Quiz: Can You Identify These Garden-Dwelling Bugs?
Can You Identify These Garden-Dwelling Bugs?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

There are a lot of bugs in the world right now. In fact, it’s estimated that at any given moment about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 individual insects are scuttling around. Don’t recognize that number? Don’t worry; it’s one that’s not used very often - 10 quintillion. That’s over a trillion insects for every human. And that’s just insects; the number doesn’t include things like spiders or worms or all the other creatures we cover with the blanket term of “bugs.”

With so many bugs, it’s no wonder that you run into them constantly and are always running across ones you haven’t seen before. In the U.S. alone there have been nearly 100,000 different species identified, and many more that haven’t. Some you’ll never see and some you’ll see all too often. Some can be a real benefit to you, your garden and even the environment around you while others seem like they only exist to cause you anxiety and the odd painful sting.

Knowing that you’re surrounded by bugs all the time, how many have you stopped to take a look at? Do you think you could identify all the ones that may be living on your lawn, or in the garden, just from a single picture? There’s one way to find out! Take the quiz and see how many of the most common garden-dwelling bugs you can identify!

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These insects are often referred to as birds or beetles. What are they?
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Over 4,000 species of this tiny, sap-sucking insect have been identified. What is it?
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This moth larva usually hides under leaves or soil in the day then chews through plant stems at night. What is it?
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This bug is sometimes known as the ten-striped spearman or the Colorado beetle. It causes major damage to the crop it infests. What is it?
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This bug is a close relative of the ladybug and is known for eating the leaves of plants. What is it?
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These bugs are major pests for plants like canola and mustard seed, and originally came from Eurasia. What are they?
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This common bug is probably best known for its ability to jump. What is it?
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This bug is a pest in its larval stage and causes significant damage to trees and shrubs, though its mature form looks a little more cuddly. What is it?
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This little invasive bug is a member of the scarab family and actually has iridescent coloring. What is it?
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These little bugs are found all over the world and there have actually been over 20,000 species identified, making them one of the largest families of insects in the world. What are they?
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These bugs are known as “jumping plant lice” and will not just feed off of a plant like citrus trees but can infect them with a dangerous bacterium as well. What are they?
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This bug is one of the most beneficial insects in the world, though many people are still pretty nervous when they see them around. What is it?
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These stinging insects are often confused with bees, however, unlike a bee, this bug can sting multiple times. What are they?
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These nuisance bugs can infect gardens and even house plants and sometimes produce a thin, silky webbing to protect themselves. What are they?
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This large garden pest feeds on many of the vegetables you might grow in your home garden, and will one day become a five-spotted hawk moth. What is it?
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This garden pest is most famous for the way it defends itself, which can be painful. What is it?
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These intimidating looking insects are actually much less dangerous than they seem. What are they?
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These pests cause major crop damage in their larval form. What are they?
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These creatures aren’t insects but something called a gastropod. Some species actually live under water. What are they?
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Some people mistake these creatures for a snail that has lost its shell. What is it?
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These bugs are known to roll up in a little ball when threatened. What are they?
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These garden pests are sometimes mistaken for stink bugs both in appearance and because they may smell pretty bad. What are they?
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Found all over the world, these pests aren’t just annoying, but they’re also known for spreading many kinds of diseases. What are they?
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These tiny bugs often hide from sight on the underside of leaves. What are they?
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These garden pests cause a problem two ways - first by feeding on your plants and second by introducing bacteria that will kill the plant. What are they?
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Despite their name, these bugs can also be found eating broccoli, kale, and cauliflower. What are they?
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The way the larval form of these bugs damage to your plants is how they got their name. What are they?
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These loud insects are famous for their long lives, with some species only appearing every 17 years. What are they?
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This bug is often a welcome guest in gardens not because it’s particularly helpful but because of how beautiful they are. What is it?
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This noticeable bug is sometimes called a soldier bug and can be found feeding on a variety of plants from cherries to pine trees to eggplants and more. What is it?
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These bugs are a generally unwanted variety of a common insect. They’re feared for their stinging bite. What are they?
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You can find this web-spinner all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. What is it?
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These small bugs can be beneficial in controlling pest insects, but they also bite people and the bite is known to be rather painful. What is it?
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These helpful insects will eat other pest bugs in your garden and are from a group of bugs sometimes call “net-winged insects.” What are they?
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Sometimes called a nabid bug, these bugs will feed on aphids and caterpillars, which they hold in between their forelegs. What are they?
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These common garden bugs are actually helpful at controlling nuisance insects and in some parts of the world come in a fantastic array of colors that make them look like living flowers. What are they?
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These tiny bugs will infest not just your garden plants but your houseplants as well. They will feed on them, causing the leaves to wither and die. What are they?
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This little bug is a member of the same family as ladybirds and is beneficial to your garden because it’s famous for eating another garden pest. What is it?
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This bug is a major pest to certain crops in its larval form and is sometimes called a “rust fly.” What is it?
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These bugs are sometimes mistaken for crickets or grasshoppers, and there are over 6,400 different species of them throughout the world.
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