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Becoming a chef is something that a lot of people have dreamt about since childhood. But there are so many different types of chefs out there, given the variety of cuisines, levels of restaurants and goals that each chef might focus on. The main thing they all have in common is that they are serious and passionate about their craft. Given how rigorous culinary school is, you have to be serious. 

But going to culinary school isn’t really a requirement for being a chef. It’s all about putting in the time and effort that it takes to become skilled and successful. If you do it just right, you can become one of the most famous chefs in the world.

Television chefs have taken the world by storm. There are whole channels dedicated to those who can carry their weight on TV and also make incredibly delicious food.

There are still those chefs who make some appearances on TV but are mostly focused on their famous Michelin star restaurants. These chefs are famous, too, because their restaurants are highly sought after and people will pay hundreds if not thousands to eat there. 

Do you think you can name all of these famous chefs from an image? Take the quiz now to find out!

While life was a constant struggle for Anthony Bourdain, until he could not go on any longer, what he left the world with will last for lifetimes to come. He truly did change the way people look at food and culture, via his books and shows, including "Parts Unknown."

Gordon Ramsay plays a mean chef on TV, but in real life he is just passionate about food. However, he has become quite the Twitter sensation for rating people’s meager attempts at cooking.

Bobby Flay is one of the original famous TV chefs on the Food Network, and he has numerous shows and restaurants to show for it. Did you know he was also once married to D.A. Cabot on "Law & Order: SVU"?

Jamie Oliver has gotten a lot of negative feedback for trying to control the food that is served in cafeterias, all because he wants healthier options available to kids at a crucial growth and development time in their lives. Sadly, for school officials and politicians it's often about the money.

The James Beard Award is named in his honor and is one of the most prestigious awards a chef, restauranteur or food writer could possibly earn. His love for food touched many lives and continues to do so through the foundation.

Despite his recent troubles, Mario Batali will always be known as the chef walking around the kitchen with socks and Crocs on. His simple Italian recipes won the hearts of many Food Network viewers.

Emeril Lagasse is known as much for his one-liners and jokes as he is for his flavorful Louisiana cooking. He coined the term “bam!” when adding anything to a dish. While he’s been out of the spotlight lately, other than guest appearances on "Top Chef," you can still go to his restaurant and sample his delicious dealings.

Wolfgang Puck has got restaurants all over, but his Las Vegas places are the real crown jewels. People travel from all over to get a glimpse of this renowned chef and try his signature dishes, like the Beef Wellington.

Her pronunciation of Italian words can be a little much, but her passion for fresh ingredients and light-California-meets-Italian food is just right. She makes her recipes accessible and easy to complete for even the most novice cook, but challenging and delicious enough for the most seasoned one.

If you don’t know who Rachael Ray is, you probably don’t own a television. Her 30-minute meals and abbreviations like EVOO and “delish” made her famous, and she has built an entire brand off of it. She’s even got dog food now!

A true pioneer, Julia Child inspired women and home cooks everywhere when she set out to create a book, in English, of some of the most difficult but rewarding French recipes. Her life has been made into movies, books and museum exhibits all over the world.

Despite her fall from grace, she's remembered for her delicious food. If you don’t love butter or mayo, maybe don’t make one of her recipes. Paula Deen prides herself on her down-home, southern comfort food, sparing no calorie in the process.

Check him out on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on the Food Network. You can hear him – and see him – coming from a mile away, and it’s that persona that has launched him into TV chef stardom. Did you know he started out as the winner of "The Next Food Network Star"? We’d say it worked!

He will tell you about salt and meat and why it helps brown the protein while cooking, and he’ll also give you the best chocolate chip cookie recipe you’ve ever had. This combination of food and science has been around for a while, but Alton brought it to the forefront for the average person.

“Now Eat This!” is a great resource for those who love foods that are considered not so healthy. DiSpirito provides better alternatives for your favorite take out foods, snack foods and the like. He’s taken that concept and turned it into TV shows and guest appearances.

There’s so much to say about America’s sweetheart. Did you know she used to work at the White House in the Office of Management and Budget? Is there anything this woman can’t do? Oh yeah, use bad olive oil!

She now makes frequent appearances on the Food Network as a judge on "Chopped," "Cutthroat Kitchen" and "Guy’s Grocery Games," but she used to host her own cooking show as well. You can taste her food at her restaurant, Butter.

You don’t hear much about Cora these days, as she's had some legal issues, but that doesn’t stop her from creating delicious food. She was the first female Iron Chef and has appeared on many TV cooking shows.

The owner of many restaurants in New York, L.A. and elsewhere, you’ll either see him behind the line at one of his restaurants or gallivanting around the world as a "Top Chef" judge. He’s a James Beard Award winner and does work for hunger relief missions.

Food has never looked as seductive as when it’s made and eaten by Nigella Lawson. She makes the most decadent food that most people only dream of, and she does it without shame or judgment. Add some extra butter? No problem. She’ll also tell you that her food makes for the best midnight snack.

Maybe one of the lesser-known famous chefs, he sticks to channels that really appreciate the art of good ingredients and good food. Maybe he can’t make a weeknight dinner in 30 minutes or whip up three different 15-minute meals like some other TV chefs, but that’s not what his food is about, anyway.

At over 80 years old, Pepin is still going strong. He is active in culinary schools, serving as the dean at the International Culinary Center and a member of the gastronomy department at Boston University. He even designs menus for Oceania Cruises.

His big personality took him to the TV hosting route, but Tyler Florence got his start with cooking shows. He’s hosted or been a judge on more than ten shows and has more coming. He isn’t slowing down any time soon, and we’re here for it!

He’s one famous chef who has hosted and judged multiple shows, from Australia to the United States. He was also a contestant on "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump and came in fourth. His main goal is to teach people how to cook and not be so afraid of experimenting in the kitchen.

If you’ve ever seen "The Great British Bake Off," then you know exactly who Paul Hollywood is. He’s good looking, he takes food seriously, and he is genuinely happy when people make something delicious and thoughtfully presented.

Ripert has modernized French food and turned it into an unforgettable experience at his three Michelin star restaurant in New York City. His career started at the young age of 17 and hasn’t stopped since. He has worked with some of the most renowned chefs and is now one himself.

Lidia owns multiple restaurants with members of her family, but continues to cook on air on "Lidia’s Kitchen." She teaches people how to make traditional Italian dishes that you won’t find at many restaurants (maybe other than her own) and shares stories of her childhood with the world.

She brings the personality to "The Great British Bake Off" and stands right alongside Paul Hollywood. She’s mostly the good cop to his bad cop and likes to raise up the contestants when they’re feeling down.

While he didn’t invent the concept of molecular gastronomy, he helped make it more accessible to those who were interested. Richard Blais of "Top Chef" fame cited him as one of his biggest inspirations.

He has hosted many cooking and traveling shows on PBS. He also owns many restaurants and has authored cookbooks. You can currently find him hosting workshops or working at one of his many restaurants.

Not many people could come back from an insider trading conviction like Martha Stewart has. Her career has barely taken a step back, and she is arguably more famous than ever. It doesn’t hurt that she also has a famous best friend in Snoop Dogg.

Before the era of big personalities and showy food creations, there was Sara Moulton. She was classically trained but had a real “mom” feel to her in the way she cooked and presented her food. She just wanted good and simple food to be approachable and available to everyone.

Sunny Anderson first appeared on television on "Emeril Live!" back in 2005. Since then she has hosted several solo cooking shows. These days you can find her on the daily show "The Kitchen" with other food enthusiasts, including Katie Lee.

The idea of crop rotation is one that Barber holds close to his heart. It’s a way to make sure everything that is planted serves a purpose, not only to be consumed but also to help the soil stay fertile. He truly is revolutionizing the concept of farm to table.

"Restaurant Impossible" was taken off the air at the Food Network, but because of its popularity and the demand for its return, the channel decided to bring it back. Robert Irvine brings tough love, hard work and a wealth of knowledge to turn these people's restaurants – and lives – around.

You can find Murphy on "Guy's Grocery Games," "Chopped" and other food competition shows on the Food Network. He can judge others because he's been in the industry for years, opening restaurants and executive cheffing.

Anne Burrell got her start on TV as Mario Batali's sous chef on "Iron Chef." She used to be an instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education and now hosts many shows for the Food Network.

Thomas Keller is the chef and owner of the French Laundry, and he served as a consultant on the animated film "Ratatouille." He says the term "farm to table" is absurd because, from the early days, everything was brought from a farm to a table.

Owner of Charm City Cakes, Duff Goldman continues to work in his bakery. As his fame has grown, he has taken on other roles, such as hosting a bake-off series on the Food Network and appearing at food events.

Sandra Lee was like your neighbor that always had food at the ready to serve any guests that might come over. It was easy for her to do so, because she utilized premade foods and put her homemade spin on them on "Semi-Homemade Cooking." As the partner of Governor Mario Cuomo, she is also the first lady of New York.

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