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The history of the United States Army dates backs to the American Revolution, when the Continental Army was established to combat the British. Since then, the United States has housed some type of army, but it was often cut back during times of peace. However, after WWII, the peacetime army grew substantially. 

With the U.S. Army came the need to house the soldiers in areas where they could be the most effective. To effectively accomplish that, forts were built around the country, and soldiers were stationed in these forts which often took them halfway across the United States. For many of these soldiers, it was their first time leaving their home state, providing an opportunity for adventure. 

How well do you know the forts around the United States where Army personnel have been stationed throughout U.S. military history? Do you believe you can identify the Army forts in his quiz from a hint? Will you be able to name forts all the way from Alaska to New York to Puerto Rico? Here's your chance to try!

If you are geared up and ready to blow this quiz out of the water, get started and put your U.S. military knowledge up against the ultimate test! 

This fort is the location of the U.S. Army War College. What fort is it?

The U.S. Army War College was founded in 1901, a few years after the Spanish-American War. The college was founded by President Theodore Roosevelt and his secretary of war, Elihu Root.


If you're looking for the U.S. Army Women's Museum, where will you find it?

The U.S. Army Women's Museum includes exhibits from the origins of the U.S. military during the American Revolution through post-9/11. In 2013, the museum unveiled a women's warrior statue to commemorate all of the women who have contributed to the U.S. military.


Which fort was built to test tank destroyers during WWII?

Fort Hood has become infamous for the shootings that have taken place on the base. The latest shooting occurred in 2014 when three people were killed by Iraq War veteran Ivan Lopez.


This fort housed prisoners of war from the Afrika Korps in WWII. Which fort is it?

Much of the land for Fort Polk is located in the Kisatchie National Forest. The forest was designated a national reserve in 1930 under President Herbert Hoover.


Located in South Carolina, which of these forts is named after the seventh president of the United States?

President Andrew Jackson ushered in an era in American history that emphasized the importance of the common man. Jackson often opposed the elite in America, particularly merchants from the north who in turn viewed him as a tyrant.


This fort is used as a training facility for the Wisconsin State Patrol. What fort is it?

Opened in 1909, Fort McCoy has served as a training center throughout its history. For a time during WWII, the fort held American citizens who were of German, Japanese or Italian descent.


Which fort has the largest tract of restricted airspace in the United States?

Fort Bliss splits land between Texas and New Mexico. The fort was important during the Cold War because it provided an ​area for building and operating missiles.


This fort was built on the plantation of the Fairfax family. Which fort is it?

Located in Virginia during colonial times, the Belvoir plantation was owned by the William Fairfax family and included a mansion that burned down in 1783. Today, the area is part of the National Register of Historic Places.


This fort combined with the Langley Air Force Base in 2010. Which fort is it?

Fort Eustis is located off of the James River on a stretch of land that was once known as Mulberry Island. The land was purchased by the U.S. military leading into WWI.


Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which army base is this?

Fort Buchanan, once Camp Buchanan, was created to house the 65th Infantry Regiment which helped defend the Panama Canal during WWI. Prior to WWI, the 65th Infantry Regiment was known as the Puerto Rico Regiment of Infantry.


Which of these forts was built next to Arlington National Cemetery?

Fort Myer merged with a nearby Marine Corps in 2005. The base became known as the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall.


Home to the Army Medical Command headquarters, which of these forts is known as the "home of Army medicine"?

Sam Houston held several key offices throughout his life. He was at separate times the governor of Texas, the governor of Tennessee, the U.S. senator from Texas, and the first president of the Republic of Texas.


This fort is located in the Missouri Ozarks. Which fort is it?

The Ozarks is a mountain range that spreads across Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. The largest stretches are located in Missouri and Arkansas.


This fort was built in 1869 to combat Indian raids during the Indian Wars. Which fort is it?

Fort Sill has been an important base in every American war since it was established in 1869. Today, the fort is home to the U.S. Army Field Artillery​ School.


This is the largest U.S. military base in terms of population. Which fort is it?

Fort Bragg is named after Braxton Bragg, a Confederate general during the Civil War. Bragg commanded the Army of Tennessee during the Tullahoma Campaign.


A Superfund site, which of these forts is located in Alaska?

Fort Wainwright has been given the task of cleaning up contaminated land from a landfill site in Alaska. The site is responsible for leaking lead, chromium and tetrahydrofuran into the soil along with other waste.


This fort was once the Mojave Anti-Aircraft Range. Which fort is it?

Fort Irwin sits in the Mojave Desert located in California. The desert is known to be the driest desert in North America.


This is the oldest settlement in Kansas. Which fort is it?

Fort Leavenworth housed the Mormon Battalion leading into the Mexican-American War. The battalion was the only religious-based regiment in U.S. history.


Which fort is named after a brigade general who spent three tours in the Alaskan territory?

Fort Richardson opened in Alaska in 1941 where it was sparsely used during WWII. The fort combined with the Elmendorf Air Force Base in 2010 to form the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.


This fort is the home of the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence. Which fort is it?

Fort Rucker houses the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence. The fort is used primarily as a training facility for U.S. Army aviators.


This fort was home to an all-black airborne battalion during WWII known as the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion when it was activated in 1943. Which fort is it?

Future president Dwight D. Eisenhower served at Fort Benning in the years following WWI. He was ranked as a major during his time at the fort.


Which fort is named after the 24th governor of New York?

Built in 1917, Fort Dix was a mobilization center for U.S. wars through 2015. The fort joined with the McGuire Air Force Base and the Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst in 2009.


Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this fort housed German prisoners of war during WWI. Which fort is it?

Fort McPherson wasn't officially founded until 1885. However, the site was used for military purposes prior to that. For example, federal troops were stationed there after the Civil War to oversee Reconstruction.


Which fort is named after a Civil War general who commanded the Army of the Potomac?

Gen. George G. Meade commanded Union troops during the Battle of Gettysburg. During the battle, Meade was able to deflect an attack by Confederate soldiers under the command of Gen. Robert E. Lee.


Which fort was established in Colorado on Jan. 31, 1942?

Fort Carson is named after Kit Carson, an Army officer known for exploring the American West. Carson left home at an early age and became a fur-trapper who led expeditions into the Rockey Mountains.


This fort sits on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. Which fort is it?

Fort Campbell is famous for an incident in 1999 when a soldier was beaten to death with a baseball bat. Private Calvin Glover was found guilty of the crime, receiving a life sentence with parole after 15 years.


Before this fort was founded, it was a military training ground known as Pine Camp. Which fort is it?

Located in northern New York, Fort Drum is known for its harsh winter conditions. Temperatures in the area can get well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


Which fort housed African-American soldiers of the 10th Cavalry Regiment who were known as "Buffalo Soldiers"?

The "Buffalo Soldiers" were the first all-black regiment raised during peacetime in the United States. They received their nickname from Native Americans who fought during the Indian Wars.


Part of the movie "Goldfinger" was filmed in which fort?

Fort Knox is located next to the United States Bullion Depository. The depository contains a vault used to house U.S. gold reserves.


This fort sits where the Potomac River meets the Anacostia River. Which fort is it?

Established in 1791, Fort Lesley J. McNair has been operating for over 200 years. That makes it one of the oldest military posts in the United States.


Beginning in 1943, this fort was home to the U.S. biological weapon's program. Which fort is it?

The U.S. biological weapons program operated at Fort Detrick from 1943 until 1969 when it was dissolved. After 1969, studies at the fort went from offensive biological weapons to defensive strategies against biological weapons.


Which fort is named after a major general who led a military expedition along the Santa Fe Trail?

Throughout the 19th century, traders were often terrorized along the Santa Fe Trail by Native Americans and bandits. Fort Riley was established to protect those trade routes.


Decommissioned in 2011, this fort is now a national monument. Which fort is it?

Fort Monroe was built between 1819 and 1834. When it was completed, it was the largest stone fort ever built in the United States.


Construction on this New York City fort was completed in 1831. Which fort is it?

Fort Hamilton was named after Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton helped establish the national bank, which became controversial in the early 19th century.


Which of these forts was involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Taking place on Dec. 7, 1941, the attack on Pearl Harbor launched the United States into WWII. The attack was supposed to hamper the United States' Pacific Fleet, but it largely failed in its objective.


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