Quiz: Can You Identify These Diesel Cars from an Image?
Can You Identify These Diesel Cars from an Image?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Wiki Commons via Tagoraman

About This Quiz

As the alternative to a gas-powered engined, diesel hasn't always had the best reputation. For example, during the oil crisis in the 1970s, many car manufacturers looked to diesel as an alternative.

Chevrolet, for instance, saw big diesel engines such as V8s, for example, as a way to ensure that car sizes didn't need to change. Americans could still have those huge sedans but now run them on diesel. No need, therefore, to move to a smaller design. The thing is, these diesel engines were simply not very good and at the end of the day, hurt diesel-powered cars and their reputations more than many realized. 

Luckily, today, diesel-powered cars are found in a range of models. In fact, most popular cars will have a diesel-powered version. If they don't, they certainly are missing out to their competitors. Modern diesel engines not only burn cleaner than their predecessors, they give excellent fuel consumption figures and perhaps, more importantly, have become ultra reliable. 

So after telling you the virtues of diesel, it's now time to see if you can identify a range of diesel-powered vehicles.

Take your time! This one might stump you.

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This large vehicle is driven by diesel power. Can you name it?
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Name this mini-car that runs on diesel power.
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Big, bold, and brash. Please name this diesel pickup.
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Can you identify the vehicle in this image?
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This executive vehicle included a diesel-powered​ model. Can you name it, please?
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This is one of the top-selling cars in the world. Can you name the make and model?
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Please name this diesel-powered vehicle.
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Do you have any idea of the name and make of the diesel-powered vehicle featured in this image?
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A quality vehicle for sure, but can you name it?
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OK, it's getting a little tougher! Any idea what is the make and model of this vehicle?
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There are some sleek lines on this popular vehicle. Can you name it?
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Name this diesel SUV, please.
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Are you able to identify this diesel-powered '80s vehicle?
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This one is a breeze! Make and model, please.
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This European model has a diesel option. It is a __________.
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This diesel SUV is a fairly new model in Europe and other parts of the world. What is it?
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Can you name this vehicle powered by a diesel engine?
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Identify this classic beauty, please?
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Can you name the make and model of the vehicle that appears in this image, please?
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Can you name this diesel-powered luxury car?
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The vehicle pictured here is diesel powered. Do you know what it is?
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A diesel-powered minivan is a great way to carry the family in style! Name this one, please.
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This is the first diesel-powered car to reach 200 km/h. What is it?
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This one's easy, right? OK then, name the maker and model.
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Can you name the vehicle in the image?
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The car in this picture is a _______.
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This is a luxury car driven by a diesel powerplant. Can you name it?
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Are you able to identify this vehicle?
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The vehicle in this image is a _________.
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A 1.2-liter diesel engine drives this station wagon. Can you name the make and model?
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It's certainly not pretty, but can you name it?
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Name the SUV in this image, please.
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Almost there! Name this SUV, please.
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This SUV currently has six diesel options. Talk about choice! Do you know what the make and model is?
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Please name the vehicle in the image.
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At the finishing line! Just name the make and model of this MPV, please.
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