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We love the 1990s, because looking back, some of us are filled with warm memories of our youth ... and all of the awesome snacks. It was before the high fructose corn syrup coup and way before parents cared about how much sugar their children ingested. It was right around the time people started noticing that pre-adolescent children had weight problems. 

It was the 1990s, the end of the era that allowed children to stay outside until the street lights came on, and '90s kids were down to eat all of the snacks and sugar they could get their hands on. Not only did we beg our parents to buy these sugar-packed snacks, but also it was still a time when we could earn enough money to actually buy snacks that we wanted because snacks didn't cost five dollars.

If you're a '90s kid, you know there are certain snacks that you can't look at without a sense of nostalgia and yearning for the simpler times, but there were some more obscure snacks as well. 

If you think you're a true '90s kid, take this quiz to see if you can identify all of these snacks you may have had back in the day.

This one is easy, because these are still around today. What is this multi-purpose snack?

Lunchables have been around for quite some time, but in the 1990s, they were what every kid wanted to snack on. They even went so far as to make pizza and taco Lunchables, but uncooked pizza < cold pizza.


What are these awesome snacks called?

These things were amazing if you didn't mind eating a little paper with your frozen snack. They were definitely a little messy, but it was all about the flavor and beating a hot summer day in the 1990s.


What are these snacks that gave you a little POP when you ate them?

These Betty Crocker snacks for kids were made with flavors like 7-Up. They fizzed in your mouth and actually tasted like the soft drinks they claimed to be made from. Synergy was alive and well in the 1990s.


These exploded high fructose corn syrup into your mouth when you bit them. What are they?

Gushers were an excellent snack for kids when you wanted to pump them full of sugar. While other fruit snack type companies tried to mimic this style, there was only one gushing Gushers.


Can you identify this colorful yogurt?

In the 1990s, synergy was all the rage. If someone liked one product, it was used over and over again until it died, so why wouldn't Yoplait make a Trix-flavored yogurt to sell sugar-filled snacks to children?


This was a classy dessert, but kids loved it. What was it?

Viennetta was a gorgeous (and expensive) dessert made with ice cream, a chocolate shell and everything you ever wanted in a dessert. The biggest downfall of the company was not marketing it to children (who loved it).


What are these sour candies that blew all other sour candy out of the water?

Warheads were so sour, the children in the commercials nearly turned inside out, and the candy lived up to its marketing. They were the sourest thing that you could imagine and nearly inedible.


They look like grenades, but what were they really called?

This is just speculation, but we're pretty sure these drinks were made with 50% citric acid and 50% dyed sugar. Children loved them, especially frozen, but they caused heartburn in 8-year-olds.


What were these merry snacks?

These things had to annoy parents beyond belief. They were suckers that you could blow into, and they would make a whistling sound. Children would have contests to see how loud they could get.


What snack could you make "your thing" in the '90s?

Fruit String Things were made in shapes that could be peeled from a backing. A Betty Crocker fruit snack, these were another attempt to help children play with their food while they ate it. The candy came in three flavors and didn't last very long at all.


Which oatmeal allowed you to draw on it?

It seems that the 1990s were all about getting kids to play with their food. What better way to get children to eat oatmeal than to let them squeeze flavored sugar on it? Children needed their energy back in those days.


What are these 3D snacks?

Doritos 3D were clearly superior to regular 2D Doritos because they came in a plastic container that had its own snack cup. They didn't last too long, as it was nearly impossible to keep the price of these bad boys down.


What was this candied powder called?

Bubble Jug by Hubba Bubba (try saying that five times fast) contained a powder that you poured into your mouth, and it would turn into bubble gum. It was a dentist's nightmare, as it would get stuck in every child's teeth.


Can you name the aquatic snacks that came with glow-in-the-dark toys?

When the great white Shark Bites came out, they were a game changer. These weren't just fruit snacks, they were gummy deliciousness that every child wanted. Of course, they didn't really look much like sharks, but the included plastic glow-in-the-dark toy sharks did!


These snacks were not very good for you, but you had to have them as a kid in the '90s. What are they?

Dunkaroos were literally cookies that you dipped in frosting. These sugar-packed snacks were a necessity for nearly every lunch box in the 1990s. If you didn't have Dunkaroos, you were just another kid back then.


In a ploy to get children to eat their oatmeal, what candy-filled breakfast treat was invented?

Dinosaur Eggs were a great way to get your children to eat a healthy breakfast that was covered in sugar. It was oatmeal with candy eggs in it — and the eggs hatched into dinosaurs when heated. As you can see, the 1990s was not a decade of forcing your children to eat foods that they hated.


Can you identify these frozen treats?

Push-Ups were marketed as a Flinstones treat. They had cartoon characters on the sides, and they were fruity and delicious. Children loved them for their taste. Parents loved them because they were less of a mess than most ice cream bars.


If it isn't bubble tea, what is it?

Orbits wasn't a healthy boba that you gave children. The things floating in that soda were gellen gum, and these drinks were packed with sugar. They didn't last long, because things floating in drinks will always be gross.


What do you call these frightening things?

Yes, it's perfectly normal to think those gumball eyes are terrifying. Back when the ice cream man would drive around town, these were on everyone's order. They were the perfect summertime snack because they were green and cold.


What kind of Laffy Taffy is this?

As if taffy needed even more sugar, Laffy Taffy decided to put sparkly sprinkles on their stretchy snacks. This act actually made the texture of the snack pretty interesting, but the amount of sugar involved could only be ingested by an 8-year-old.


If you received one of these on Valentine's Day, it was the real deal. What is it?

Ring Pops are the greatest candy, in theory. A Ring Pop is a sucker that you hold on your finger. However, as you continue to eat it, your drool gets all over the bottom, making a very sticky situation on your hand. It doesn't matter, though. They are delicious, even now.


What are these little candies that the Simpsons endorsed?

Bart Simpson liked to say that nobody better lay a finger on his Butterfinger. However, sometimes the candy bar was too much, so they began to market the BB's as a way to have a handheld snack and compete with M&M's.


What drink had way too much caffeine for a child?

Surge came out before energy drinks were cool. These days, we have entire shelves of Monster, Red Bull and Rockstar energy drinks. Back in the 1990s, if someone got their hands on a Surge, the game completely changed.


What are these TV dinners for children called?

Kid Cuisine frozen meals are not very delicious, but they were (and still are) marketed to children for their awesome entrees and cheese-drenched sides ... not to mention the desserts. Parents love them because they are a quick-fix meal.


Candy inside a chocolate ball? What is this?

Wonder Balls were simply hollow balls of chocolate filled with candy. The candy on the inside was mostly cartoon-related, as Wonder Balls had licensing contracts with both Disney and Nickelodeon.


These were the original Dunkaroos. What are they?

Everyone from the '90s who encountered a Handi-Snack or a knock-off knows all about the signature little plastic stick that helped you spread cheese on your crackers. Maybe this was a way to help children get a little more sophisticated with their palates.


This yogurt snack was necessary for kids on the go. What is it?

Instead of making yogurt a healthy treat, companies liked to fill it with sugar and make it exciting. What better way to make it exciting than to make it mobile? Go-Gurt was all about walking around with your yogurt.


What is this sugar-coated licorice called?

Nerds are candy-coated sugar crystals (seriously), and the only way to make them better in the '90s was to attach them to a licorice rope for maximum sugar overload. These things were not delicious, but you can still find them today.


What are these savory bites called?

We caught you singing, "When pizza's on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime." Don't worry, we were singing it too. This was a nice afterschool snack for kids who didn't mind things tasting completely disgusting.


What were these candies shaped like chips?

Swoops were the shape of Pringles, but the Pringle connection ended there. They came in flavors that resembled your favorite Hershey's chocolate candies. They didn't make too big of an impact, because in the end they were just chocolate ... chip shaped.


Can you name this popular dipping candy?

Baby Bottle Pops were fascinating feats of technology. The nipple of the pop was made out of sucker, while the bottle itself was filled with flavored sugar. If you were patient enough, you could dip the nipple into the bottle, but if you weren't, you could just drink the sugar.


What were these push-up type candies?

Push Pops were marketed as the save-for-later sucker experience, but children soon learned that if you didn't finish them, you'd have to deal with the fact that your finger got sticky when you pushed the sucker up for the second time.


These horn-shaped bites are still around today. What are they?

Bugles have been around for a long time, and they were incredibly popular in the 1990s. These days, Bugles come in a lot of different flavors to keep people's attention. But do people still make witch fingers out of them?


If you had this in your pocket, your friends always wanted some. What is it?

Bubble Tape came in its own dispenser, and if you let on that you had some, everyone wanted a piece. The length of the piece that you shared with someone showed exactly what you thought of them. It was definitely a community candy.


What are these tubes of sugar called?

Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops were candy in a tube. It was a way to say that toothpaste is gross and candy is good. These tubes of gel-like substance boasted a ton of sugar and three distinct flavors.


These lollipops were popular in the late '90s. What are they?

These suckers were all about authenticity. They used real caramel and apple-favored candy to create the taste of a caramel apple. They lasted a long time, and they were impossible to bite without losing a filling.


What were these sour sticks?

They looked like licorice sticks, but they were so much more. With just a hint of sour before the relief of sweet, these flavorful sugary sticks were all about being delicious and being devoured.


You shouldn't mix these with Diet Coke or other soda, according to legend. What are they?

Pop Rocks are candy that pops in your mouth. There was a huge urban legend that if you swallowed Pop Rocks, then drank cola, you'd die because your stomach would explode. The truth is, you might get a belly ache, but no deaths are connected to these candies.


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