Can You Identify These Craft Beers by a Portion of the Label?

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Beer is one of the oldest and the third most consumed beverage in the world, and for decades now, beer has been a staple in American culture. Many people pour themselves a cold one at various events including parties, sporting events and festivals, and even when they're home on their own. 

Craft beer is a type of beer which is made in small breweries using traditional non-mechanized machinery. In the United States, the annual production of beer is 6 million barrels, and there are over 150 beer styles from many different companies.

Each of the different beers has its own unique label; a label which symbolizes the product. They make the beer unique and it is one of the first things that people notice about the beer. While many of the labels are plain or simply contain the beer's name and brand, others are quite elaborate including everything found under the sun. 

If you are a drinker and fan of craft beers, then you should be able to identify a few of their labels just from a portion of them. There aren't many people out there who can do it, will you be one of them? Take this quiz to find out!

Brewed in the United States by the 3 Floyds Brewing Company, the Dark Lord is a Russian imperial stout available for purchase only during the spring on Dark Lord day in April. Containing 15% alcohol, the Dark Lord is a brew of coffee, Mexican vanilla and Indian sugar. To reflect its name, the beer is sold in black bottles which feature a demonic being on the label.

Manufactured in Colorado, United States, the Yeti is an imperial stout brewed by the Great Divide company. Described as a strong and powerful imperial stout, the Yeti is made with dark caramel, espresso and roasted chocolate. Showcasing simplicity and strength, the most noticeable feature on the Yeti label is the oversized word “YETI” and a small white yeti on the bottom.

Available only during spring at the Hunahpu Day festival held by the Cigar City Brewing Company of Tampa, Florida, Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout was developed by Wayne Wambles and was first marketed in 2010. Named after a Mayan God, the beer’s label features the face of Hunahpu encircled by the words “Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout”.

Short for India Pale Ale, the Lagunitas IPA is manufactured by the Lagunitas Brewing company and is available for purchase year-round. The hoppy and bitter ale is brewed using “forty-three different hops and sixty-five various malts” as stated by the company. The beer is easily distinguished by its label which features a bold “IPA” in black ink.

Sold in an all-black bottle with a small bottleneck label, the Bourbon County stout brewed by Goose Island of Chicago, Illinois, is a mix of charred oak, vanilla, caramel and smoke. The beer is aged in bourbon barrels, lending to its name and unique taste.

A fancy name for a fancy beer, Allagash Curieux is a light combination of coconut, vanilla and bourbon. On the beer’s white label, the name “Curieux Allagash” stands out. The label also features three stacked barrels as the Curieux is the Allagash Company’s first barrel-aged beer.

A malt flavored with chocolate and dark fruit, the Bell's Expedition Stout is one of the earliest Russian imperial stouts brewed in the United States. With an alcohol volume of 10.5%, the beer has an unlimited shelf life. The beer’s white label trimmed with rich blue border features a colourful centered compass.

So-named as a result of its constituents, Breakfast Stout is manufactured year-round by the Founders Brewing company. The beer is made using oats, chocolate and coffee. In keeping with its name and components, a baby eating a bowl of oats can be seen on the beer label.

Pliny the Elder is a copper-colored, double India pale ale brewed by the Russian River Brewing company. The beer, named after an elderly man from the first century, is brewed using Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ, and Simcoe hops. It is sold in a slender bottle which features a green label with a centrally located red circle within which the name “Pliny the Elder” is found.

Jai Alai IPA is an India pale ale manufactured by the Cigar City Brewing Company of Tampa, Florida. Its name is derived from the Jai Alai game native to the Bosque region in Spain. The beer is sold in cans of green and orange which showcase the name “Jai Alai” in a bold yellow.

A beer which improves with age, Speedway Stout, brewed by the Alesmith Company of San Diego, California is a perfect mixture of chocolate and roasted malts, roasted coffee, toffee, caramel and dark fruit. The beer is sold in an ominous pitch-black bottle which features two race flags on the front.

A sour brown ale, La Folie is a wood-aged beer. The beer, made using green apples, cherries and plum skins, is aged for one to three years in foeders. The beer’s white label features five tree stumps showing their age rings.

An imperial India pale ale, the Heady Topper is brewed year-round by The Alchemist Brewery in Vermont. With an alcohol content of 8%, the Heady Topper is sold in a silver can, on the face of which is a man consuming a glass of beer, along with the name of the beer and brewery.

Sold in a slender, silver can labeled in black, Ten Fidy is a barrel-aged beer of a 10.5% alcohol content. The beer is described as a blend of bourbon, burnt sugar, caramel, chocolate and espresso. Its name, “Ten Fidy” is printed in the middle of the can.

Brewed by the Brasserie de Rochefort in Belgium since 1952, the Trappiste 10 maintains its medieval appearance. The beer is brewed using spring water, various malts and hops, yeast and sugar. The deep-brown beer is sold in a bottle of similar color to the beige label which reads “Trappistes Rochefort” on the front.

Manufactured by Wild Heaven Beer of Georgia, Eschaton was launched in 2011 after being created by Eric Johnson. The Belgian-style quadruple ale, eschaton is aged on Pinot Noir oak chips. The beer’s purple label features a fairy-tale like image of three men riding horses, two of which are wearing crowns.

Available once a year during spring, the Founder KBS is brewed by Founders Brewing Company of Michigan. The coffee and vanilla flavored beer is aged for a year in oak bourbon barrels. It is then bottled in a dark bottle with a beige label on which KBS is printed in bold.

Wake n Bake is an imperial stout manufactured by the Terrapin Beer Company of Georgia. Formerly known as Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout, the Wake n Bake beer label is brown in appearance and features a green chef seated before a tray of oatmeal cookies with a glass of beer and spatula in hand.

An imperial stout of 11.2% alcohol content, Bells Black Note Stout is deemed one of the company’s most sought-after beers. The beer is described as a blend of the Expedition Stout and Double Cream Stout. The Black Note Stout is sold in a brown bottle with a blue-black label which imitates a dreamy night sky.

An American barleywine brewed by the Alpine Beer Company of California, the Alpine Great is comparable to liquid candy. It is a blend of caramel, molasses, sugar, toffee and hops. Its less playful label of brown reads “we call it GREAT” printed beneath the company’s logo.

A combination of European hops and German malts, Prima Pils is a German Pilsner. Manufactured by the Victory Brewing Company, the Prima Pils is sold in both bottles and cans which both carry the beer’s forest green label. The label features a hop with the words “Prima Pils, perfection since 1996” wrapped around it.

The Westbrook Mexican cake’s label is very unique; wrapped around a dark bottle, the black label reads “Mexican cake, Westbrook," above and below an encircled slice of cake. Two skulls and two guns can also be seen on the label. The beer is an imperial stout, which was released in 2012 to celebrate the brewery’s first anniversary.

So-named after its maple syrup and coffee components, the Mornin’ Delight is brewed by the Toppling Goliath Brewing Company of Iowa. An imperial stout, the Mornin Delight is sold in a brown bottle with a beige label. In keeping with its name, the beer’s label features the words “Mornin Delight” above a steaming cup of coffee.

When a severe drought affected the cherry crop of Wisconsin, brewers gathered whatever fruits were available and created the fruit beer known as Serendipity. Described as “a kaleidoscope of Wisconsin fruit”, Serendipity is packaged in green bottles with a playful pink and white label on which the name of the company and beer are printed above several fruits.

A Russian imperial oatmeal stout, the Firestone Walker Parabola is ranked as one of the top beers in the world. A barrel-aged beer, Parabola is flavored with oak, bourbon, vanilla and roasted malts. The words Firestone and Parabola standout on the beer’s white arched label.

Brewed in Texas by the Jester King Brewery, the Boxer’s Revenge is an American wild ale with an alcohol content of 10.2%. Made using an array of tropical fruit, the ale is aged in oak, whiskey and wine barrels. Its label features the face of a grinning horse next to a pile of fruit.

Believed by some to be the best beer in the world, Westvleteren 12 is a Dutch beer brewed by the Westvleteren Brewery in Belgium. The beer is produced year-round and is sold in a black bottle where the label is simply the name Westvleteren and the number 12 written in Roman numerals in gold.

Brewed by the New Holland Brewing Company of Michigan, Dragon’s Milk is a barrel-aged, imperial stout produced year-round. Made with roasted malt and vanilla flavoring, Dragons Milk was released in 2001. The beer’s label features dark brown and orange tones with a dragon and a barrel on it.

The colorful label of the Bigfoot ale, which is produced by Sie​rra Nevada, depicts the story of a man and his horse in the search for Bigfoot in the mountains. The name of the company and beer are printed in bold, above and below the image.

An imperial India Pale Ale, Citra is brewed by the Kern River Brewing Company of California. Sold in a tall, brown bottle, the Citra label features the beer’s name, Citra Double IPA, printed in lime green and brown, which stands out against the beige background.

An imperial stout brewed by the Clown Shoes Brewery of Massachusetts, the Undead Party Crasher is manufactured year-round. Its label is a colorful portrayal of several odd characters who appear to be in the midst of a brawl. The name of the beer is found in a bright yellow at the bottom-right of the label.

The Maple Bacon Coffee Porter brewed by the Funky Buddha Brewing Company is labeled in red and black, in the middle of the which lies an intricate flower. Above the flower are the words “maple bacon” and below it “coffee porter”. The beer itself is a combination of maple syrup, roasted coffee ​and bacon.

As the name would suggest, Milk Stout Nitro is a sweet milk stout made using magnum and US Golding​ hops. The stout is sold in an all-black can which features a red left-hand print to the top and center of the can. The company and beer’s name are printed in white on the face of the can.

An imperial stout of dark fruits and espresso, the Mephistophele stout is the last beer of the “Demons of Ale" series. Its most distinguishable feature is its bright red top and it also features the face of a horned, red-eyed man. Below the face, the beer’s name is printed boldly in a blood red.

The flagship beer of the Odell Brewing Company, the Odell 90 Shilling Ale has been in production since 1989. A medium-bodied amber ale, the 90 Shilling ale is of a rich copper red color. Its label of blue and white showcases the company’s crowned 90 Shilling logo as well as a mountain range.

This beer is a Russian imperial stout which is brewed by the Dark Horse Brewing Company of Michigan. The black and white label features the company’s star logo in the upper left-hand corner. The name of the company and beer can be found in bold, black print across the label.

As the name would suggest, Cascade brewing apricot ale is an American wild ale made using fresh apricots. In keeping to its name in all sense, the beer’s label features the words “Cascade apricot ale” in a bold, peachy orange print. Squeezed between these words is the image of two freshly picked apricots.

North Coast Old Rasputin is a Russian imperial stout which is black in color. The label is essentially a framed black and white picture of Rasputin. The image is encircled by the company’s name, the beer’s name and a phrase written in Russian.

An American black ale, manufactured by the Firestone Walker brewery of California, the Wookey Jack is sold in tall, dark bottles. To the front of the bottle, the company’s label of brown, white and black can be seen. The word “Firestone” forms an arch while a bear and lion stand on each side of the beer’s name “Wookey Jack."

The Samuel Adams Utopias is a limited edition American strong ale which contains an alcohol content of 29%. When released in 2002, the beer was the strongest commercial beer in the world. Made using caramel, hops and various malts, the beer is sold in stylish, quirky bottles which feature a metallic tint and portrait of Samuel Adams.

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