Can You Identify These Garden Fruits and Veggies From a One Sentence Description?


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It's a very common fact that fruits and vegetables should be part of anyone's diet. No matter how old we humans are, no one is really too young nor too old to eat their fruits and veggies!

Nutrition should be a high priority among us humans, but there are many things that get in the way. That's why there are some fruits and veggies that get "rediscovered" from time to time for their additional health benefits. Suddenly they get thrust into the limelight. But those that never left the spotlight are still there, of course, enjoying their immense popularity without working up a sweat, so to speak. And then there are those veggies and fruits that always get a bad rap, even if, nutritionally speaking, they've got a good rep! Humans, what's up with that?

Well, whatever and however you enjoy nature's bounty, we're sure you can guess what each of these fruits and veggies are, even if we give you one single line as clue. Care to pick the right answers? Promise, this is really garden variety knowledge, so let's harvest those answers!

It’s the most popular citrus fruit whose name is the same as its color. What is it?

It's interesting that the orange is also the name of a color, and perhaps it's the only citrus of this shade that bears that distinction. There are hundreds of different varieties of oranges!


They come in ears on a cob. What is it?

There are different varieties of corn, but the most popular one in the world is yellow sweet corn. Corn is grown in monocultures across the U.S. and is found in thousands of foods you wouldn't suspect, like most sodas, fast food burgers, and yogurt.


It’s the long root crop that’s good for the eyes. What is it?

There are many kinds of root crops that are generally good for human health, but nutritionists have touted the benefits of carrots for the eyes. Specifically, it's full of betacarotene, which is what gives us great eyesight, and is found in tomatoes, too.


It’s usually long, yellow, and you peel off the skin easily with your fingers. What is it?

In a market survey, it turns out that bananas are the top fruits sold and consumed in the U.S. But India holds the distinction of being the top country that produces the most bananas in the world, with Uganda in second place, China in third place, the Philippines in fourth place, and Ecuador in fifth place. Do you know where your bananas come from?


This yellow sour fruit is usually turned into a refreshing drink when juiced. What is it?

Lemons are refreshing when turned into juice form and mixed with water and sugar; hence we have lemonade. But in recent years, there has also been a trend where lemon slices are dropped inside water containers, so that they get infused with the water for drinking -- as a healthier way to chug-a-lug that plain liquid.


This green leaf is usually included in a hamburger. What is it?

Of course we all know that the L in BLT stands for lettuce, and it's usually butter lettuce that they include in sandwiches and burgers. Meanwhile, salad makers use romaine and iceberg lettuce kind for their leafy green mix.


This makes you cry when you slice and dice it. What is it?

Onions make us cry when we slice them, because they release a chemical irritant in gas form, so we don't see it but we can smell it, and our tear ducts certainly can feel it. Some have suggested that the best way to cut onions is to submerge them in water so that the gaseous irritant will get trapped in the water, leaving us tear-free. Try it!


This fragrant red berry has many seeds. What is it?

It turns out that there are fruits called or considered as berries, but they are not technically berries in the true botanical sense of the word. In fact, strawberries aren't berries at all, but somehow avocados and melon are! We think that's bananas.


It’s the main ingredient of any fine wine. What is it?

These days, many kinds of fruit can actually be turned into wine, but the main fruit that still holds this alcoholic distinction is the grape. There are specific grape varieties grown specifically for wine-making, and there are grapes that are grown for eating only. There are also those variants that are good for both wine-making and eating.


It’s a main ingredient in salsa. What is it?

Perhaps one of the happiest vegetables around is the tomato, because of its versatility and ease of use -- and also the taste. But there are actually many kinds of tomatoes, and the most common ones we use are the jubilee, cherry tomato, and the heirloom kind. But there's also other kinds and variants such as brandywine, green zebra, Campari, Roma, and even one called hillbilly tomatoes!


You carve this out during a specific holiday. What is it?

Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults alike, and an activity we all love is carving pumpkins, the traditional veggie for the Jack O'Lantern. But in the absence of pumpkins, some people have actually suggested using other vegetables or even fruits -- but of course that won't feel the same.


You can eat this raw, or slice them up in circles and put them over your eyes to refresh it. What is this?

Strangely enough, beauty experts have also recommended people to use other kinds of vegetables to become part of their beauty regimen, not just the typically common cucumber slice (put over one's closed eyelids to refresh it). If you're not keen on eating them, try substituting avocado, potato, banana, watermelon, and even iceberg lettuce there.


It’s the main ingredient when making coleslaw. What is it?

We all know that a cabbage is that round head-shaped leafy green used in coleslaw, but there are actually other cabbage variants that don't come in this distinct shape -- and they also have other names, too. Some cabbage varieties also include the bok choy found in Chinese dishes, the napa cabbage commonly used to make kimchi, and the savoy cabbage used to make spring roll types of food preparations.


An old cartoon character is said to have boosted the sale of this "strength-giving" leafy green during its heyday. What is it?

For people who have grown up reading or watching Popeye the Sailor Man cartoons would be very familiar with the sailor's favorite strength-giving food: spinach. He pops open a can whenever he needs to "muscle up" when fighting his arch-enemies, and kids picked up on the message and started eating more spinach during those days.


It became a fad to eat this leafy green veggie in the mid-2010s because it’s supposedly very healthy. What is it?

Kale has always been there, but a New York publicist is somehow being credited for pushing it to pop culture fave status, and some say she was paid for by an association that wants to promote it. Kale was even promoted as a "superfood," and it's now being converted to different kinds of food items as well, like kale chips.


This pungent-smelling produce is said to ward off evil fanged dark creatures of the night. What is it?

In many folklore and myth, the garlic has been identified as a good device to ward off evil creatures of the night, mostly those that are bloodsuckers or have fangs. That's why we see this peculiarity of the garlic seep into pop culture lore as well, namely as a famous weapon against vampires.


It’s the very American fruit found in the most American pie of all time. What’s it called?

Americans love their apples, and Americans also love their apple pie. Apples are also made into ciders, both the alcoholic kind and not!


They sound like they were produced in Belgium -- pun intended! What are they?

It is highly theorized that indeed, the Brussels sprout may have gotten its name from the capital city of Belgium. Aside from that veggie, other veggies popular in Belgium are sugar beets, white cabbage and endives, and there's also a specific Belgian endive variant to boot.


Their long, crunchy stalks are the ones you eat raw. What is it?

When grouping vegetables, celery belongs to the produce kind that we consume for their stems, primarily. That's why you can also see this as a popular garnish in a Bloody Mary cocktail -- because you can crunch on it in between sips, and you can also use it as a stirrer!


This produce is also a body type. What is it?

Did you know that the U.K. fashion brand Debenhams came out with a body type guide for their customers who are unsure of their body shapes, and the shapes are based on not just the typical fruits -- the apple and pear being the two most identified female body shapes -- but they also used other fruits and vegetables as well? They claim that a Chris Hemsworth type of body is a parsnip, while Russell Brand's body type is the leek and Jay-Z is aubergine. It's easy to say we're making this stuff up, but there's Google for doubters out there.


This round, colorful fruits are good with pancakes and waffles, whole or as jams. What are these?

While we call the blueberry a berry, botanically it's what they refer to as a "false berry" because it's a kind of berry that doesn't grow solely from the ovary. This kind of berry also comes out from the other flower parts, so that's what makes this distinction.


Which of these produce shares its name with a bird?

Kiwifuit is that small oblong-shaped fleshy fruit found in New Zealand, where a bird named kiwi is also found. And yes, they also call New Zealanders as Kiwis.


It’s popularly served during breakfast, and they say it’s so healthy it can contribute to weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and preventing kidney stone formation. What is it?

Eat whatever fruit you want for breakfast, but nutritionists are promoting specific produce for specific benefits and dietary needs. A very popular and commonly recommended fruit for the morning is the grapefruit, which can contribute to boosting the immune system of the body, and it's a great source of vitamin C.


Its commonly consumed kinds are the button-looking ones. What is it?

There are many kinds of mushrooms out there, and some are actually poisonous, so it's best to be careful and not just pick anything out from the wild. The most commonly used edible mushrooms are button mushrooms, but there's also oyster, shiitake, enoki, and of course the Portobello, which chefs love to prepare in special gourmet ways.


It’s round, bigger than a human head, very heavy, with sweet red fibrous flesh on the inside, encased in a very tough and hard outer skin. What is it?

Watermelon is said to have originated in Africa, but it is a fruit that is globally enojyed these days. The country that holds the lion's share of producing watermelon is China, and the far runners-up are Turkey, Iran, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Algeria, and the United States.


It’s what you top a sundae with, or any dessert with whipped cream. What is it?

Small and sweet red cherries are usually the ones that top many an ice cream sundae all over the world. They commonly come in halved form, without the pit and stem of course.


They can be garnish for pasta dishes or as accompaniment to a glass of martini. What is it?

In Greek mythology, the olive tree is associated with the goddess Athena, so its byproducts are also part of her lore, such as the olive oil. That's why olives and olive oil are a huge part of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines.


It’s green when not very ripe, and turns yellow when very ripe, but you can eat it both in those stages, or you can turn them into tropical fruit shakes. What is it?

Curiously enough, a mango is classified botanically as a stone fruit, because it has one huge pit or stone seed in the middle of it, which is surrounded by the fleshy part we eat. Some cultures eat the green mango raw, and some eat the yellow mango as is, or as part of another dish, like mango torte cakes, mango chutney, and other yummy stuff.


They usually come in a pod, where they all look alike and share the same characteristics. What is it?

There are many kinds of vegetables that come in some form of a pod, but the most common and recognizable ones are the green peas, specifically the snap peas. Some of its cousins appear flat like, well, flat beans, or shapely like edamame, while some are long and rounded like an okra.


You can serve this mashed or hashed. What is it?

Potatoes are actually the number one best-selling vegetable in the U.S. market, and that comes at no surprise, considering how the tuber figures into the daily American meal. Aside from being served as mashed or as hash browns, it can also be served as fries, chips, wedges, or shoestring shaped.


As an adjective – with a y – this produce can mean that everything is just fine and dandy. What is it?

Peaches actually rank number 9 in a list of the top 20 popular fruits consumed and sold in the U.S. since 2017. The peach tree is also easy to grow for some people who have big yards, so those garden-picked fruits may not be contributing to this official statistic, but it could actually be pushed up if they consider fruit consumption that's not store-bought.


It has been stereotypically identified as a favorite healthy food among millennials. What is this?

Avocado can be enjoyed in hundreds of different ways. But the resurgence of avocado as a "cool food" appeared in hipster circles populated by millennials, where they seem to love consuming avocado slices placed on toasted bread. Now that's a yummy reinvention!


It’s the non-tuber ingredient of the Mediterranean dish called moussaka. What is it?

Some call it eggplant, some call it aubergine. But whichever variant you use, it's a great main ingredient for moussaka. And no, that's totally different from eggplant parmigiana.


Its blooming flower head is what we usually eat as a veggie, not the stem nor the leaves. What is it?

It's quite a mystery why broccoli is such a hated food item amongst very young children, given its very playful shape. But adults can't get enough of this, so perhaps it's a stage of human development to really hate veggies when we're younger. Of course, this doesn't apply to all human beings -- just the choosy ones.


Their juicy counterpart is good to mix with vodka. What is it?

There are so many vodka-based cocktail recipes out there if you ask your friendly neighborhood bartender or mixologist, but the top choice to mix with pure vodka is cranberry juice. Pineapple juice and tomato juice are also suggested, but many seem to prefer the pink mixture. Bottoms up!


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