Can You Identify the US Capital City from Its Capitol Building?

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People living in various U.S. states would definitely know what their Capitol building would look like. Yes, they would, even if they don't live in the capital city itself. That's U.S. state pride! You got yours? Good!

Can you name the Capitol buildings in the other states? That means you should also know where that building is located in the state. Of course, it has to be located in the capital city of the state. Therefore, you should also know the capital of each state! You with us so far? Good!

That's a great way of looking at the U.S. map: via its capital cities, state by state. And what better markers to use than the state's Capitol building. After all, most -- if not all -- of these buildings hold their own history, rich and very colorful. These buildings have been silent witnesses to their state's growth, destruction, rebuilding, and continuation. If their walls could ta;l, they would tell you a million thoughts about what transpired there, inside and out.

So, you think you could take a look at the Capitol buildings and guess the capital city where they're located? Then let's go go go!

In which west coast state Capital is this building located?

Sacramento is the capital of California. Nope, it's not Los Angeles!

Are you familiar with this Capitol building on the east coast? Where is it?

Albany is the capital of New York. It's really far from New York City, where people are used to going.

Where is this Capitol building located?

Austin is in Texas. They love country music there!

How about this Capitol building?

Olympia is the capital of the state of Washington. But the biggest city in that state is actually Seattle, the more popular one for tourists.

Give a gamble and tell us where this one is!

Carson City is the capital of Nevada. But, of course, everyone goes to Vegas!

How about this one?

Trenton is the capital of New Jersey. But Newark is the biggest city in the state.

Spot where this Capitol building is located!

Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is the biggest city in the state, though.

Where is this situated?

Springfield is the capital of Illinois. Hmm, is this where the Simpsons live, too?

In which capital city is this Capitol building located?

Hawaii is the state, Honolulu is the capital. But they're both located outside the continental U.S.

Can you guess where this is?

Boston sure has a lot of nicknames! It's the capital of Massachusetts, a historically-rich state, hence the many nuances of its cities.

Tell us where this Capitol building is!

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas. It's not exactly little, since it has a large population.

Where is this cold, cold, cold, Capitol building?

Juneau is the capital of Alaska. Always bring your winter jackets here!

How about this Capitol building?

Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida. So many great talents come from this city.

And this Capitol building?

Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana. It's where Steve McQueen, Vivica Fox, and Brendan Fraser are from.

Party on! Where is this?

If New Orleans is the party place, Baton Rouge is the political place for Louisiana. It's the state capital, after all.

And this one is where?

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland. It has a long and notable history.

Can you tell us which capital city this is?

Richmond is the state capital of Virginia. But it's a different place than Richmond County.

Can you provide us the state capital where this building is located?

The capital of Rhode Island is Providence. It's really an old city, but still bustling!

Where is this midwestern state capital?

Topeka is the capital of Kansas. It's home to the Menninger family of renowned psychiatrists.

Where in the south is this Capitol building located?

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama. Hank Williams Sr. and Nat King Cole are from here, icons of two music genres in America.

Where in the west coast is this one?

You can see the Oregon State Capitol in the downtown area of Salem, the state's capital.

Where is this southeastern capital?

See the Georgia State Capitol building in the downtown Atlanta area. That's where CNN Center is also located.

It's old, sure, but still cool. Where is this?

New Mexico's capital is originally known as La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís. But it's just Santa Fe now.

Are you aware of where this is?

Dover is the capital of Delaware. If you're a NASCAR fan, you should check out the Dover International Speedway.

Where in the Great Lakes is this one?

You can see the Michigan State Capitol in downtown Lansing. The Cooley Law School Stadium is also nearby.

Where is this very presidential state capital?

Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska. You can see the Nebraska State Capitol building there, which was designed by a New York architect.

Explore where this is, and name the capital!

Visit the Ohio Statehouse Capitol Square when you're in Columbus. Jack Hanna is from here!

Rise up from the ashes and tell us where this is!

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. Its nickname is Valley of the Sun.

Cruise along the Mississippi River and tell us where this state Capitol building is!

Visit the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines. The capital city's nickname is Hartford of the West.

In which southern state capital can you find this fine building?

Stroll along the Mississippi State Capitol area to get a sense of the capital's vibe. The capital city is Jackson.

Climb up and tell us where this is!

Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming. Neil Diamond once lived there.

You can almost taste it, so tell us where this is located.

See the Utah State Capitol located in Salt Lake City. You can then see the main headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is also located in this city.

Well, color me cool if you can tell where you find this state Capitol.

Denver is the capital of Colorado. Controversial comedian-TV star Roseanne Barr is from here.

It's not a minuscule fact to know where this is located. So where is it?

St. Paul is the state capital of Minnesota. It's part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area there, known as Minneapolis-St. Paul.

It may not be the east, but this is definitely where?

Visit the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston. It's along Kanawha Boulevard.

C'mon and tell us where this is located.

The Kentucky State Capitol is located in Frankfort. The capital city listed this building in the National Register of Historic Places.

I do hope you know where this is; so do tell!

The Idaho State Capitol is located in Boise. There's a replica of the Liberty Bell displayed in front of it.

Connect with us and tell us where this state capital is...

The Connecticut State Capitol is located in Hartford. They offer guided tours for interested visitors.

It may or may not be where you think it is, so take a guess and tell us!

This Capitol building is located in Augusta, the capital of Maine. But did you know that the city has fewer than 20,000 people living there?

Another one from the midwest! Where is this located?

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright and artist Georgia O'Keeffe are from there!

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