Can You Identify These Generation 1 Pokemon From Gameboy Screenshots?

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Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo; the Generation 1 Pokemon were a fun group of monsters for fans of the show and games. How well do you remember the Pokemon from Generation 1? Could you identify them from an image? Here's a quiz where you can find out!

If you were a '90s kid or perhaps even for some of the later Pokemon fans, Generation 1 was easily the best generation of Pokemon. It's the generation that started it all, with some of the best designs and unique looks that future generations would try to mimic, sometimes with success and sometimes not so much. Generation 1 launched the franchise, and the kids who played the games and watched the show were so much better for it. 

Of course, there were also a lot of Pokemon in Generation 1, 151 creatures to be exact. That's a lot of Pokemon for any fan to remember, especially for those of us who haven't been around the Pokemon world in a while. Are you going to be able to recall some of the rarest Pokemon from this generation? 

If you're up for the ultimate Pokemon challenge, dig deep into that Pokedex of a brain and see if you can recall these Pokemon from Generation 1! 

One of the three starters, which Pokemon is this?

In the Pokemon anime, Ash has a habit of eventually letting his captured Pokemon go. However, he's always kept Bulbasaur around, though Bulbasaur mainly stays at Professor Oak's laboratory​.

Known for its hard outer shell, which Pokemon is shown here?

Kakuna's main method of fighting is to harden its shell to protect itself from attacks. It also uses poison attacks, which can be quite dangerous.

Sporting sharp fangs, which Pokemon is this?

Rattata is one of the most common Generation 1 Pokemon in Red and Blue. They are found in a multitude of places from trails to caves to abandoned buildings.

A rock-type, which Pokemon is shown here?

Geodude is a defense-based Pokemon with surprisingly strong attacks as well. However, the Pokemon is weak against water-types.

Which fan-favorite Pokemon is this?

In the anime, Charizard is one of Ash's strongest Pokemon. Ash is often forced to deal with Charizard's attitude, though, which can be quite poor unless it's motivated.

This Pokemon will curl into a ball to defend itself. Which Generation 1 Pokemon is it?

Sandslash is the evolve form of Sandshrew. It's a ground-type mouse Pokemon known for its powerful earthquake attack.

Known for playing tricks, which Pokemon is this?

Haunter is a powerful ghost-type Pokemon. It has the ability to travel through walls and uses its tongue to paralyze opponents.

This Pokemon carries around a bone. Which Pokemon is it?

In the anime, a Marowak mother is killed protecting her child from Team Rocket. After her death, the Marowak comes back as a ghost to look after her kid.

A mix between a dog and a tiger, which Generation 1 Pokemon is this?

Arcanine is listed as a legendary Pokemon despite being more common than the other legendary Pokemon from Generation 1. There is little explanation for this, but a theory states that Arcanine was intended to be used in the place of Moltres, a legendary-bird Pokemon.

Known for its association with Team Rocket, which Pokemon is shown here?

In the anime, Team Rocket's Meowth can talk and is often the one scheming plans. Meowth usually leads Jessie and James in their pursuit of Ash's Pikachu.

This Pokemon is known for getting angry. Which Pokemon is it?

Primeape is a very ill-tempered Pokemon. They are known for launching into fits of rage if you make eye contact with them.

Known for confusing and poisoning other Pokemon, which Pokemon is shown here?

Zubat can be a pest if you're traveling through caves in Pokemon Red and Blue. They are well-known for poisoning your Pokemon which will drain their health if you don't seek medical attention.

Ash's favorite Pokemon in the television series, which Pokemon is this?

Over the years, Pikachu has become the face of the Pokemon franchise. Even today, Pikachu is displayed on everything from backpacks to phone cases.

Which Generation 1 fire-type Pokemon is this?

Ninetales is a fire-type Pokemon shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that Ninetales can live for 1,000 years.

Popular because of its purple color, which Pokemon is shown here?

Ekans' name comes from "snake" spelled backwards. The Pokemon is a favorite of Jessie's from Team Rocket.

Known for getting confused, which Pokemon is this?

In the anime, Psyduck suffers from a constant headache and is always holding its head. The Pokemon has psychic powers that will activate by accident if its headache worsens.

This Pokemon burrows itself in the ground. Which Pokemon is it?

Since it's burrowed in the ground, Diglett never shows the bottom part of its body. Fans have speculated that the Pokemon has feet because they are mentioned in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, though they are never seen.

You might have to spend some time fishing to catch this Pokemon. Which Pokemon is it?

In Generation 1, Poliwhirl evolves into Poliwrath. In later Generations, however, it can also evolve into Politoed.

A water-type, which Pokemon is shown here?

Blastoise is the final evolve form of Squirtle, one of the three starter Pokemon. A water-type, hydro pump is its most powerful water attack.

Known for hanging out on ice blocks, which Generation 1 Pokemon is this?

Seel only has one evolve form, Dewgong, which it reaches at level 34. When Seel evolves, it goes from a water-type to a water and ice-type Pokemon.

To get this Pokemon, you need a fire stone. Which Pokemon is it?

Flareon is one of three evolve forms of Eevee. Depending on what type of stone you use, Eevee can also evolve into Vaporeon and Jolteon in Generation 1.

Known for sleeping, which Pokemon is this?

Snorlax will fall asleep and block paths that you have to cross in Pokemon Red and Blue To get it to move, you have to play a flute which will awake the Pokemon and cause it to attack.

One of the most versatile Pokemon in Generation 1, which Pokemon is this?

Nidoking is a ground and poison-type Pokemon. It's capable of learning a multitude of attacks from thunderbolt to blizzard.

Which Generation 1 grass-type Pokemon is shown here?

In Generation 1, Gloom evolves into Vileplume. Generation 2 introduced another evolve form for Gloom named Bellossom.

A muscular monster, which Pokemon is shown here?

Machamp is pitched as the Pokemon that's mastered every type of martial arts. Its four arms make it deadly if it gets hold of an opponent.

This isn't a Pokemon you want to run into in the ocean. Which Pokemon is it?

Tentacruel often uses its tentacles in battle, usually to constrict or bind its opponent. It's said that Tentacruel has a total of 80 tentacles that it can use at any time.

Known for fishing with its tail, which Generation 1 Pokemon is this?

Slowpoke is a water and psychic-type Pokemon. They are famous for hanging out along river banks where they use their tails to fish for food.

A powerful electric-type, which Pokemon is this?

Magneton has a strong magnetic force that holds itself together. The magnetic force is strong enough to evaporate nearby water.

This Pokemon is common on the beach. Which Pokemon is it?

A water-type Pokemon, Shellder has a unique relationship with Slowpoke. If a Shellder bites the tail of a Slowpoke, the Slowpoke will evolve into a Slowbro.

Known for manipulating people, which Pokemon is shown here?

Throughout the different Pokemon games, Hypno has been depicted as a creepy Pokemon. For example, in Pokemon Gold, it apparently puts people to sleep then eats their dreams.

Sporting deadly claws, which Pokemon is this?

In the anime, Ash first uses Krabby against an Exeggutor during the first round of the Pokemon League Tournament. Krabby wins the match and immediately evolves into a Kingler.

Sporting a large tongue, which Pokemon is shown here?

One of Lickitung's most obvious features is its large tongue. However, in the Generation 1 games, the Pokemon couldn't learn the move lick.

This Pokemon causes pollution. Which Pokemon is it?

Weezing and its other evolution, Koffing, were supposed to be named La and Ny. Those names represented Los Angeles and New York, which were known for pollution.

Known for its powerful flamethrower, which Generation 1 Pokemon is this?

In the anime, Magmar was the prized Pokemon of Cinnabar Island's gym leader Blaine. Magmar made his debut in the episode "Riddle Me This."

Which water-type Pokemon from Generation 1 is shown here?

Staryu is one of Misty's Pokemon when you have to battle her in the second gym in Generation 1. She also has its evolved form Starmie, which is her strongest Pokemon.

With a body made of rock, which Generation 1 Pokemon is this?

Brock is the first gym leader you come across in Pokemon Red and Blue. His most powerful Pokemon is Onix, who is difficult to defeat unless you have a water or grass-type Pokemon.

One of three legendary birds, which Pokemon is shown here?

In Pokemon Red and Blue, players only have one opportunity to catch the legendary bird Pokemon. If they miss their opportunity, the Pokemon flies away, never to be heard from again.

One of the most powerful creatures in the series, which Pokemon is this?

Dragonite is a dragon Pokemon that evolves from Dragonair at level 55. However, according to the game measurements, Dragonair is nearly six feet taller than Dragonite.

This Pokemon packs a deadly punch. Which Pokemon is it?

In Generation 1, Electabuzz is a standalone Pokemon with no evolved forms. However, it's given a lower evolved form, Elekid, in Generation 2 and a higher evolved form, Electivire, in Generation 4.

Created by scientists, which Pokemon is this?

One of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, Mewtwo cannot be captured in Pokemon Red and Blue until you defeat the Elite Four. Once that's accomplished, you can find Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave.

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