial State" because it became a state 100 years after the birth of the country.

All hail the king of France! Did you know that Louisiana was named for the Sun King, Louis XIV? You'll find French culture rich in Louisiana and even find that many residents speak the language fluently.

Did you know that the first aquarium opened up in Chicago, Illinois in 1893? While called the Prairie State, Illinois is also known as the Land of Lincoln.

Don't wait for later. Go "Sooner"! Hate paying to park? The first parking meter was installed in this Sooner State in Oklahoma City in 1935.

Whoa! Did you know that California is the most populous state with almost 40 million people? That's more people than the entire country of Canada!

Sunflowers or helium? Birthday parties just got better! In 1905, Helium was discovered at the University of Kansas.

Take the stairs! In Wyoming, you don't have an option because there are only two escalators in the entire state!

Fort Sumter in South Carolina was the sign of the first battle of the Civil War! If you're headed for a visit, check out the beautiful palm trees in the Palmetto State.

Looking for a telescope? Head to Tuscon where you'll find the largest amount! You'd be able to catch some amazing views in this Grand Canyon State.

Head to the center! The exact center of North America can be found in North Dakota. While there, you might be able to find some tranquility in the Peace Garden State.

Washington, D.C., who? The first presidential inauguration took place in New York. The state has the largest and most populous city in the country - New York City, often called the Big Apple.

All hail the queen! Virginia was named for Elizabeth I, often called the "Virgin Queen." Virginia is nicknamed Old Dominion because of its old roots from the settlers. You'll find the 1607 settlement of Jamestown in the state.

If you know the Great Lakes, you know that Michigan is the only state with a lake named after it. This also accounts for why the state is nicknamed the Great Lakes State.

Schedule a visit to Rainbow Bridge in Utah, the largest natural stone bridge in the world. Just make sure you don't get stung by any bees in this Beehive State.

Listen to some music in this Bluegrass State as you wait for the races. On the first Saturday in May, you'll find thousands headed to the Kentucky Derby, which was started in 1875.

Are you tired? Get some rest in South Dakota! They are known to get the most sleep of any state! The state is also nicknamed the Mount Rushmore State for its major landmark.

Red, yellow, green. In 1914, you would've seen the first electric traffic light in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio is nicknamed the Buckeye State and has been around since 1803.

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